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General Discussion » Idea to balance unit to make all unit attractive » Go to message

I share Kikoho's opinion on the metagame : lack of diversity (specially as titan) since new units and khral being stronger in late game.

I would add :
- khral vs khral : still no diversity even with borfly, side vs side maps are even played more defensive
- Khral vs sap on small maps favors khral a lot as salamander has too much impact.

I believe tankbusters reduced the diversity but not amphibians as tankbustersremoved tanks and previous tank counters (wyrm, battery, walker).

I won't give any opinion on what changes could be made since I believe it's necessary to have a consensus on the problem first.
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
I don't like the idea to give +1 armor to tanks because it makes tankbusters the only option to deal damage to them (bad gameplay).
Tournaments » Maps for tournaments » Go to message

I don't like 2 kinds of maps :
- tic tac toe maps, with multiple starting options and where you don't know how opponent(s) started.
- High early game randomness maps. I remember a KvK map, opponent killed a garuda with 2 of them, I couldn't do it in mirror game.

I would gladly give my opinion on maps if asked. Maybe submit some maps (6?) to a poll before tournament ?

General Discussion » Making Uniwar more competitive » Go to message
Hi everyone,

I post here because I have 2 concerns about competitivity in Uniwar.

First, it shouldn't be possible to select a race for a ranked game. I feel like on the average map, Sapiens has an advantage on Titans who have advantage over Khraleans. I don't use that feature but I very often play against Sapiens...

The second is that most maps aren't really well designed. It is left side vs right side too often which leads to camping and uninteresting games. A lot of my games are finished with peace.
I think we need a map pool for ranked games :
- it would be quite large (maybe 50 maps ?) so that you don't play always the same map.
- For the same reason, 1 third could change every 3 months or so.
- It could be chosen by devs, good players, vote, I don't care.
- It would show map makers whare are the good characteristics of a map.

P.S : I won't go into 2v2 map design where the situation is even worse...
Bug Reports » tournament rules » Go to message
In the tournament "The Void 3v3", it is said that highest number of captured bases is more important than highest total value of killed units.

We lost the game Tour78.r1.g6.m1 because of killed units and I don't get why.

It seems to me that, at the end of turn 28, we have 8 bases while they have 7.

Can anyone explain me ?

Thank you,
Tournaments » January 2016 broadcast from final game » Go to message
very interesting !
Thank you
Guides & Tips » Learn from the best players! December Championship Final » Go to message
Awesome !
Might be even better with more analysis and some pauses
Tournaments » Team tournaments - 2:2, 3:3, 4:4 » Go to message
Hi everyone,

why aren't team tournament games mirrored ?

General Discussion » Sorry guys, the new "feature" to pay for undo is not welcome » Go to message
Hello everyone for my first post !

I don't think turn redo killed the game, but it definitely killed Fog of War. I preferred Fog of war...

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