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User Generated Maps » Map Contest II Voting Booth » Go to message
Hard choice! all the maps look great!

I vote for # 9

Great job people!
New Feature Request » SPONSORED TOURNAMENTS! » Go to message
Great idea!

Bug Reports » Logic error in 20 missions game. » Go to message
Thanks Xavi!
Bug Reports » Logic error in 20 missions game. » Go to message

Was invited to; "Starship troopers survive v3.
I won the game yet curiously it didn't end.
I was the on the attack side, my opponent's job was to defend for 20 rounds.

I defeated my opponent, and the game did not end.
He, and I had to end our turns till we reached 20 turns, then the game declared, I, the winner, was defeated.

If x(units) <=0 then end , lol

Map is unplayable...

Bug Reports » My flag keeps changing to uniwar default one » Go to message
I really like our RuniWar flag.
It is a shame for you people to make a decision without asking those involved for their opinion.
I have owned this game since 2009. I did not play online till this year.
I would like to say that you folks, the developers are acting like children.
I find it inappropriate to have our flag deleted without even asking us about it, and giving us a Uniwar flag.
Can you please restore our flag? What is it hurting?
Who In the world is making these stupid command decisions? Or who is influencing you?
Have you read my motto? "Success is just the beginning".
Once you are successful you become surrounded by "yes men", those who tell you what you want to hear.
You actually need people to advise you ethically, without bias. And are not afraid to tell you that your are messing up.

I would be nice for the community involved to be part of the decision process.
What we have now is a; "Dictatorship", with a few people making the choices for all based on what they think is right.
Do you think that this type of system will survive in the long term?
RuniWar is comprised of scores of people, you really wish to ostracize them?
Your deletion of the flag will not stop the "Memory of TALONE".

Your reason is not sound. Chat conflicts! Have you seen the inappropriate behavior, and foolishness?
I seldom go into chat because of the lewd and ridiculous behavior.
There are some that are just plain lewd, there are some, that just like to mock everything they can think of, and yet they go unpunished.
The answer really is, to moderate the chat room to topics that promote a learning environment, and not the ridiculous, childish, and sectarian behavior that now reigns.

Please give us back our flag!

Thank you,

Dr. Paul Monte.

General Discussion » Master's Tournament, suggestion. » Go to message
Master' Tournament

I would like to propose a new Tournament, for players that have achieved a high rank of 2300 and above.
The regular tournaments are now usually won by this players.
So I propose that regular tournaments have a cut off rank of 2299, (or whatever the UniWar board members decide).

So I propose a; "Gold Jacket" style tournament for our senior players.
That way, the regular tournaments are more equitable, and the lower ranks have a possibility of winning a tournament.
Now that we have "replays" we can view the higher ranks as they compete in their own Master's Tournament.

Thank you for reading, and for your consideration.

General Discussion » How do I get 20 online games? » Go to message
Soon! Lol
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message

I remember that the Microsoft Corporation changed their system, to try to appeal to the tablet users.
It has cost them untold millions of dollars, and caused the Desktop Personal Computer market to suffer needlessly.
The lesson to be learned here is; "You do not radically change a system that has been successful for years".
If we do not learn from historical examples, we will suffer the same fate.
I am against major changes, to try to "balance", UniWar.
Small incremental changes would be much better.
I agree with my friend Talone. - Dr. Paul Monte.
What's New in the Latest Updates » Proposal for a new icon - We want YOUR feedback » Go to message
Why not use both?
Split the icon and have both male and female pictures... BTW they are both excellent!
I remember the original Mechwarrior, 1990's PC game. Had both male and female warriors, I believe it was a nice touch!
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