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General Discussion » PLACE YOUR BETS ON ANGKOR VS DUANESKI » Go to message
I got 100 coins on Angkor, I am not sure how my score will affect that but I am 1798 currently. Anyone want to bet 100 coins on Duaneski?
Bug Reports » Invalid content received » Go to message
I emailed the support team. First the chat rooms were unavailable, now my accounts.
General Discussion » New Mafia game rules » Go to message
Hello. This is a forum post for my own general rules for my game.

There are seven players, 1 Khralean, 1 engineer, 2 trackers, and 3 marines.

The game is divided into the usual day/night cycle and each day and night is a full 24 hours.

The Khralean is trying to lynch everybody and stay alive. He does this by lynching one person every night of his own choosing.

The engineer is able to protect a player overnight from a Khralean attack. He is able to protect himself.

The trackers can track one person overnight and determine who they acted on. Trackers aren't given the role and they aren't given the effect of the action. Only that an action took place and who was acted on. For example, if Tracker A was tracking Person B and Person B did something that affected person C, Tracker A would know. Trackers only track of a person committed an action and who they acted upon.

Though it is unenforceable, I would like everyone playing to keep all game related communication in the game chat for all to see. Only the specialty players are able to pm me for their actions overnight of course.

To be lynched, the person must have at least 3 votes. If two people are lunched and the khral is still at large, then this will be lowered to 2 votes.

Marines have no specialty actions but are crucial to the game. They are also able to vote like everybody else.

If all of the marines die, then the specialty players lose their abilities for the rest of the game.
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