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General Discussion » New tiles opinions balance? » Go to message
Not sure if a similar thread is already going but just wanted to see what people are thinking about the new levels and tiles.

Personally I'm a khra main and I'm finding the new tiles benefit the other races mostly. Speeders and marauders arguably benefit most with the mobility of the road tiles. Sometimes letting them travel across maps in a single turn. While Khras having mostly air units don't benefit as much. Any others feeling this imbalance?
New Feature Request » Vision/undo turn exploit » Go to message
Suggestion: units shouldnt gain full vision until after a no going back "undo turn" threshold. What i mean is that players have the ability to move a unit, see the enemy, then undo their turn. This allows for people to scout for free including scouting for burried units. The underling has already recieved a "dumb-down" with the removal of the covetted minesweeper expertise. Please consider this in future updates. Tyvm glhf
Bug Reports » New replay shows burrowed units movment » Go to message
Yeah its definitely happening DURING games and the latest patch just made underlings completely visable at all times... So the weakest unit in the game just got nerfed? Too many developers play sapien I'm thinking.
Bug Reports » New replay shows burrowed units movment » Go to message
Not sure if this was just an oversight or intended but the new replay system after the update actually shows you the movement of burrowed units greatly reducing their effectivness. Was this intended or an oversight?
Khraleans » Why does our navy suck so bad » Go to message
Just wanted to add my two cents, I very much do not like the kharlean water unit and as a khralean player I rarely every use it and thats almost always just as a novelty. It has no place in my army because it has no niche, ranged dps 1-3 is already occupied by my wyrms. Other races water unit add another dimension of range and compliment their respective races other units. The leviathan does not. It is a slightly more expensive wyrm that can move 3 spaces instead of 2 and go in water (which usually is usually a limitation). Also vs its cohort of water units it is the weakest and since most people only get 1 or 2 water units it usually means uve wasted 600 if anyone else bought a water unit. The leviathan 10 10 9 12 is no stronger than the wyrms 10 10 11 10 either for most encounters in fact it's weaker vs airial so downgrade vs choppers or kvk. It has more def than the wyrm yes but this is negated by it's poor performance vs other water units. Its mobility is also a joke, as all water tiles cost 3 to move through so an 11 movment is always 3. There are no situations where those 2 points help. Just make it 9 and stop the lie. Also expensive units are best kept away from harm, the low range of the leviathan just increase it's likelihood of dying and going for one becomes more of a risk than a reward for saving.

The leviathan is mechanically unimaginative and not a good addition to the khralean army.

My thoughts on how to make it a better unit and actually viable. Obvious first suggestion would be to improve the range 1-4 or 2-4 since water tiles are usually very limiting, water units usually play as long range dps OR reduce the range and make it stronger however I doubt this will make it any better as you dont want expensive units fighting at close range. Third suggestion would be to leave the range the same but give the leviathan bury like underlings. Which actually makes sense since a leviathan would spend most of its time under water and not at the surface like boats. Then at least the leviathan can be used as sneaky ranged dps and increase its chances of acutally landing dmg.

General Discussion » Serious petition helicopters still op » Go to message
So I'm well aware people have beat this horse to death but honestly helicopters are so infuriating and I would just like it to be known there are people out there who still think they are unbalanced. Now any unit with the ability to move after an attack is already Very powerful, but the addition of 10 armor makes them a tank and dps all in one where as other races need to make tanks and dps separatly. Requiring at least some skill as far as unit selection. But saps can just spam choppers all day and dominate. No one else gets ruined by saps on small maps? Example: with 800 credits one can get a chopper and 3 marines where as a counter khraleans can only afford two garuda and a ling obviously the sap comp destoys.
I'm not delving too deep into the obvious bang for your buck with choppers but choppers have too much def, one of the highest mobilities in the entire game and still very strong dps while still being cheap enough to get one every two turns on most maps. Combining with that extra special ability to move after attack. It's overwhelming. I hope I don't come off as a shitty player just complaining but I seriously hope they reduce chopper def a little or reduce mobility after attack so they aren't flying God tanks that only cost a penny. Ok rant is over but seriously no one else feels this way? 7/10 top solo ranked players are sap, prob only coincidence.
Khraleans » Fighting vs Saps on low money maps? » Go to message
I also agree, I'm khra as well and fighting sap on small maps/ low income (200/turn) is just ridiculously op. 1 heli in 3 turns - 1 garuda or swarmer per 2 turns is a loss waiting to happen.
If they go double murauder open they usually drive across the whole map to kill the first swarmers it's a nightmare from the start and has nothing to do with skill just saps are still op. Ever wonder why 8 of the top 10 players in solo rank are sap?
Guides & Tips » Underlings dmged while buried » Go to message
Hey all

Anyone able to clarify why my underlings are taking damage while buried? It happens vs all races so not a uv thing.
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