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Messages posted by: simsverd
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Bug Reports » UNWANTED games » Go to message
if you are 2000+ ... this might be those new rules that hasnt been explained yet...

I have experienced this myself.. but not that sewere... i just got one extra.

I tried to do this when also when i had 19 games, and then i got no extra... so that might be a trick....

edit: xavi (one of the devs.?) told me on the chat that the new rules are not in effect, and that they will be discussed before activtated...

Sapiens » How to defeat Kharlean air? » Go to message
what do you mean... Saps are great against khral air-units...

Use mass marines - preferebly in forest/mountain
Maraurders - with hit-run-heal tactics
And of course helikopter - but hide it behind marines and heal it near an engineer

Attack the swarmer/garuda first with marine of marauder, then helikopter - in this way the helikopter takes only small dammage
Khraleans » How to beat Helicopter? » Go to message
i would love a demonstration... but i fear that you are better than me.. so it might not be "acurate"... (i will invite you anyway)

I have read on this forum that many good players favour khral because they are stronger... so it would be interesting if some of the other top-players also comment on the subject....

Sapiens » Khraleans unbeatable vs Sapiens on Hard CPU » Go to message
  lantry wrote:
My advice: Be a man and play online.


...but he is right...

And i suspect the AI to be the same on all levels... the difference is how much credit he gets pr base...
(the AI suck btw... everyone that has played the bot online knows that...)
Khraleans » How to beat Helicopter? » Go to message
of course it is possible...

use terrain to your advantage and awoid letting your opponent do the same...

you have to use the right balance of swarmer/garuda/ling when playing vs saps... (you must adjust what you make according to what the opponent have got...)

Get infector if he gets to many marines - but protect it well... the saps will take it down if possible.

Wyrm is also good on sertain maps - protect it with lings or other units if possible.

1 pinzer in front could be good in some situations.

Invite me ingame if you like, and we could play some games...
General Discussion » Is this a cheat/bug? » Go to message
i dont think it is how it is supposed to work... because in multiplayer you get defeated when playing khral and loose all bases...
Frequently Asked Questions » the scoring system in numbers? » Go to message
i dont know the "formula".... (i have asked that one myself ... and it remains unanswered....)

But you loose more points the bigger the difference in points..
In random games i will lose between 20-25 points if the opponent is fairly equal in points, but i have lost almost 40 points to a lower ranked player...
Bug Reports » Bot stuck » Go to message
yes, many bots are not "working"... this is actually a big problem for the game's "credibility"

One problem is when the bot stops during the game.

Another is when the bot is just "pending" before the games start - this happens often, and you can see many multiplayergames with pending bots...

General Discussion » » Go to message
Hello - and welcome

perhaps you are winning because you are better than those you play against..? It will be more difficult later, and your progress will probably be slower when you climb higher on the ranking...

There are also fewer people dropping from higher level games.

I also always starts my random games... i have not understood why... but i am sure that is NOT why you are winning. I find it easier to win when going second - because then you get more credits.

I can play you games.. if i can manage to type your name correctly... (is there an "i" in NITEMUR?)
New Feature Request » possibility to set min/max point requirements » Go to message
There should be an option to set a required level of points when hosting a game.
Often are games joined by "1500 point noods" that are no challenge for experienced players, and they more often drop from games - ruining the game for the other players...

So instead of calling the game "1600 up only" (that doesnt really work that well...) - you set a "hard" limit.

Could be possible to set a max-limit also, but min-limit is the most important.
New Feature Request » i want unit experience box!!! » Go to message

i dont think it is about number of kills... but how good the kill is...
New Feature Request » [ANDROID VERSION] Widget suggestion » Go to message
.. you have mail notification... but this idea is better
New Feature Request » Option to quit a game you are invited to » Go to message
I am invited by someone i dont know to a rated 3 minute game. There is no option to abandon an invited game.. (at least not on the Android version).
So he takes up a "slot" of my games until ha abandons it himself....
General Discussion » How is winning/loosing points calculated ? » Go to message
Is it based on score in the start of the game - or when the game is finnished ?
What is the "formula"...?
Bug Reports » Some bots are stuck again. » Go to message
I have at least 2 games atm where the bots are stuck (OUINTUS549213 & PENINSULAS93320).
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