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Cant edit the post. But I think Sentinel defense was too high at 9. Gonna reduce to 7 for now.

Really torn on the infantry unit stats. Pretty confident that Runner fills its role as a base capturer without being inadvertently chosen as a combat unit as intended.

I think the dark swordsman might be a bit strong. Torn on considering reduction of repair rate, defense value, or increase in cost to 175. OR it might be okay as is... lack of Attack After Move seems like a big deal. need more play testing I think. I'd rather start out with low stats and buff up to existing races... but it's been tough vetting out where this really is so far haha.

Similar with cyber underling .. two actions but also no AAM... but two actions with Bury makes this a potentially too strong unit. The baseline stats/cost are low... not sure if it needs fixed.

Anyway, that's where the main focus is right now, figuring out the early game and infantry for this race.

From what I've seen of the speeder it seems to trade where I want it ( 2 / 7 with a tank that isn't EMP'd or damaged lol. Tho need to check head up with marauder and speeder )
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Carrot had this idea that we could build out some races in game , and then we can load them into a series of maps. Here's my take on an alternate race for Titans, heavy work in progress

Phasing Race

Sapien report on new Phasing race:
This is a race which appeared, suddenly, when a first, single warship warped near our world. Brutally equipped infantry surged into existence all around the warship, decimating an entire Khralean army in one fell swoop. Soon thereafter Phasing bases cropped up, with the brutal machines tearing through the countryside.

This race is quick, and deadly, but largely unable to stand toe to toe with our forces in a fair fight. Unfortunately they don't fight fair, deploying the Sapien-designated 'Sentinel' and 'wraith' units to freeze our units in time. This Stun ability seems to be the primary threat of the phasing race, but their mobility presents new challenges for our forces as well.

It should be noted to our battlefield commanders that our own EMP is ineffective against this race. Additionally, we have seen no effect on this race by khralean plague or Titan UV.

Maybe one day we will find a weakness, but for now the best weapon seems to be a good old fashioned bullet to their exoskeleton. God speed.

Race Strengths:
- unit delivery (either via mobility or Stun-EMP)
- Specialized units
- Counter Play Style (can counter enemy units with outstanding threat ranges and Stun-EMP)
-Teleport and UV

Race weaknesses:
- Stun-EMP Tax. units are a bit weaker than other races to account for access to EMP and extra mobility.
- Vision. Outside of Assimilator this race has terrible or zero vision.
- Lack a traditional artillery piece.
- Only one armor cracking unit

Runner - guardian
Cost 100
Actions per turn: 1
AAM: yes
Mobility 12
Vision 0
GL 5
GH 1
Aerial 0
Aq 3
Amph 4
Range 1
Defense 4
Repair 1
Special force:

Orbital - Cyberunderling
Cost 125
Actions per turn: 2
Mobility 4
Vision 3
GL 5
GH 2
Aerial 0
Aq 4
Amph 4
Range 1
Defense 4
Special force:

Dark Swordsman - Mecha
Ground light
Cost 150
Mobility 12
Vision 3
GL 4
GH 3
Air 1
Aq 2
Amph 4
Range 1
Def 7
Repair 2
Special abilities:

Sentinel - plasma tank
Support Unit
Cost 200
Mobility 7
Vision 0
No attack
Def 9
Repair 1
Special force:
EMP (range 2)

Director - assimilator
Support Unit
Cost 250
Mobility 9
Vision 8
GL 1
GH 1
Air 1
Aq 1
Amph 1
Armor Pierce: 10% all
Range 4-4
Def 0
Repair 1
Repair factor 2

Infiltrator - Speeder
Cost 250
Mobility 18
Vision 0
GL 8
GH 7
Air 3
Aq 4
Amph 7
Range 1
Def 3
Move after attack mobility: 4

Wraith - Eclipse
Cost 300
Mobility 12
Actions: 2
Vision 3
No Attack
Def 2
Special Force:
UV 1, Range 2
EMP Range 2

Hunter - Walker
Cost 550
Mobility 9
AAM: yes
Vision 1
GL 8
GH 8
Air 10
Aq 10
Amph 8
Range 1-2
Def 9
Repair 2

Water units: didn't work on these much yet. I am thinking something along these lines:
Only operates underwater. Controls the seas
Counters amphibians with otherwise terrible stats.
They don't have one yet
User Generated Maps » SPC: All about #ZOMBIE » Go to message
#ZOMBIE is a tag which can be used in SPC (single player challenges) missions. It requires #SPC to be in the game description!

