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Messages posted by: kage
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Sniper is wonderfull, but predator droid will be useless. I think Turbo mecha better.
General Discussion » UNFAIR MODERATION and commerce in Russian chat » Go to message
Talone, not far than yesterday you (together with su47) humiliated many peaple including radroach.
And no one banned you for this
I don't remember exactly who started this but I got a strong feeling that you were provoking him consciously.
And no one except su47 and you was happy when radroach got a ban. He was supported by many people.
What about payments in runiwar - this is true. You said many times that "all work must be paid" and that no one did for Uniwar more than you.
On runiwar you made 3 levels of accounts and all advanced info is paid for example access to top players journals.
I think that $20 per player per quarter (just for 2nd level of access) is too much.
This official forum is absolutely free of fees so why should we pay to you?
Radroach and Plingis and others said that your monetary dictature is wrong and I support them in this.
What was your reaction? You just humiliated them.. as usual
We are willing to pay for the game itself.
We are willing to pay for official tournaments with prises.
But we don't want to pay to you, Talone. Take your puppets and go away.
Leave us in piece, Talone.
Forum Index Profile for kage »» Messages posted by kage
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