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New Feature Request » Pirate race idea » Go to message
Wow this was old surprised it made back here thanks, I'm hoping to be a game designer so balancing aside (of course) I was hoping for feedback on the idea part alone
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  blue wrote:I dont want Uniwar add more units to the 3 existing races and new races. That would ruin the game...(That like rock-paper-scissors is a eternal game.)
I don't want the Uniwar to make a big change.Now very good and very very classic and like chess spread through the ages and more than. it's has a very simple and perfect system that make me crazy. if let uniwar to change not as good as to make a new game, like uniwar2 or other name.

If there are to be new races it would have to be 2 not 3 new ones, rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock is a good example to explain what I mean.

But I very look forward to play to HTML5..
New Feature Request » Idea for new races » Go to message
Old idea of mine:http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/1922.page
New Feature Request » Mix and match maps? » Go to message
It must be done correctly as some reason may be hard to tell areas apart, I'm not saying that it should be restricted as it will limit some cool design possibilities, if there are terrible maps due to this don't play them. If choose there are more thing to do first
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
  YDarkLight wrote:Why plasmatank still the strongest??

Cause it costs the most and its the slowest.
New Feature Request » Balance suggestions » Go to message
  simsverd wrote:My top fixes to current minor imbalances :

Pinzer +2 air.
Will better balance the khral/sap because heli now will take 1 dammage when hitting a pinzer.
This will also make the pinzer a usable unit in khral vs khral battles (wich is mostly all swarmers now)

Make the eclipse a flying unit and remove teleport ability. Reduce move to 9. Possibly reduce air to 11 (-1).
This will give titan better flexiblity vs all matchups and the eclipse will not be such an underused unit.

Battery +1 (or +2) vs ground heavy.
This will make the battery better vs the titan plasma wall that iften make it impossible to fight a fortified titan as sap.

I don't want any flying titan units. I know it would sound cool but no aerial makes Titans more unique as it offers a different play style. If it needs to be buffed, bug it in different areas, I think the eclipse's heavy ground could be buffed.
General Discussion » Serious petition helicopters still op » Go to message
Also make a poll if you want a petition
General Discussion » Serious petition helicopters still op » Go to message

Eclipse is what you need, play titans. Plus they are cool , Khraleans suck against them humans
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
The eye(defensive) is sounds awesome(in looks only) just make a Titanized eye of saron onto whatever titan unit you're working on (of course you'll have to make it different enough to avoid legal issues)
New Feature Request » Saps battery reform suggestion » Go to message

Look that was a failed joke. Look it's just my opinion (don't judge my knowledge on the old posts) so let's just agree to disagree,also the battery is my favorite artillery so I won't be too upset. And are you sure about the high rank, I couldn't find him/her there unless it's on another account of his/hers. Again no attempt at being rude.

Remember that tier lists can change (look at all the tier changes in smash bros) so the battery may be seen better on some other change.

Also on maps omega or star fort remix where there are few bases, you can move and attack making it so that you don't have to waste an attack to free the base.
General Discussion » Damage Preview » Go to message
Make another attack then results may be different.
New Feature Request » Saps battery reform suggestion » Go to message
Nay, I totally disagree. I constantly argue in the forum comparing it to the walker it is equal, sure you can say that 10 walkers are impenetrable but you shouldn't let them get that many already, you should use maraders against them by passing through their defense (and if their defenses is too much for you you lost anyways walker or not). But now a new argument comes up about batteries comparing them to wyrms. WRONG! The wyrms suck against sapiens as they have little ways to defend them and batteries out range them. Not to mention that khraleans aren't known for their defensive abilities. So they are never a problem to sapiens when without batteries (maraders are an answer to any artillery). Yes, I agree the move after attack could be buffed somewhat, but you know how annoying it is to get walkers off the bases, batteries are never experiencing this. You are underestimating this ability. Now take my disagreement and stop complaining.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
  volf wrote:http://blog.theatrebreaks.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/atp-worl-tour-finals-2014-630x320.jpg

I say something like this with all of the uniwar units lined up in this way. You dont have to put as many up as they have here but I think this would give a nice spectrum of this game. I feel like one unit doesnt do this game justice.
I completely agree. I now spam agreement
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
  DrMonte wrote:Why not use both?
Split the icon and have both male and female pictures... BTW they are both excellent!
I remember the original Mechwarrior, 1990's PC game. Had both male and female warriors, I believe it was a nice touch!

Yeah but give the man some blood in his skin. Please remove the heavy makeup on the girl, a warrior has no time for it and it is generally not permitted in militaries (at least I think so, prove me wrong if so) and it makes her look more sexualized. Also a mecha II .would add to it.
New Feature Request » Non-harbor bridge » Go to message
Yes please
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