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New Feature Request » Bots take your turn instead of getting skipped » Go to message
Skipping a player nearly always means his side will lose from then on. He doesn't get to build new units in anticipation of future turns. He doesn't get to position his troops in response to latest developments of the game. It is a HUGE punishment for missing your turn. Too huge: it hands the entire game to the other side.

If you want the punishment for missing a turn to be this severe, you might as well just have the game give the win to the other side straight away. That's practically what you are doing already.

Instead, how about this? When a player misses their turn, a bot steps in to take the turn for them. It is set to play defensively (i.e. chooses to move a unit to safer ground or heal up, whichever gives it more resilience). It builds to defend its bases as best it can.

If you think this is going easy on the player, consider that bots are not that good at choosing the right thing to build, so he is likely to come back to find his points spent on mediocre units. At least the game will not be ruined for other players or team mates.

If you think that players who miss turns should be dealt with so harshly, you are alienating a lot of players who would like to play tournaments, but don't like getting up in the middle of the night to ensure they don't get skipped.

Many players only get a chance to take their turns once a day. We can are not all programmers, able to reply to a turn notification the moment it arrives.

If you insist on keeping tournaments only as 12 hour turnaround, then at least make it possible to participate without getting punished because you can only take your turns once every 24 hours. Many of us have jobs and families, you know?

Guides & Tips » Boarfly: how to defend against it? » Go to message
I am currently playing as titans versus khrals. The game was quite balanced, with a good mix of units coming out on both sides. Then the boarfly appeared.
A full health eclipse gets hit for 5 points damage without being able to return fire. That's a 400 point unit designed to combat arial troops.
The speeder takes 6 points.
It seems to hit everything really hard whilst being out of range.
Can anyone suggest a decent strategy for titans versus khrals with this b#@+!?d in the mix? It seems unbalanced to me.
Titans » Titans vs. Sapiens (smaller maps) » Go to message
The idea of approving maps for certain race matchups is brilliant. should this be on a more prominent thread in order that the devs might see it?
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.63 public release with NEW TILES » Go to message
Hi, is there somewhere where players can learn what the rules are for new tiles??
New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
Being able to make air defences and ground fortifications would make the game less and less about "Attack! Attack!" but that is good.

I can't wait for more tactical choice!
New Feature Request » With the latest version, Bases need more vision. » Go to message
Nah, the new change is better. Building a unit and then retracting the order is just a cheat. The game is better now. To see what is near your base, you need to put a unit there. It makes sense, and is thematically correct.
New Feature Request » Race Skills » Go to message
I think Race Skills is a great idea. There are two posts which suggest more powers for ground troops here...

Fortifications and Air Defences:



I'd be interested to know if this appeals to you, too! It is similar to your idea, but available to all races.

Here's another idea for you. Unit Promotion (through making kills) should be made easier. At the moment, it hardly has any effect, and the promoted unit gets taken out really easily. THEN, when a unit gets promotion, the player receives a choice of what skill he wants to add to the unit:
- more combat ability (as now)
- call in Glass Bombardment/Acid Rain/Colonise(or Fortification, see the link above). 'Call in' means the player can trigger the effect on a particular hex when he chooses.

New Feature Request » Non-harbor bridge » Go to message
There is a pretty thorough suggestion for how bridges could work here:

New Feature Request » Fortifications - a new terrain hex that units can build » Go to message
This is a great idea. At the moment, the capture of one central base marks the downfall of the opposition. Many players just quit as soon as it happens... there's not much point fighting on.

Hexes which provide smaller points awards for capture are much needed, and this is a solution which is interesting, adds to the effectiveness of ground troops, adds tactical choices, and flavour!

I would argue that YOU SHOULD be able to build Fortifications on mountains, since only the weakest units can use fortifications anyway. The enemy would have to use armour to turf out dug in troops. flavoursome and tense!
New Feature Request » Bridges - a new terrain hex » Go to message
This is much needed! Serious map builders have been crying out for this for a long time.

I particular like the idea that bridges give a small points award for capture, but nothing which would make them too pivotal to a battle.
New Feature Request » Air Defences - A new terrain hex » Go to message
This is an excellent idea! What does anyone else think?

Ground troops would be made more useful for longer in a game, rather than becoming redundant as soon as the Helicopters, Plasma Tanks Walkers and Batteries etc. start appearing.

It would give Sapiens players who farm Helicopters, or Khrals who farm Garudas, pause for thought. Slightly limiting air and ranged units in this way would add tactical choices.

Since the beginning of this game, designers have clung to the idea that defensive choices should not be encouraged, but I think the game would be richer and more atmospheric. Working to get ground troops to a position where they make a real difference would be exciting.
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