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Bug Reports » Endless movement with attacking units - bug » Go to message
I have found it, but this is not a big bug.
Frequently Asked Questions » UNIT BALANCE Survey - Help us improve the game » Go to message
Deciding whether to balance most of time is maps, isn't races. don't make big changes to the balance of the Uniwar, it should slowly adjust, 'sap>khr>tit>sap' is one of the features of the game, don't put the game to lose one's beyond recognition. if they want balance, i think that let the three race changed become he same property.That's the best.
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I dont want Uniwar add more units to the 3 existing races and new races. That would ruin the game...(That like rock-paper-scissors is a eternal game.)
I don't want the Uniwar to make a big change.Now very good and very very classic and like chess spread through the ages and more than. it's has a very simple and perfect system that make me crazy. if let uniwar to change not as good as to make a new game, like uniwar2 or other name.

But I very look forward to play to HTML5..
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