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General Discussion » Do you know how to code? » Go to message
Yes, and 2488 is my rating!
New Feature Request » Removing the random factor in the damage » Go to message
Hi, only few in the forum had mention this, but I think this is very important for the development of this game. Since its possible to reset your turn as many the as you like, there is no problem with random factor in the damage as of now. It actually adds another layer of skill to perfect all the damage combos. However with the upcoming undo buttons, I think this game should remove the random factor as well.

advantage of removing are the following:
- Now players can make moves with certainty, and few moves ahead even without turn resets (adds another layer of skill, being able to play few moves ahead just like chess)
- Makes games more fair, and reduces "winning by luck".

Some new players will suggest that it will reduce the fun and the challenges in the game... I think there are enough challenges in high level games, and it is not fun when you lose due to opponent's luck!
Please post your suggestions/ideas.

Do people agree with me on this?
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