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All maps look great. Creative. I hope, since only 1 can win, that these maps are still played by people.

My vote is for 11.

Looks like the maker put a lot of effort into it.
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Count me in!!
New Feature Request » More veterancy please » Go to message
A few things I really like about this proposal:
-Veteran Units heal upon gaining the next level of veterancy. They should not heal fully, but should heal some.

-Units gain experience per attack, and bonus exp per kill. I currently like the exp system in uniwar - however, giving a small amount of veterancy exp PER ATTACK (based on damage dealt maybe) seems to make a lot of sense, and would make veteran units a little more prominent

-LOVE the idea of the 'healer' units being able to train/add exp to adjacent units per turn? This may actually become a stalwart in the strategy of many players, especially on bigger maps.

-Additional abilities for max veterancy level would be very interesting. I am not sure if veterancy boosts the base statistics of a unit beyond + max HP (I have never checked), but it should at least do this. More attack/defense or whatever. Not 100% sure if adding new abilities would break the game or not, probably not because max veterancy is somewhat uncommon currently.

-Cities giving exp is also an interesting one. Beyond the economic gain, cities detract from your stats terribly and make your unit quite easy to kill. This would give a bit more incentive to cap that city - I like this idea.

-Also in this vein, for 'mission' type maps, you should be able to assign a veterancy level to units. This of course would apply to mission style only, but would open up a new style where 'hero' type units could be used in missions reminiscent of good old Starcraft.

I think all-in-all, us players want to see the veteran status a little more prevalent in the game. You feel for your marine that gets the kill shot on the walker and goes from a zero to a hero with two badges - however, he's usually defeated in the following turn. I am not saying hand out veterancy badges but increase the effectiveness of veteran units, create other ways to procure EXP (exp on attack, exp from city, training etc.) and it could add a new dynamic to an already fantastic game.

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Games Finished: round 1 - Vivacious vs. RemussONE

The games were automatically deleted upon completion, not sure why, but Vivacious wins 3 games to 1. You can confirm this with RemussONE if need be.

Thanks Talone.
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If you're looking for a 3v3 team matchup for rated (or unrated) play, try it out. It's a good one.

Rate well!
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Player Name: Vivacious
Player Rating: 2113

Send me the game invite
good luck!
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