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General Discussion » Anti Uniwar stories? » Go to message
Hey buddy look at this cool game!
'Meh.', He said



So I pulled out my trusty ak-47. "Holy s-" he managed to say, before his lunhs were filled with 40 freedom sized pieces of lead.
"What happened to 'meh'?" I gloat over his dead body.

New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Well, here's my 2 cent on this;
The saps jetpack dude looks op. It's like a maruader that can fly, but cheaper. Did I mention it can change to g.l too? My suggestion:. Make it weaker or more expensive, or better yet, ditch the 2* attack and go for something like high mobility or move after attack. Or heck, better stats.

Titans dude... not sure

Khrals burying guy looks fine but I think it needs a buff to be more useful

So I assume most of the subaquatic can only attack each other? It would be less confusing to just make them their own class type, like aquatic.
The submarine looks fine. The hydrofort I think is my favorite one on here. I think that you meant 1-3 range though

Why do the Titans get a lone range missle though? And it's 4-6 range??? That may cause a lot of problems, as this is just begging to be spammed against every artillery. My suggestions;. Reduce its range to 2-4 or 5-6; if you decide on 5-6 make sure the missile doesn't work overland, or reduce its in Land range to 2-4 and overseas range to 5-6. Because of this, you can give it a decent anti-air missle, like 6-7 air.
My suggestion, maybe you can change it from missiles to suicide drones. The suicide drones have 20 mobility and move 3 tiles on water and 5 on land. Every turn the drones lose 10 health regardless of wether they did or didn't hit something. They also die if they hit something else.
Esstientally it's the same as a missile, bit it can't be spammed versus land units. I'm not saying you have to, I'm just saying you need to make sure that it can't spam missile strikes on saps and khrals.

The kraken needs to be stronger if it intends to be an anti-shiny unit. It's not only out ranged but also outclassed

The shark is super duper weak, it will just get destroyed by the patrol boat and will never fulfill its anti-submarine duties.

I guess the patrol boat is okay, really depends on how the other aquatic units turn out.

These ate some good ideas, just need improvement, that's all

General Discussion » Battle of Minas Tirith » Go to message
General Discussion » Slither.io » Go to message
This sounds a little bit like advertising dont you think?

But yeah I agree it's fun. I play under the name "alaskan bullworm". Points if you remember what show that's from.
High score 20k.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  wookieontheweb wrote:
I think the current plan would be fine for new races as each new race should just allow for different play style, but should still be balanced against the original races. Not sure it works for new units though.

One option is you have a team value. If you buy new units then you can swap in the new units in replacement of old i.e. Currently Sap have 100 + 200 + 250 + 400 + 500 + 650 + 800 = 2900 if some new unit types were "scout 50, amphibious 350, nuke 700" then you could mix and match from this larger set of units so long as you didn't go over your 2900 team cost. e.g. you could drop your tank but have an amphibious and scout instead (probably will have some restrictions such as you must have a naval unit and a basic unit), but then buying new units gives you choice not direct advantage.
This would allow Xavi to spam new units and get paid for each one without ever breaking balance.

I don't like this idea, because it's more fun to be able to play with all your units, and more importantly, knowing that it will cost them a unit to play the new iap units will make the audience less likely to want to buy new units.
There's a saying, don't fix something that isn't broken. If so, no point in replacing your old units if they still work.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
Let people use the units when both players have the units, so that everything always balanced.

If we go with a scenario in with iap units are allowed free range we will obviously have a scenario in which some people have better stuff then others and therefore the game is unbalanced.

Don't tell me that the units will come up straight up balanced because that has never happened ever in the history of uniwar. Best case scenario they are too underpowered to matter, and then no one will ever buy them. Worst case , battles are dominated by only iap units.

This is the best option for xavi since it will force people to buy the new units in order to compete. This is the worst option for players because it tips balance.

The second option is to limit the units only to random ranked between two characters above 1700 and to any two characters with both the units in tournaments.

This is a sort of a compromise between xavi and friends and the players, but in my opinion this is still tilted in xavis favor, because this still means rank is dependent on wether you do or don't have the new units
I suppose this could be good for everyone who has unicoins. But this community typically doesn't like unbalanced games. I remember that even the maruader was a highly debated change.

The third option is the, I want to say, fairest, where there are two modes, with or without new units. This means that people who don't have them don't have to ever play against people with them. Essentially, this means no one needs to make a purchase tto be competitive - which is worse for xavi, although it doesn't mean he isn't going to make money

The last option is that the units are free and this is the best for us players, because we don't have to pay, but bad for xavi, cause he will not make any money for all the time he put into the game

Although I would prefer the last option being the cheapskate I am, I think the third option is the best for all of us because it means no one has to pay to be competitive- every game with thoose kind of purchases is bound to become a pay to play. And it also means that xavi gets money. We both get what we want or need if we go with this option without someone taking too much advantage over the other.

Last request - could we have a premium mode in which we get all the iap purchases at once?

General Discussion » Uniwar Street Team? » Go to message
Nice, but at the same time, I wonder how many people would want to buy a pinzer if they didnt already have fond memories of it? No offense xavi but it isn't very pretty.

New Feature Request » New Race - Sprites » Go to message
I wouldn't mind this race in uniwar, if it had a slight change in style (so it could be more sci-fi), it's good it's really good.
I like the new razor idea but maybe 12 g.h is overkill. What will titans do against... that? Giving it 10 g.h or even 11 still makes it a powerful anti ground heavy unit, you've seen it for yourself in the games.
New Feature Request » New Race - Sprites » Go to message
Why does the vanguard cost 500? And the ogre 325? I feel this race could do with cheaper units or more value per unit, ya know?
General Discussion » Uniwar Archive of Brilliant Matches » Go to message
Can I put the syrain war one here?
New Feature Request » 5th Race Idea: Amasuti'Qa, the fluidity of domination » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:Unit Information: Laripeon

Cost: 250
Mobility: 12
Vision: 5
Type: Aerial


Ground Light: 7
Ground Heavy: 7
Aerial: 7
Aquatic: 7

Attack Range: 1

Defense: 7

Attack After Move: Yes
Repair: +2
Action/Turn: 1
Special Ability: Ignore ZoC

This unit is great at infiltrating behind enemy lines with its ability, but in return, enemies can pass over it. Use this unit to make unexpected moves.

It's too powerful. Not only can it ignore zoc but it also can ignore most tanks and easily overpowers maruaders and speeders. Needs a stat reduction.
New Feature Request » 5th Race Idea: Amasuti'Qa, the fluidity of domination » Go to message
There has got to be some name for the ignore zoc ability. Let's call it trespassing, maybe?

I really like the infantry btw
New Feature Request » Apercent's Race Collection » Go to message
You know this really makes me realize that I used to be terrible at writing lol
New Feature Request » LkASr's Race Collection » Go to message
What does amasti'qu mean!
New Feature Request » New Race -Redeemers » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:
  Apercent wrote:The race looks fine to me.

Thanks I really like the retreat idea. Gives that 'survival' aspect of move after attack but doesn't have the same offensive upside.

I like making races though just for my enjoyment at this point

That's the best reason to make them
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