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What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.90 Added 3 new amphibious units. » Go to message
Check out the most recent post on this http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2863.page

I was able to resolve this in the meantime with a re-install. When I was on a wifi point I did a re-install and was able to sign in without issue once more but it looks like they might have a bugfix sometime soon.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.91 released on all platforms - possible buggy » Go to message
+1 on the re-install. A restart of the phone didn't solve it so when I was on a wifi point I did a re-install and was able to sign in.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.90 Added 3 new amphibious units. » Go to message
Same issue it crashes upon launch, cannot play any of my matches now and might get skipped...

Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy s5
New Feature Request » Weather Conditions into the game » Go to message
I personally like these ideas and it can add more strategy, but some may not like changing the formula that already works. For that I would think we could have two game types, one being the original and one including the weather changes. The problem this could incur though is splitting up the playerbase for the ranked play, so maybe first just only in unranked games like the other game types that have been added.
New Feature Request » Send replay link when down voting » Go to message
I would love this as well. Sometimes when I design maps I just don't see the flaws outright, but when I start to see the map flux up/down with votes I'd love to see where the downvotes are coming from (in regards to the map not person). At the end of the day the upvote/downvote is for "FUN" rating, not specifically balance although they usually go hand in hand. So if people are just not enjoying a map even though it's balanced, I'd like to see what occurred in their game to make it "not fun". So It seems the best option here though is to make it so it strips anything identifying about the players, that way as a map creator all I receive is the replay without any identifying information.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » TuggieWar » Go to message
I can't speak for Sapian vs Titans, but I recently played as Khral on this map against a titan. It was a bit tough, but I was able to fend their teleports/pushes and break apart their backline of walkers. I will say it does favor titans a bit, since they can have boats+walkers cover the single lane of pushing but that also costs them a lot of money and leaves them with little frontline if they rush for boats and walkers.

As khral, I usually go to cap all points as soon as possible, including the harbor after getting the base next to it. As soon as I do I pump out leviathans/underlings for a few turns unless I need to cover the frontline, then I'll get leviathans as I can (600 vs 800 on the boats, so you can get them quicker and bring them to frontline before titans can usually). With this I back them up with flyers, usually guradas but I'll sprinkle in some swarmers if they are walker heavy as well. While I'm pushing/holding on the water front using leviathans/swarmers/gurada, I'll be moving all those underlings I created at the start burrowed towards their walkers. This way they must position well to avoid my underlings and/or protect them with other units such as mechas/assimilators. This can also setup nice combos where my leviathan can kill a unit where I have an underling burrowed, and then chain from there to unburrow more and more underlings to attack that same turn.

So while Tuggiewar is not my favorite map, I don't feel it's deserving of a downvote with my current experiences. Although that may change if I have more experience with sapians on the map, as I've mostly only done khral and titan matchups for it.
New Feature Request » The largest balancing issue Uniwars faces... » Go to message
Yeah the titans have it a bit better here, since the UV ray on the assimilator hurts both khral and saps. But then it doesn't do anything other than repair in tvt. I want to say there may be a thread around here discussing the specalty units having more use in other matchups, but i can't seem to find it.

I do agree it would be nice for these units to be able to do more than repair in other matchups, but i would like to see testing done to see what the impact would be on those matchups.
New Feature Request » Play with oneself online » Go to message
  TheDragon wrote:@Neiko

Have you seriously watched bot behavior especially on maps with lots of port bridge tiles? They go for them over bases even on maps with no budgets for boats. Also they will attack what ever they can regardless if they survive or not (never mind strategic actions...)
yeah they will lol, i think i misunderstood the question after re reading it though. I thought we were just looking for a way to play a match without another player. Now as i understand it we are looking for a way to have yourself be player 1 and 2? If so that would actually be amazing for testing maps
New Feature Request » Deleting map refunding map token » Go to message
I have been recently taking more to creating maps, and actually was making some maps from time to time before the coins were introduced. When making a map is it likely there are many time you will need to delete and re-create when finding balance flaws during testing. The problem with this is since you do not receive the map token back upon deleting the map, you must know all the balance flaws before actually playing the map or purchase more and more tokens.

If tokens cannot be returned for some reason after deletion, it may be better to have an option where people can update the current map (maybe if it's not ranked yet?). This way map creators are able to design, test, and re balance maps without having to worry about running out of map tokens just to find balance flaws and fix them.
New Feature Request » Play with oneself online » Go to message
Can't you just add a bot to the game? Maybe I'm missing the point :s

I would definitely enjoy the ability to create a game as player 2 slot though, that way I can test for balance as the second player on maps when creating them and trying to find balance issues.
General Discussion » Undo vs FOW » Go to message
I guess we will wait for the update, but one thing I was thinking originally was "spotter" range. For example a battery could have a small spot range, maybe like 1-2 and so even though you may have vision on the map the battery needs someone to spot for them. In this case you could have a marauder up further, and that is acting as the "spotter" and now the battery can attack as long as the marauder can see the enemy in their "spotter" range.

It would require some changes so this probably isn't going to be something that happens, but I thought it might be interesting to throw the idea around.
General Discussion » Visible buried underling. » Go to message
The most common case I have is when there is a titan wall+walkers. I can use swarmers/wyrm to kill a unit covering a walker, and should I have an underling under the unit I just killed I can now unburrow them and attack the walker.
General Discussion » Power symbol next to some maps » Go to message
I see this on a few maps as well, including the one you said after searching for it in the custom game section. I did this by searching for the user "BangAFishy" and found a 6 player map by him, then going to their profile and checking the favorite maps. When I tried to add it to my favorites it says "You can not mark an inactive map as favorite". I am unsure what is considered an "Inactive" map though.
General Discussion » Most Unbalanced Things in Uniwars » Go to message
To add onto the replies of others, one thing about maps is that unit balance has changed a few times over the years. So a map that WAS balanced using the old unit statistics may no longer be balanced. Personally I'm unsure of how to handle that, since off the bat an idea would be to un-rank all maps until they are re-voted on. This has flaws with the most popular maps being the only ones that may go back into the ranked pool, and not so much balanced maps (among other flaws as well).
General Discussion » Automated message at start of all random games » Go to message
At first i thought it was because i always queued for new games by manually doing play game -> start random ranked.

I ended up finding a good mid ground for auto games, but noticed even those still had the message. Although a new game today i did not have the message.

I'm wondering if one person in the match didn't do auto matching, it will give this but i cannot say since i am not the dev =/
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