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Messages posted by: th1whoknocks
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What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.98 UNDERWATER units for pre-purchase » Go to message
  wolf13-7 wrote:
  copeab wrote:
  simsverd wrote:
  copeab wrote:Although the update says submersibles can be used in custom games, this appears not to be true. Additionally, they are not showing up at all in the app, beyond that I have purchased them

Google Play, Android 5.1.1, iRULU eXpro11

Where does it say they are available in the game to play with? Currently only in the shop..

I think it's a screen that pops up right after purchase. I'm not complaining, just saying the text should be corrected because it's wrong.

I can confirm this, it's the only reason I bought them right now, so I could test them in custom games with a friend. But clearly you can't use them.

Same...I just purchased them, but as of right now, they're not available in custom games yet. I have the latest beta from Google Play Store.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.80-82 NEW UNITS are RELEASED » Go to message
Are the abbreviations (GL, AP, etc.) defined anywhere?
Guides & Tips » How to play uniwar on a PC » Go to message
There is a version of Android that runs natively on PCs called ReMix. Do a web search for "remix os pc". I don't have direct experience with ReMix for Windows, but I can tell you that the tablet version is great.
Bug Reports » Replay on multiplayer FFA match could not move past surrend » Go to message

Version: 1.8.24 (from Amazon app store)
Map: EncirclementDeluxe
username: the1whoknocks

1.) Create and start an eight-player FFA match, consisting of yourself and seven bots. 
2.) On your first move, immediately surrender
3.) When the match ends, start it in Replay Mode 

Observed result:
The match will correctly display replays for round 1. At the start of round 2, the screen will display "You surrendered," and the replay will not continue.

The reason I did this in the first place: I just surrendered from an 8-player FFA match; the match is still underway. Because Fog of War prevents me from seeing any of the ongoing action, I was curious if I'd be able to replay the entire match once it completes. So I set up the FFA match against bots to test it.  I get the impression it's supposed to work as I had hoped.

Hope that helps!

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