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General Discussion » 3 minutes turn game » Go to message
@waxoid and britannia
If you care to play a game I also go on camping trips and encounter similar situations. that's why I almost never play games less than 3 days... I wish more people posted games for the longer time limits. But if you want to play sometime you seem like decent folk I'm always looking for other mature adults that have real lives...

Oh the things I DIDN'T miss about the uniwar forum, don't feed the trolls

Anyway, I almost never play 3 minute games for that reason. I would NEVER join one unless the player was online, and I think they should go away if the player logs off.

For me I say the nice and friendly thing to do IN GAMES 12 HOURS OR LONGER is to give the person an extra day or so just in case something came up (losing internet, your mobile device etc.) after all this is just a game, and what's the fun in winning by taking the advantage of an extra turn?

Obviously in a 3 minute game people ARE expecting faster play so I guess if you get skipped for taking too long that might just be that people have stuff to do and can't wait all day for you to ponder your next move.

What's New in the Latest Updates » Uniwar Balance Change » Go to message
Ummmm I'm sorry, the dev's won't consider a balancing point because IT'S NOT REALISTIC?
I'd like to point out that this is a game involving a futuristic robot race and an bug like alien race. If you want realism then EMP should DESTROY Titans instead of just temporarily immobilizing them... Afterall an EMP shock actually fries electronics it doesn't just stall them.

I mean, if you can give me a solid reason involving GAMEPLAY why UV shouldn't hit buried lings fine, But realism? I mean cmon...
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
Right, my point was that if you're increasing smash damage, it should apply to ALL heavy units, not just titan ones.
General Discussion » I'm Back! » Go to message
why yes, yes you are.
General Discussion » Attack System Update » Go to message
This should be really useful! Even as an experienced player, sometimes I mess up thinking one of my units will at least WOUND another, only to have it get destroyed and deal 0 damage... Sigh, APPLE GIVE US A FRIGGIN UPDATE ALREADY
General Discussion » Accessing the forum on the iphone » Go to message
Can I just say that I've been BEGGING for a mobile version of the uniwar website and ESPECIALLY the forums practically since I started playing Uniwar almost a year ago... Oh my god. I've been playing this game over a year, I NEVER play anything that long...
Khraleans » Khraleans. Youre favorite khralena unit and why » Go to message
wow nfong... haven't changed a bit in the months I've been away... still fat and ugly eh? I gotta put my vote in forrrr lings. I think the sap battery is totally underrated compared to the other two, sure it doesn't have the range of the walker and can't move AND attack like the wyrm, but it's as cheap as the worm AND has HIGHER attack vs ground light and air, making it stronger against khrals... not that saps need the advantage but still.
What's New in the Latest Updates » New Race Balancing Proposal - Sept 2010 » Go to message
I think it's already been covered but WOAH THERE on the assimilator buff...

I think what gives the Khrals the advantage over titans is really the buried underlings and just nerfing the BURIED part would probably be sufficient.

I like the idea of nerfing the attack bonus
preventing them from healing underground
and being hit by UV while underground.

(maybe not all of these but some combination)

Having ONLY titan units deal 2 damage to them seems sort of silly, and as someone pointed out, a better counter is to really fill up all your empty space with mechas anyhoo.

UV is already a fairly powerful ability since it is the only one that hits both races and has a fairly large range... I've definitely saved up 3 or 4 assimilators to take a chunk out of an opponent before finishing them off with plasmas, speeders or eclipses...

I also like the idea of plauge range being increased to 2 to help balance khrals vs saps... They really are WAY to expenive to put them next to a unit to plauge unless you KNOW it's going to spread a bunch next turn.
Khraleans » Swarmers » Go to message
Ok, so back when this was about swarmers, I'd like to add that a combination of swarmers and garudas can very much help against a chopper 1v1 heli vs garuda both at full HP is destruction for the ruda, but if you first hit it for 1 or 2 (depending on how lucky you are) against a heli, then follow up with a ruda attack, You'll
a) get the gang up bonus and DEAL more damage
b) take LESS damage from the wounded heli

However, as once proven to me, saps pretty much always beat khrals on 1vs1 on 90% of maps... Marine/hei combo is just too much anti air for the race of flyers...

One other reason I almost exclusively play team games now is to avoid that overwhelming advantage.
General Discussion » I'm Back! » Go to message
Hey Uniwar community, I see a few old faces still around... sorry for the long absence, I've been cutting back on my Uniwar and left the forums for a while as they were fairly dead at the time... Glad to see some new life!
New Feature Request » Feature requests » Go to message
Ok I know I said I was done with this, but after some time away from the forums and this topic in particular, rereading these posts has given me some different insight. I think sphinx is totally right, and I now I even agree that there is nothing wrong with wanting to screen who you play.

What I think has made this such a hot topic of debate is essentially your total lack of respect for other peoples opinions and inability to even LISTEN to or awknowledge what other people are trying to say.

This isn't just a total right/wrong situation, and when you call people stupid and act like a jerk, you win neither arguments nor friends. Calling people stupid, ignoring what they have to say and directly attacking PEOPLE instead of just arguing ideas is immature and bad form. It's called flaming and maybe people would respect YOUR opinions more if you respected theirs
Sapiens » Do Saps always beat Khrals? » Go to message
Lion, I'll gladly set up a game or two, however, just to clarify, are we specifically talking about only 2 player maps? I feel as though it can make a difference as unrated larger maps can give khrals more of an advantage... Hey if nothing else I'll learn how to always beat khrals with saps right?
Sapiens » Do Saps always beat Khrals? » Go to message
I agree with Nix, there are plenty of maps where khrals beat saps on land maps. Sure, if they only spawn Garuda's you're likely to win every time, but a smart khral player backs up his swarmers and garudas with pinzers and wyrms... so that marines and choppers can't just walk all over them.
Khraleans » Anyone use plague? » Go to message
Oh, ok nix if that was your point then i guess I agree with you care to test out heli's vs wyrms on an unrated dead monk? I'd like to see how it works out too...
General Discussion » Create you're ultimate army (Just for fun) » Go to message
Sorry i confused stinger with swarmer... cuz... well they have stingers too. Yeah they have better mobility AND can attack from a range of 1 AND higher attack vs other aquatics. I guess maybe you could make the argument that hydronauts are better against ground units because of their range, but I think overall destroyers are better
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