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General Discussion » A tale of Glory - 1000uc prize for grabs!! » Go to message
Here's my submission.



Duaneski the insaneski, Uniwar's hangin' brainski, hops on the pro-tourney wagon. Bout to crown EVR as Bilbo cuz he's t' Baggin. Titans makin EVR's saps look more like cro-magnon. Wipe'n grundle sweat off protruding foreheads, save the kerchief for when it's time to throw the white flag in. Crouching tiger cleans his dragon. Not one to easily go down, EVR makes like Bobby Brown. En garde, again! But 'ski's already Costnered up with a guardian. And then? Evr's marauder swerving like Tiger Woods on a weekend bend. Has a line a credit but not sure how to spend.

Opts for an engineer but 'ski's the one who understands the game's mechanics and tics. Scrap the eclipse and upgrade the mecha to look like sexy cylon number six. Looks like Christmas and Duaneski's showin' off his gifts. Blue crystal credit flow so strong the water hexes turn to seltzer. Amasses an army of Santa's little Helfers. Evr's Home Alone on his lone home base. Duaneski's peskier than Pesci, through the mail slot you can see his face. One last embrace before EVR falls from grace.

If you're team EVR, set your VCR, the ending's bad but Duaneski taught the cylon CPR. Slip in some tongue and this is less tragedy than French film noir. Duaneski celebrates his victory at the bar. Blue Moon after Blue Moon, time to head home and spoon? He stumbles out to his car. This uniwarrior is beat. Tapped a keg dry, but musters his strength to tap a piece of Greengras in his back seat. Shares it in a tweet. Lyft ride.... posts the vids. Kids, we don't drink n drive. At home Duaneski falls asleep, basking in the glory of EVR's defeat.
General Discussion » Changes to support system » Go to message
In addition to whatever community support system is put in place I think FAQ needs to be updated. And the categories 'Play' and 'Units' on the website should be combined and updated into a 'User Guide'. The user guide should start with basics: introduce all the units, tiles, turn sequence etc. and also include how shop, unicoin, and rewards work. But also include how things like you can't convert a capping unit, # of rounds it takes UV to charge etc. And also include how revenge, ladders and tourneys work. And then have more complex things like damage formula, calculators, gangup maps etc. And possibly even include some tactics. Ideally it would give a new player a complete overview and would be something they could return to as they grow. And it could be linked to within the app.
General Discussion » New units on Khraleans' perspective » Go to message
I think swarmer should get +1 GL. Making it a very effective infantry sniper and also more of a counter to guardian and bopper.

Borfly should get move after attack. Still would fit its nature of having to plan ahead to use it effectively but would allow you to get it off a base. And also protect it better.

Salamander should get +2 aerial.

Guardian should probably be nerfed but then bopper should be nerfed at same time as well. I think saps still dominate Titans on most maps. And I think buffing khral units is more important than nerfing tankbusters.

Michaelrn and duaneski make valid points about the sap and Titan amphibious units encroaching and/or surpassing swarmer's territory/stats. Those two probably will need some nerfing as well.

But if we are doing it incrementally I would rather see khral buffs first.

I also think that tank class units are becoming ineffective for their cost. And we should consider lowering the cost of tank, pinzer and plasma. Especially if bopper and guardian's GH stays were it is.
New Feature Request » Choose the best name for the new amphibian unit? » Go to message
I too like skimmer. Or raider.

Fuze is a brand of ice tea
Tournaments » Golden mooseKNUCKLE 500uc Buy-in t.ournament » Go to message
duaneski and sim can't both be in final four bc they are in group 1 & 2.

i'll go with 'ski, angkor, bakes, and willingham
General Discussion » Changing attack damage without gang-up bonus, same unit » Go to message
A "random" string of numbers between 0 and 1 is generated at the start of each turn. This string does not change until the next player's turn. The random numbers determine damage depending whether they are greater or less than the P value. Changing the order of attack (even if not gangup) changes which numbers in the string are used for which attacks and can thus change damage.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion April 2016 » Go to message
Don't forget to fix converted mecha stats.

Duaneski, -1 air will hurt khrals v saps
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Changing walker and speeder to vision 4 is a great idea! It will help balance s v t. A walker will need something other than a plasma (vision 3) directly in front of it for full attack range. However, this could be circumvented with an assimilator if that changes to vision 5. So maybe vision 4 is better for assimilator.
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
Option 5: This will really hurt s v t. Helicopters are essential in battling Titans that are turtled. If it takes more than 4-5 helis to take out a plasma sapiens will have no chance. Buffing battery will not compensate for the heli nerf. Heli nerf will also affect s v s too much. It has already changed helis vs tanks with the tank defense buff. Lowering heli GH will take this too far.

Option 4: this too will negatively affect s v s. Also I wonder if it will really help k v s enough. Marines don't seem that overpowered to me. Saps real advantage is having 2 units that can move after attack thus allowing massive strings of gangup bonuses.

Option 3: seems like it would be very controversial. It would definitely change the meta for ALL race matchups. And with k v s being the big problem I don't see why we should tamper with the other matchups which have become more balanced. Esp k v t which is really close to balanced and exciting to play.

Option 2: I am in favor of this option, making the first two changes. As I said before wyrm is already good against helis so adding more air won't necessarily change the meta at all. Since option 2 is a small change it would leave room to add GH to swarmer and air to wyrm if k v s is still suffering after initial changes. As well as the eclipse changes to balance k v t if needed.

Option 1: if you don't go with option 2 (swarmer GL and Pinzer Air) then I would vote for option 1 over 3,4 or 5.
Tournaments » Team tournaments - 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 » Go to message
Yes, reducing or eliminating player 1 Rd 1 credit drought in team games is a good idea Xavi. I think all high level players I know either support this or are neutral about. Don't know anyone opposed.