To make a Zombie SPC you must include #SPC and #ZOMBIE2 in your map description.

To be clear: ZOMBIE can ONLY work in SPC missions. It does not work in any other game type.

ZOMBIE is compatible with the other # game modifiers, such as #BLIM, #BLITZ, #TEAM, etc.

#ZOMBIE(number) means that when a player1 unit gets PLAGUED, they will turn into an enemy unit after (number) of rounds after they are Plagued.

For example: #ZOMBIE1
Turn 1, sapien human controlled P1 moves, .. later turn 1, p3 khral gives p1 marine plague. At the start of turn 3, the marine will convert to an enemy unit. Human will not get to move the marine t3, he will already be in enemy control. Human can cure plague on turn2 with ZOMBIE1.

The (number) can be changed to give the human player more time to heal their unit. If the unit does not have the plague removed before the (number) is reached, then they'll lose control of the unit.

***** For building ZOMBIE SPCs it is critical that BOTH player 1 AND p2 be SAPIEN race. Player 1 must be a human player (that's how SPCs work anyway, right ?). The SPC can be a FFA or #TEAM match. Either way will work.

That's all I can think of. Happy hunting!

(Also, is the game gets locked with "unsynchronized errors" then to unlock it you need to open any different game, go to menu, and click "next game" until it takes you into the locked ZOMBIE game. This is rare and if you build the ZOMBIE map with p1/2 sapien I don't think you'll get that error. But good to know if anyone gets stuck!)

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Yes. Nut shots are prominently featured here.
General Discussion » Basement Shootout » Go to message
Elsewhere, @fractalf at target practice discharges his pistol at the line of bottles directly ahead. He misses wildly, instead striking a metal canteen in the hands of @Miamimoose. The bullet ricochets and strikes fractalf squarely in his undercarriage. He drops to the ground, bleeding from his dispatched nether regions. Miamimoose walks over and kicks him playfully in the head.
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Pieman is standing in the corner as the duel begins, trying to stay out of anyone's way. Doc Holliday busts in through the front door, shouts "now THIS is a party!!" And kicks pieman squarely in his testicles
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*** High noon has arrived to the quiet desert town. A hushed throng of locals anxiously looks on as miamimoose hawks chew into his spittoon. The ring echoes through the hushed crowd, and miamimoose glares across at Pashaka: "this town ain't big enough for the both of us!" Pashaka slowly lifts his head, tipping his black rimmed hat. "Miamimoose, today it all ends for you. There's a new sheriff in town!" As the crowd gasps, the two duelists take their stance. A moment passes, and only one of the two will walk away alive. The town crier shouts out: "DRAW!" ***

Quick on the draw, miamimoose deftly swings his Hand cannon forward, in one motion aiming and releasing the hammer. Pashaka is hit squarely in his sternum, and crumbles to the ground lifelessly. Miamimoose coolly inhales the smoke from his pistol before returning it to its holster. As the crowd disperses, a familiar face stoops by Pashaka's remains...

*** Eikonoklastes had a feeling Pashaka wasn't going to walk away this time. As that first duel ended, eikonoklastes quickly scurried to Pashaka's motionless body to secure his revolver. Later, he confronted his long time arch-nemesis: angkor. Eikonoklastes had once caught angkor kissing his daughter behind the saloon, and had vowed revenge.

With a dead-man's pistol in hand, vengeance wafted through the air. Eikonoklastes tapped angkor on the shoulder in the middle of that same saloon, "You filthy curr, your time has come!" Angkor flashed his infamous smile: "old man, I haven't had the last taste of your girl's lips quite yet." The patrons backed away, bellowing out a unified "DRAW!" ***
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bus draiva
Doc Holliday
Fuzzy eukaryote
Prime Carrot
Red Right Hand
The Impaler2

DEAD (number of duels participated in):
Pashaka (1)

Alive (number of duels survived)
miamimoose (1)
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I will post that two players are in a shootout in the basement. The shootouts will occur in the basement.

Participants will not be named prior to the shootout. The exact time will not be announced.

Shootouts will occur roughly every 3-4 hours starting at 1200 EST on Friday and ending at 1800 EST on Sunday.

When the two names are told that their duel has started, the first player to show up in the basement and write "Bang!" Will win the duel. The other player is eliminated.

I will post here the list of players participating in the duel. If you want to be added to a current or future shootout, let me know via PM in game.

If you do not want to be included, please know that I really do not care at all. I look forward to your pacifist girly face being shot real good like.

