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New Feature Request » Balance suggestions » Go to message
People are always talking about balance but most maps no matter what race you get not all units are available. People make maps but then make certain units in race not available. So if Xavi makes races balance they will never really be balance if all units are not available when playing. I think all units should be available in all maps.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.8.61, 1.8.60 » Go to message
How much longer before amazon AIP work? On kindle fire and have amazon coins that expire 1 Feb hoping to use they on uniwar. Will it be another app update or will AIP just start working one day?

Great game
Bug Reports » Will not let me login » Go to message
Also can not login
Technical Support Questions » Unable to login after cloud migration » Go to message
I'm unable to login today 10 Dec, been working fine until today. Plus I have games I'm playing.
General Discussion » Unit BALANCE changes applied on 2015-11-25 » Go to message
Why not make game more like chess? Each unit has equal on other sides units. Example Sapiens Tank equals same as titans plasma_tank which equal Khraleans pinzer. That way more of skill game and not you got the best army. Now its kinda like getting race track for Christmas with red and blue car. After first race you know the red car is faster so now everyone wants red car. Which if you don't get the red car you don't even want to play.

Plus this would even out all maps. If you have a lot of mountains range but no flying pieces your screwed. Then game would be more skill base.
I'm new so I know my words don't matter much. But all I know if I play solo map 8-Close range and I'm titans I don't chance against Khraleans. But if I which it around and I'm the Khraleans I don't even have to pay attention and I can win with ease. Takes no skill to bet titan with Khraleans on that map.

Seem on random games I always get the titans and other guy get Khraleans which I think is very unfair. Should have it set up when you get random game I get to pick who I want. Or both have the same.

But still a very fun game and glad I found it.
Frequently Asked Questions » In game chat » Go to message
Help, I can not figure out how to start an in game chat.
If other person starts chat I can click his name, then box pops up and I select respond. Then I'm able to chat with them.

But is they do not start chat I don't see how I can start chat.
When I click chat big blank chat box opens but that all. I don't see his name and no keyboard to start chatting in blank chat box.

I'm using an android tablet, amazon fire.

So what I'm I doing wrong? Someone said to hit Chat bubble 2 time, but I can only click once then box open and no chat bubble to click again.
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