Eliminating neutral bases much more controversial. So glad that has been nixed for the time being
General Discussion » Next Balance Update Discussion February 2016 » Go to message
The wyrm already has good air attack. I don't think +1 air would make it any more effective because the problem with wyrms is that they are hard to keep protected vs sapiens, not that they don't deal enough damage to helis. In the earth v legia december match, i don't think the one wyrm used was even able to get a hit on a heli the whole match.

I think the buff needs to be with the pinzer and another unit. Pinzer +1 air would make it a more viable blocker because helicopters ganging up on the pinzer would take more damage and be susceptible to counter attacks.

The pinzer will not be hunting down helis, but could be used as part of gangup attacks as well.

I am in favor of buffing the swarmer in some way too, but undecided which way to approach it.

Another idea i would like to throw out there is increasing infector defense so that it cannot be one-shot by a marauder or helicopter. Helis can even one shot an infector on a base. I would love to see more infectors used.

And one last pitch for the Pinzer buff... IMO Saps biggest advantage is that both heli and marauder can attack and retreat thus giving saps a string of +2 gangup hits. If helicopters took 1-2 damage in a string of hits then even if a pinzer was taken down at least it comes at a greater cost to the sap player and all the other khralean units behind the pinzer would become more effective. Sooo a buff to the Pinzer is really a buff for all khraleans
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
These all seem like good ideas but they will be most effective if they are all implemented together. For example, #4 is better than what we have now, but 1 round (or really half a round) is all you need to get the games out of sync and win on time. However, #4 would work much better with #7 etc. though it still wouldn't solve all problems. I'm curious if others have more suggestions that would work in tandem with this list. Also I would really like to see Legia's idea from above implemented. If moves were hidden, at least for the first couple of rounds, until both players submitted their moves it would prevent players copying each other's openings and probably lead to quicker starts to games.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message

I agree with Kyle that k v t is pretty balanced. I have been winning with both races. Neither completely dominates and the balance shifts depending on the map layout. I have had to adjust playing style a bit with both races but I can still get 1-2 damage on a plasma w a swarmer.

K v K is much better than before. Still figuring out how to play this matchup but more units are used which is good. I would like the swarmer a little sturdier and Pinzer aerial at 3 would make them more effective. Right now they are good vs swarmers or as shields, but I think garudas should take a little more damage when fighting pinzers.

For S v K I really think Pinzer 3 aerial attack would help khrals. If deployed, I wouldn't change anything else on marauder or marine yet until the new pinzer is tested. Reducing marauder or marine air would mess up S v S IMO. Also I wouldn't increase wyrm air attack yet.

S v T the dynamic has definitely changed. And it seems highly dependent on the map. I previously thought battery ground heavy +1 was needed, but now I'm not sure. Tanks are much better, even though I miss crushing them like toy cars. And the new mecha vs helicopter is interesting.

S v S I haven't been playing much but tanks seem like a viable option if you are up against a bunch of marauders. Legia's point is interesting about only being able to stop a cap 75% of the time and should be considered. I would point out that this would only happen w/o roll manipulation and this type of randomness already exists in any number of other scenarios w other race combinations. So seems like mainly a map selection issue for tournaments.

So my wishlist for further changes is Pinzer aerial attack to 3 and Swarmer defense to 5. Would like to see how everything plays with those two changes before anything else.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message

After playing with the adjusted stats here are my thoughts. The swarmer nerf has made the unit too ineffective. It is too easily killed by any units, the worst scenario being two swarmers taking down a 10hp swarmer. I think its defense definitely needs to go back to 5. I also think that three swarmers should be able to take down a marauder without a problem so its GH attack should probably go back to 5 as well. Reducing the wyrm's GH attack was a pretty big deal for K v T so I don't think returning the swarmer to 5 GH will make khrals too overpowering vs Titans. Also the mecha aerial boost is surprisingly quite effective. If the eclipse gets reduced in price or some buff, I think it is fine to return the swarmer back to the way it was. However, with the weakened swarmer an interesting dynamic occurs in k v k. The pinzer can be used against the swarmer because of its increased aerial attack. And Garuda got a GH boost so that is a good counter to Pinzer. But garudas are still susceptible to ranged attacks by swarmers so it makes an interesting triangle of pinzer - garuda- swarmer. So to keep this dynamic, I think in addition to returning swarmer to its previous stats the Pinzer should get 3 aerial attack (the same as a marine w/o terrain modifiers). This would allow it to be used effectively in k v k but also help the khrals in k v s and would not affect k v t. It also creates a greater difference between pinzer and tank since the tank's defense just got raised, but pinzer aerial attack at 3 would still be substantially lower than the plasma. I have not had time to thoroughly test the new battery, but my gut says +1 GH is needed. This is not as urgent as changing the swarmer IMO though.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes » Go to message
I like the recent trend of the uniwar app being updated so quickly. I love that the community has access to the devs and changes get implemented. I like the short beta testing period and don't mind that not all the bugs get ironed out for the public release. It adds to the community aspect of the game. I see the unit adjustments in a similar way. I have my thoughts as to which adjustments are good and which aren't and a lot of what people are saying seems smart, but I don't think anyone, myself included, will really know until we play with the units. As long the devs listen, especially to the experienced players, like they already do with all the other aspects of the game, then I say just make the changes and we can discuss once we've played and make tweaks. That would fit the ethos of the game.

If you're worried about balance in the interim then just play mirrored games or team games with multiple races. But the proposed changes seem well thought out enough that i'm reasonably certain the game is not going to get ruined.

Also whoever said the thing about maps, balance etc. was right on.
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