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Khraleans » Why Khraleans called "Khraleans" » Go to message
from a conversation on facebook (uniwar page) :

UniWar: Khraleans has no meaning... except the one that you might want to give them. Funny anecdote: our family name is Kral... could that be related?
Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
thats a misconception..

gangup bonus is always related to to the location of prewious attack.

- attack after a ranged always is +1
- you can get +1, 2 or 3 from ranged after a close attack
- a swarmer attack 90degrees on attacking direction out from target gets +3
- a wyrm attack from same direction as close attack at max range gets +3
- a battery/walker from same direction as close attack at range 4-5 gets +2

i have made a draving... a will see if i can publish it

this post should probably be placed somewhere else... but there isnt any moderation..
Tournaments » TOP PLAYERS TOURNAMENT » Go to message
gangup1 from same hex and the ones right next to it. gangup2 if you go farther around, and gangup3 from behind.
But you kan also get gangup3 from ranged attack from 3 positions - this is however not explained in "how to play"...
General Discussion » what is the "Preferred by" column all about? » Go to message
other players that have added him/her as friend
New Feature Request » Improve scoring system - to make ladder reflect real skill » Go to message
There are 2 issues with the current ladder:
1. Many high ranked players have gained points earlier, when it was possible to farm bots etc. And they have stopped plaing or stopped playing ranked.
2. Some players takes unfair advantage of current system by kicking players in 3 and 10 minute games when they are not online.

The ladder now has many players in the top that obviously shouldnt be there.

There are 2 main issues that should be adressed:
1. Time & points:
players should loose points over time. In this way you have to play active to maintain your ranking.

2. Prevent early and unfair kicking from 3- and 10 minute games, usually in games with an unfair player vs some unexperienced players... (yes Evilcat im talking about players like you...) :
- remove 3 and 10 minute games from rated
and / or
- you can only get points from players whitin (example) 100 from your own rank, meaning i currently ranked 148 can only get/loose points from ranks 48-248 (currently score range 2260-2554)

Better ideas or improvement on my own are welcome...

...but something should be done... a lot of bitching and namecalling on the chat (and forums) of this issue...
Tournaments » UniWar API to organize tournaments » Go to message
internet is your friend Talone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_programming_interface)

But you can ofc ask on your Russian forums if someone are "willing and able"
What's New in the Latest Updates » Next update, when? » Go to message
haha! i was hoping mid june...
Frequently Asked Questions » Where do u report if u think someone is cheating? » Go to message
First... there is no point in reporting it.. no dev are going to look into it.. they rarely visits the forum, and support on this game is practically "non existant"...

The best advice i can give is to not play FFA multiplayer rated!! (unless against someone you know)
You can never know or control if players team up, or using multiple accs....

If you like multiplayer - team play is much more fun... and cheating like multiple accs can be beaten with good teamwork
New Feature Request » Removed players should alsohave their bases removed as well. » Go to message
or you can let a bot take over if a player is kicked in the first round in an unrated FFA game...
General Discussion » Starting a random game » Go to message
its a bug. happens now and then (i dont know if any settings or score affect it..)

only way to awoid it is :
ether not play random.. or have 19 games, making the new the 20. (max possible).

... on the other hand.. you should learn to play all races....
General Discussion » What happened to HD Version?!? » Go to message
i wonder how the "homemade" maps will be... will they be made for 1 game og can you save them and perhaps publish them ?
It will be interesting to see what the community can make.. maybe vote maps into official uniwar ...?
New Feature Request » 90 day rating reset! Vote in poll » Go to message
i voted yes... but not 100% agree...

we could reset scores periodically, 90 days seems ok.

But then i think we could have an extra list - "hall of fame" - all time high scores of 90 days (only the best score pr account ofc). Then you could try to beat others and yourself each "cycle"

General Discussion » 30+ pages of open rated games » Go to message
i agree 100% that something should be done with this... the time can be discussed ofc...
Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
Battery is nice... but kind of a late game unit, except on BG (team) where you can make it pretty early without risk loosing it..
Bug Reports » bots wont join my game » Go to message
yea.. the bots are finally restored..!

But as usual... no info from the developers here on the forums.... (only a quick message on the in-game-chat)
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