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Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
Tiebreaker rule is still may be abused. We do really need chess-style timer or some sort of hybrid-timer to determine winner automatically as little as possible, forcing games end normally.
New Feature Request » unfair tournaments winnigs by stretch time solution » Go to message
One more thing about future of Uniwar. I like what u do for tournaments, rating reforms and so on, Thank U. But I wanna ask u to think about avoiding unfair winnings in tournaments' games with help of some tricks: Simsverds' algorythm of autodetecting winner is pretty good, but it sometimes fails because of stretching time in games with more good position. My solution is implementing new type of time-control - time for full game, not for move, like it's done in Chess. For example 7days(it may be 5 days or something else) for entire game to the each players. If time runs out - it's deafeat. So absolute majority of games will be ended in surrending of one of the players or with capturing all bases. Also all games will be ended in 2 weeks of round. And here Simsverds' determining_winner_algorythm works perfectly. I think it's the best solution of current situation. It's pretty violently but effective and fair measure.
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
This is old browser calc, that doesnt contain some very rare situations. It needs only easy registration to use. Last android version of calculator by SKV aka Cytivrat is availaible here https://yadi.sk/d/yADDgICleN5wK
Tournaments » Frozen planet - first tourney in round robin format » Go to message
I advance to the 3rd round, wainning by rounds. But in game with Il12Rus i've lost. So it's more honest to determine winner by result of game of potential winners, if there aer only 2 players with equal score
Guides & Tips » Uniwar Damage Calculator » Go to message
AFAIK, calculator is banned from Google Play because of it's icon is very similar with uniwar-game icon. And u dont need to be member of runiwar.ru to get and use it.
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Doesn't work mirror of the site uniwar.com » Go to message
Can't open site via uniwar.com, it shows an empty page. Using www.uniwar.com instead helps me. AFAIK this problem presents not only for me. Thx.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Rank Reform » Go to message
Just Do It AFAP!=)
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