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Messages posted by: arina
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Bug Reports » can not login to uniwar.com » Go to message
opera mini 6.5.29194
tried register to tournament
see message that must be logged in
push login
login button disappear, "close" button appear instead of it
and no fields to enter login and password
Guides & Tips » Gangup bonus » Go to message
Simsverd, is this last scheme correct?
If so, it will be very cool to add it to in-game manual.
New Feature Request » suggestion for uniwar future development » Go to message
1. When I entered this forum from link in game I was asked to enter login and password. Why? Game already knows who I am.
2. Think it will be good to make "bug report" button in game.
3. May be it makes sense to add special chat room for new feature requests.
4. Map browser is slow and hard to use. I have to tap on map name and wait to see what is inside. I think it will be better to have other view options like thumbnails and slides just like in ACDSee because map is just a named picture until it is played. So I don't understand why map browser is so slow and stupid. Is it hard to cache and then show 100 little pictures?
5. Insert link to map into chat so it could be accessed by other players from chat window by tapping on map link.
6. Maps browser should be an independent feature like rating ladder or chat. Map browser should be very fast and very easy to use. When I select some map in maps browser I should be able to copy link to this map (to share it later) and to create game on this map.
Forum Index Profile for arina »» Messages posted by arina
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