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General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
  Cordet wrote: Now my other issue is the special units engineers, assimilators and the scorpions ( name alludes me). Assimilators have a clear advantage they can UV sap and Khra. They can also assimilate underlings. Sap and reprogram mechs and emp pulse the titans. Bit they cant counter plague with healing. The scorpions on other hand have the short end of stick (unless i missed something). They can plague Sap and infect marines, but what def they have against Titans?

It took me a while to get the hang of Infectors (scorpions). What makes them so good is that they heal x3 instead of x2, and they have increased mobility relative to Engineers and Assimilators. Khrals already heal and move faster than Titans, so they end up with a pretty handy advantage. If anything, I think the Assimilator could stand to be buffed.
Sapiens » Counter to speeder swarm? » Go to message
Thanks, this is helpful! Sounds like I'll just have to bite the bullet and figure out how the heck to use batteries
Sapiens » Counter to speeder swarm? » Go to message
In my matches against Titans on maps with good mobility and medium cash, I've started to see a strategy where they will just build up a bunch of speeders to make a wall, then put a walker behind them. I'm having trouble figuring out how to stop this tactic. Speeders aren't too expensive so it takes very little time to get enough on the map to prevent invasion by marauders and helis. Marauders alone aren't enough, as speeders have a slight edge over them head-to-head, and unlike plasmas it's nearly impossible to just disable speeders with an engineer (due to move after attack). Batteries face a lot of difficulty for the same reason. Tanks+engineers are good at first, but their slow speed makes it hard to pursue damaged speeders for the kill, giving the titan player enough time to build more speeders and put them into rotation. Once they get enough (4-5 seems to do the trick), they can take out a tank or heli at full health in a single turn with gang-up, then retreat to heal. I am getting tired of losing to this tactic. How can I stop it?
Khraleans » Counter to another Kral spamming Garudas » Go to message
What's a good way to counter Garuda spam when you're both playing Khraleans? It's hard to set up a wall for a wyrm because ants and swarmers get decimated by garudas, and pinzers aren't much better. It seems like the only option is to spam garudas right back, which results in pretty tedious battles. Is that really the best option?
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