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Key master- this discussion is from 2009. There are several aspects of the first post that are wildly inaccurate a decade later.... including that Pinzer can not attack air units.

In general I'm OK with bringing back old posts, but please be mindful that new players may view these posts and not realize how old they are... and gather wrong info
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I disagree strongly that underlings are OP. I think that assertion is borderline nutty.

Response above states that a corridor 3 hexes wide and 5 apart makes titans and saps OP. OKAY, so how about 2 hexes wide and 6 apart ? There is a balance that MUST be achieved in map making for the game to work.

Without it YEAH youre gonna have problems. Nerfing one of the fundamental mid to end-game pathways for an entire race because the users of this game don't understand map balancing isn't a good solution. While you're at it why not reduce plasma armor to 7 and walker range to 4.

Grumble grumble ....

Anyway. Strong no from me
General Discussion » ARTISTS! Head here to earn some unicoins, and help to update » Go to message
Wookie - looking for updates to existing tiles, OR potentiallt replacment to existing tiles
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11 is incorrect. Bots will use UV and other special abilities.

Edit: not sure about bury and submerge. But they do convert units and use EMP/plague/UV

Edit 2: thanks for the other additions good to have as much knowledge in here as possible!!
User Generated Maps » Bot behavior guide (in scenarios) » Go to message
Bot behavior - 3/27/2018

(I'm sure there may be updates in the future. I'll attempt to update this post when/if that occurs.)

This guide is essentially a 'how to' for how to build scenarios with Bots in the CTF and Destory All Units scenario types. I did not test this for "survive X rounds."

1. the bots in the map maker act differently than the "online bots" (Eva and the gals). So just keep that in mind if you're trying to test. You'll see different results with "real" testing!
2. The bots "frenzy" with any OWNED harbors ANYWHERE on the map. The owner harbors do not need to be accessible via any path finding. Their existence makes ALL bot controlled units actively seek and destroy enemy units.
3. NEUTRAL harbors cause SOME enemy units to "frenzy" (my testing showed boarfly, Swarmer, and helicopter frenzied. It seems that it impacts aerial units only. I didn't test for Garuda. And 2/3 boarfly activated. I'm not sure why. So, this is maybe a bit buggy).
4. If a NEUTRAL harbor becomes an OWNED harbor, it DOES trigger 1. Above! (All enemy units frenzy).
5. Bases, BOTH owned and neutral cause the same behavior as 3 above.
6. Enemy units who are not "frenzied" will remain stationary until they can see (with their vision score) an enemy unit. ***need to test: do they become active once attacked, even if they can't see attacking unit.
7. ***needs tested: do adjacent enemy units that can see an enemy activate nearby enemy units?
8. FOW has no impact on bot behavior whatsoever.
If anyone has anything to add let me know. I have those two scenarios I need to test. But hopefully this gives you all a nice template to work with.
General Discussion » ARTISTS! Head here to earn some unicoins, and help to update » Go to message
Today Pashaka graciously stated that SHS would look at updating the EXISTING tilesets with some new artwork.

The tiles are 240x240 mappable PNG files. I have no idea what this means. I'm trying to figure it out. I'm hoping some of you guys already know and can explain it below.


This is a link to the current assets.

I (we?) are looking for updated tiles for the Winter, Alien, Beach and Volcano tile sets.

Pieman pointed out that when you look at the tiles, all of the base colors of each tile are the SAME for Winrer alien beach and volcano. A mountain in winter is still a white tile. A dune in beach is the same color as a plains. A forest in Alien has the same orange-red base color to the tile as the rest of the non water alien tiles.

Compare this to the original tile set. Go look for yourself. I'll wait here.


You didn't go, did you? Well. I'll tell you - notice the mountain has a gray base. The forest has a green base. The dunes are a lighter yellow compared to the plains.

So we don't NEED you to recreate the entire tile. We need a cohesive color pallete for each tileset that isn't boring or over repetitive.

So, I look forward to seeing what you can bring to the table. Oh. And by the way - I'm throwing 5000 unicoins at this.

I'll be raffling off 1000 unicoins to anyone who submits an updated tile in the correct format. (5 separate raffles of 200uc each). Also I'll include anyone that helps artists to create these files, if an artist tells me they were helpful and should be in (case by case).

I have an additional 5000uc I'll set aside to award to anyone who has tiles selected and actually implemented into the game. 500uc per tile, or 5000uc split evenly per tile accepted and implemented by SHS.

We are very early in the process right now. So any ideas you guys got, let's hear em. We get a chance to positively impact the game we love. I'm excited to see what you guys got
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