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Frequently Asked Questions » War report - what is 'time used' » Go to message
"Time Used" indicates how much time has elapsed for each player in that particular game.

For example:

In this game, I took a total of 14 hours and 56 minutes to complete my turns so far, whereas my opponent has taken 6 hours and 31 minutes.
General Discussion » EnnuiGoblinGames Season 3! » Go to message
Hey Uniwarriors! So after another much needed sabbatical, I'm back once again and doing the prep work for another round of Uniwar and mobile gaming videos! I figured the best way to decide what content to cover would be to ask the community what content they'd like to see the most.

Here's what I'm thinking for UniWar content...

- I enjoyed the live tournament casts, livecasts were a popular addition to the channel last season, so I plan on running more for the upcoming units and tournaments.

- Pre-Recorded Tournament Coverage: Livecasts are fun, but I felt the channel was missing video content under 60 minutes. Viewership dropped a bit once the video length went up to an average of 90-120 minutes, so I plan to record cast of games with the purpose of shortening some casts for more casual viewers. Recorded games also let me add better quality audio and editing.

- Tactical Rounds Series: These are fun to make, and reception has been pretty positive in the past, so I'd like to do these more often. Especially looking for seasoned pros (2400) with tactical lesson ideas.

- Social Media: I've never been an avid fan of social media, but after some discussion with more successful streamers, it's evidently the most efficient way to grow a channel (and bring more players to uniwar *wink wink*). So I've been working to upgrade my channel's FACEBOOK and TWITTERaccounts. If you would like to help me grow the channel, please hit the subscribe buttons on these platforms. I'll be posting notifications and event announcements to these accounts.

[color=red]Non Uniwar Content:

One of the best way to get new players involved in UniWar is to make video content for other games that I play and link viewers from those videos to my UniWar content. Here are a few games I thought would be fun to play on the channel.

- Battlevoid Sector Seige: The new sequel to Battlevoid Harbinger, one of my all time favorite rouguelikes.
- Templar Battleforce: This was a super fun game that I livestreamed on the channel. Wouldn't mind another go at it.
- Mayhem PvP: In my opinion, the best new mobile multiplayer game of the year! Would love to play with other Uniwarriors!
Let me know what you all think in the commens.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.97 with REWARDED AD to build any unit & full turn undo » Go to message
Outstanding news! I'll be sure to share the news within the various gaming forums and circles I run through!
General Discussion » Fuze » Go to message
I think what the Fuze really needs is a boost to defense against light and heavy ground. I don't mind the weaker attack, but real problem is Fuze losing 5-6hp from a marine/marauder/Mecha/underling attack.
General Discussion » ~EnnuiGoblin GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT~ I'm baaack! LIVESTREAM! » Go to message
I was gong to wait to do this cast until the new streaming setup is ready, but Xavi asked me if I could push the event up to this weekend as he will be releasing the new units soon. So for now I'll be doing this stream with the older setup
General Discussion » ~EnnuiGoblin GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT~ I'm baaack! LIVESTREAM! » Go to message
Hey there UNIWARRIORS from all walks of life! So glad to be back in the game with all of you, apologies for the unannounced sabbatical as of late, real life tears it's ugly head I had to answer the call...

But if you've been craving more LIVE UNIWAR ACTION, well then I have some good news! This SUNDAY APRIL 16th I will be LIVECASTING the DECEMBER 2016 CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTERFINALS! Watch and join in on the conversation as best of the best fight for the monthly title!

Not only that, but there will also be a SNEAK PEAK SHOWCASE of the upcoming NEW AQUATIC UNITS!

Livecast will start this SUNDAY, APRIL 16th at 3PM EST!
General Discussion » New Map Tile Discussion - Tips and Tricks » Go to message
- City Tiles: A common mistake I've seen a lot of 1500-1900 level players so far is to give too much priority to cities. Controlling a city is a situational decision. As a general rule of thumb, Only contol a city you think you can keep, or you need the extra income next turn for a specific reason. Units on cities make good targets, as cities carry a hefty penalty to attack and defense. Remember, ground heavy units get a steeper penalty than ground light (-3/-3 vs -2/-2).
Map Making suggestions: Too many cities tend to favor khral players due to underling's 11 movement. Cities far from starting point tend to favor titan teleports, especially on team maps.
Khraleans: Underlings have more intrinsic value than other ground lights on a map with cities. Use their movement to your advantage.
Titans: Early ports to distant cities can be a good way to gain an early advantage.
Sapiens: Marauders are especially useful for sniping enemy units that control a city tile. Additionally, using an early game marauder to reach cities first can get you an early credit advantage.
General Discussion » New Map Tile Discussion - Tips and Tricks » Go to message
Hey everybody! Now that we've had a few weeks to get used to the new map tiles, I thought it would be a good idea to have a place to discuss thoughts and revelations about new tactics needed to play well with the new tiles. The same goes for map-making, new considerations have to be taken into account for balanced maps. A few of my thoughts so far...

- Road Tiles: My favorite addition so far. The -2/-2 penalty should always be kept in account, it's usually better to block a road path on a tile adjacent to the road, rather than on the road itself.
Map Making suggestions: If your map design has a long stretch of road, try to keep some trees or mountains along the side. This gives light ground the ability to use AoC and block sections of the road off (thus adding to overall map balance).
Khraleans: Air units take no penalty on roads, use this to your advantage against marauders and speeders that have more reach on roads than khral units. Also, on a straight highway, Wyrms have an attach reach of 6 spaces!
Titans: On maps with average to longer sized roads allow speeders a lot of range. This can especially be useful by opening new options for teleports; it can be safer to teleport mechas further if speeders can reach the 'port destinations.
Sapiens: Marauder reach on roads is ridiculous: So far I think marauders with tanks is the most powerful ground heavy combo on road maps. Push tanks out further, then use your marauders to attack and retreat behind tanks.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.77 Facebook login + pre-purchase for NEW UNITS » Go to message
Armor Piercing sounds like a great way to help balance for new units. Any info you can share with us about the mechanics involved?
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 12/7/16~ » Go to message
Hey Uniwarriors! I had a blast casting the AUGUST 2016 QUARTERFINALS last Sunday! Just a few updates for the coming weeks...

