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New Feature Request » New ways to get or earn Uni-coins » Go to message
  Shadowntr wrote:Xavi,
Will us old players be given coins retroactivly? Especially for the campain? Probably for some vetrins th sheer amount of milestones and played/won games they have would net them crazy and not realisitc amounts of coins. In that case, Would you simply just provide the new units to them instead of the coins?


I can't imagine Xavi giving out coins for games already won, that would be disastrous from a business standpoint. The campaign and milestone achievements I hope he does though.
New Feature Request » Vision/undo turn exploit » Go to message
Getting rid of the instant vision will just bring us back to where people switch accounts to undo and scout. At least the way it is now gives a clear and even playing field rather than some players taking advantage of an exploit that others may not be aware of.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.40 available on GooglePlay & Amazon, soon on Apple Store » Go to message
  Shadowntr wrote:Is there any way to view what flags each flag pack comes with?

Go to my account and change the flag. You will be able to see a list of the flags just not select them, though it's kind of small.
General Discussion » Wolf Head Flag » Go to message
I agree with volf. The more majestic looking howling wolf fits UniWar best in my opinion.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.40 available on GooglePlay & Amazon, soon on Apple Store » Go to message
Really excited for the choose unit color option. Is it just going to include the eight or so we currently have or are there going to be some new ones added?
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
I can think of two ways to help promote the new units, and the best part is they can both be implemented together. The first is to make all units available for free in the offline mode, allowing players to mess around with them against the bots or in the hotseat against themselves or another player and get a general idea of their usefulness before committing to a purchase. This is limited of course by the fact that the bots are not very good players, and hotseat requires another person to get the full benefit.
This leads to my second suggestion, a free activatable trial for each of the race packs. Once activated, this will give you access to the new units in a specific race for a certain number of online games. I haven't decided on an exact number yet, but I think 5 is a reasonable starting point, and it certainly shouldn't be more than 10. This allows all players to try the new units in an actual game against another person. It should also be clearly recommended that a player should first try the new units in offline mode to get a feel for the new units before attempting to use them online, as the trial is limited.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
Everyone brings up some good points, and it really is a difficult problem. One thing I haven't seen addressed anywhere is how the new units are going to be sold, whether individually or as a package. Personally i think the best option would be to have three different ways of buying the new units. The first is buying each unit individually, and I imagine this at about $2.50 each. Then we could have a "race bundle" that includes all the new units in a specific race, and I think $6.00 sounds like a fair price for that. Finally, there could be the "all unit" bundle which as the name suggests includes all new units for every race, which I could see going for $15.00. These prices are all based off of there being three new units per race, which as far as I know is still the planned amount.

I've decided on these three buying options for a couple of reasons.
1) The individual buying option keeps players from feeling coerced into buying a very situational unit in order to get a more useful unit. Prime example being a new aquatic unit, because let's be honest most maps make very little use of them.
2) The race bundle gives players the option to get all the units of their favorite race at a slightly lower price than buying each individually. I really feel like this is the MOST IMPORTANT buying option to have, because you can (and many players do) play UniWar using only one race. The $6.00 price fits right into the 5-7 dollar price range suggested for the "pro version" in the original post and still provides a full game experience by letting players play with all available resources in a game (as long as they're willing to play as one race).
3) The all unit bundle is for the most devoted players who have been playing the game for a while and have been eagerly waiting for new units. $15.00 again gives this bundle a small discount over buying each of the race packs, although I could see $16.00 as a reasonable price as well.

Next post will have some other ideas to encourage players to actually buy the new units.
General Discussion » Uniwar Street Team? » Go to message
  Abie wrote:
  Duaneski wrote:
  Abie wrote:
  Apercent wrote:Nice, but at the same time, I wonder how many people would want to buy a pinzer if they didnt already have fond memories of it? No offense xavi but it isn't very pretty.

Not to bring racism or anything like that to this game, but Are you referring to the Panzer tanks from WW II? I'm not going to say what army had them, and I am not sure if anyone knows the answer to that question.

He's referring to pinzers. The Khral unit

Yes I know. Pinzer is a similar name to a WW II tank called the Panzer tank. But this doesn't sound like racism or anything like that.

I'm pretty sure pinzer came from pincer, as in a large claw like lobsters or crabs have.
Tournaments » Championship tournaments » Go to message
  Michaelrn wrote:Capture of friendly bases in a team game count toward the total number of captured bases to be used as a tiebreaker?

No, that got fixed according to the community spreadsheet.
Tournaments » Championship tournaments » Go to message
First round promotions are necessary in any single elimination bracket that doesn't have a number of participants exactly equal to a power of two. Otherwise it will end up with odd numbers of players in various other rounds. Take a simple 4 round tournament for example, which would normally have 16 people and the progression would be 16 => 8=>4=>2=>winner. If only 12 people sign up the progression would be 12=>6=>3. The solution is to promote 4 players to round two and have the remaining 8 play for the other 4 spots, so we have 12=>8=>4=>2=>winner. Doing the promotions at the first round is the fairest way of making sure the numbers stay even.

The reason so many players were promoted in that particular tourney is that it was set up as 1024 person bracket, but only about 560 signed up, which would leave a lot of empty spaces in the round of 512 if everyone played. The turnout might suggest that it would be best to restrict tourneys to 512 again.
General Discussion » Visible buried underling. » Go to message
To name a few: get behind the enemy, see what they are building on far bases, +4 attack on resurface, force enemy to position around them, and extra gangup spots.
Bug Reports » "End Turn" button missing in some games » Go to message
I've noticed that even if the end turn button is missing, you can still tap that area and end your turn.
General Discussion » Engineer disappearance? » Go to message
Those are mecha2's that appear to be in teleport cooldown, rather than emp. Not knowing anything about your current game I would assume that those are mechas that he reprogrammed earlier in the game and is now using them to threaten your bases. If my guess is correct then if you watch the turn replay you will see those mecha2's teleport into that position.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.13 Available on Google Play. soon on Amazon & Apple » Go to message
Minor thing, but could you change the new "cancel" back to "stay." After over a year of pressing cancel to move back to my previous position it's strange to use it for a different function. I think stay is clearer for what that button does anyway.
User Generated Maps » Skull Valley 2 » Go to message
Thanks for letting me know he was still active. I sent him a pm but haven't gotten a response. I did credit him in the description but I told him if he wanted to remake it himself I would delete my version.
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