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Messages posted by: Phill_the_ll
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New Feature Request » Legacy UniWar rules and gameplay » Go to message
Yes! I would love this!
General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
I agree with a lot of the things being said here. Plasma speed +1 seems to be the most appropriate buff. I also am still in favor of the idea sap tank +1 speed too .

However, I don't understand why most of the new units have such a variety of armor piercing. I understand tank busters, but why do the new sub units pierce just about everything? It seems to undermine the idea that titans have more defense. one example I've never seen brought up is mecha having +1 defense vs other infantry. For Example: skimmer 10% infantry pierce. What a just about meaningless stat. I feel it's better to have a higher vs infantry instead of giving a unit random piercing % vs a unit type.

It is fair to note that 10% piercing doesn't matter much in the long run, but why do we have piercing vs all unit types. we only had problems vs tanks.

Sorry if this sounded like a rant. It was not ment in any such way. Id also love to reason with those who have opposing opinions.
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
I see we have here a new balance update! I'll give you guys me 2 cents.

firstly, speeder -2 amphibian seems ok for the most part. It will be interesting to see how much that will fix the matchup.

Anyways, I don't like the changes proposed to fix tanks. Giving tanks +1 defence doesn't make sense to me. First of all, a tank buster will just pierce 50% of it anyways. However, i mainly hate this idea because artillery will be thrown out of wack. Batteries that have a hard enough time attacking plasmas will loose thier main use. And wyrms, which some people think 9 gh is low, will have to put up with it having an "8" gh if tanks def gets +1. I also don't want tanks to be cheaper. It will throw off thier effectiveness vs other units. I also fear that will mess up the balance of maps.

Anyways, enough of me being a hater. I think fixing the problem lies in keeping the tanks the same and changing the tank busters. And before you think I am going to suggest lowering thier gh, I am not. I think lowering thier other stats to make them more vulnerable and thus they will do less to tanks while keeping thier "big punch". since this will happen in a little but anyways, I say the balance lies in patience.

Ok, so thier is my lengthy 2 cents. What do you guys think?
General Discussion » Could the new units be "switched on/off"? » Go to message
I would love to have a classic mode. In fact, I would be willing to pay to enter into a classic ranked ladder. The new units are great and fun to use, but i have loved classic uniwar for so long, i would hate for it to go away. Please make this happen.

General Discussion » 3 Minute Speed FFA Tournament Livestream Event » Go to message
Count me in please!
New Feature Request » 18 New units are coming... » Go to message
Thank you xavi for new units!! I like most uniplayers are totally exited to use them.

However, I do not like the idea of a terrain transformers unit. First of all, if they are cheap they will quickly run the map out of balance. But, if they are more expensive, by giving a "terrain change cost" or some other way, then the unit will become very situational and rarely useable. Almost like the old tank that was only used against titans, and even then not well.

please reconsider.

General Discussion » Movement preview is not user friendly as dims brightness » Go to message
I agree with Earth. Xavi, could you make a toggle for those who like/ dislike it?

General Discussion » only paid undo will work soon » Go to message
First of all, I would like to thank the devs for creating such an awesome game. And because I like it so much, I would hare for the devs To make a mistake.

Here are my 2 cents: please do not get rid of 'free undo'! IMO, that is what keeps 'unlimited undo' from being pay-to-win. It has already been established how 'unlimited undo' has an advantage over people who don't have it. Especially when it OS abused to view past FOW, and worse if the Luther player cannot even 'free undo' his misscklick.
Anyways, on to the solution! Personally, I like nindatana's idea where of one player has 'unlimited undo', then his opponent will also have it for the game. This will create an even playing field, while still providing support toward the devs. If this where to be implemented, I would buy 'unlimited undo' immediately.

PS. @EVR1022: I appreciate your liking of my map
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