First of all, I have moved my Wednesday 6 PM stream to Thursdays (still at 6 PM EST). Join me tomorrow as I continue my attempt through the brutal "Ironman" difficulty setting in TEMPLAR BATTLEFORCE!

Next up, this Sunday I will be livecasting the AUGUST 2016 GRAND FINALS! Watch as kikoho, AngryWhoreJo, Needle, and Sdrawde battle each other for the Championship Title! Also, I have CONFIRMED ARTWORK OF NEW UNITS to show you guys. As of now I only have ARTWORK ONLY to showcase for you, but we will be taking a first look at THREE NEW SAPIENS UNITS: PREDATOR, SUBMARINE, AND HOVERCRAFT!

In addition to all this, I have a question for those of you who watch my livestreams... following the Christmas season, I want to do a regular stream for PC games. I was hoping you guys could help me pick one that you would all like to watch me play through. Here are a few games I'm considering! Let me know what you all think!

- Total War: Warhammer
- Master of Orion: Revenge of Antares
- Civilization VI
- Path of Exile: Atlas of Worlds
- Pillars of Eternity
- Armello
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 11/28/16~ » Go to message
Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed the last LIVESTREAM! I had a blast talking about the new units with everyone and playing some speed games afterwards!

Just wanted to let you all know about the upcoming stream schedule this week. First, this Wednesday (Nov 30 6pm EST) I will be continuing with my TEMPLAR BATTLEFORCE IRONMAN RUN from last week! There will also be a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE: Cory Trese (Developer and Owner of Trese Brothers Games) will be joining us in the chat room, so let's all give him a UNIWAR WELCOME!

Then, on Sunday (Dec 4th 2pm EST) we will be talking about EVEN MORE NEW UNIWAR CONTENT! I can't be more specific than that as of yet, but I will probably have some more NEW UNIT PROTOTYPES to showcase for you all! Then after the showcase, I will be Livecasting the AUGUST 2016 CHAMPIONSHIP! Watch the top players Duke it out for the AUGUST title! Catch it all on EnnuiGoblin Games!
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 11/23/16~ » Go to message
Hey Uniwarriors! Hope everyone is having a great holiday weekend! Big news for this upcoming weekend, Xavi will be releasing the first few images and stats regarding the FIRST ROUND OF NEW UNITS! At long last we will get a first glimpse at the upcoming BLASTER CLASS of units (these will be the new tank busting units). Tune in this Sunday (November 27) at 2pm EST (19:00 GMT) to watch and discuss the new upcoming units (BOPPER, GUARDIAN, and LAMIAK). After the showcase I'll be playing another series of 3 min live games with viewers. This stream will be run earlier than before to facilitate GMT viewers! Remember, if you miss the livestream, you can watch the video later on my youtube channel.

For tonight, join me at 6:00pm EST (23:00 GMT) as I play through the Tactical Squad Combat game TEMPLAR BATTLEFORCE!

See you guys on the battlefield!
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT NOVEMBER 2016~ » Go to message
Hey there Uniwarrior! So as 2016 draws to a close, I have been restructuring the way I set up my youtube channel. The current format/system I'm using is simply too time consuming to be able to release videos on a consistent basis. As many of you know, I have started experimenting with livestreaming events and gaming sessions, and so far it has made the video making process easier, more fun, and more interactive. So with that said, here are a few changes I will be making to "EnnuiGoblin Games"...

- All tournament and shoutcasting videos will now be live cast: Instead of releasing one casting video a week, I will spend a few hours each week livecasting tournament and player submitted replays. This will allow me to cover whole tournaments at a time as opposed to over the course of weeks/months. Don't worry, if you can't catch it live, it will be recorded for the channel so that people can watch the matches later.

-All streaming will be done on YOUTUBE GAMING: The twitch stream has shown to be a very unstable platform for mobile streamers, so from now on I will only be sticking with the youtube live platform. You can go to my live stream directly at https://gaming.youtube.com/ennuigoblingames/live

-I will be trying to stick to a stream schedule: My goal is to try streaming twice a week, WEDNESDAY EVENING UNIWAR CASTS and SUNDAY EVENING VARIOUS GAMES. When I get a better feel for what hours work best, I'll post an official stream schedule.

-My channel now has a tip jar/support button: If you guys enjoy my work and want to help support the channel, feel free to click on the shiny new "Support" button. If you have a replay/map/message you want to share with the uniwar community, add the link to your tip payment and I'll be sure to play it over the stream.

I'm always willing to hear new ideas and concerns about these kinds of changes, so by all means guys, let me know what you think.

See you on the battlefield!

General Discussion » 3 Minute Speed FFA Tournament Livestream Event » Go to message
Hey guys, new details on the live tournament can be found here.


If you have signed up to play here in this thread, go to the link, read the post, and then re-submit your name for the competition. Thanks, see you there!
General Discussion » 3 Minute Speed FFA Tournament Livestream Event ~~UPDATE~~ » Go to message
While I'm at it, this would also be a good place for players to make map suggestions. PLAYER CREATED MAPS ARE WELCOME TO BE SUBMITTED!

See you all on the battlefield!

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