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General Discussion » "Undo" Needs to be Gone » Go to message
This has already been argued to death numerous times. Love it or hate it, turn undo isn't going anywhere.

You can review some of the views in this thread:

New Feature Request » Mapmaker's chatroom » Go to message
I can see why you would want to have one, but I can't see how SH would be able to create a space to meet your needs. They would need to create a space that only map makers would be able to access, but that raises questions concerning how to go about doing so in a fair manner. Who would determine a players right to access the map making chat? Automate it by making the chat only visible or accessible to those who have created a map or a certain number of maps? That wouldn't stop the trolls from harassing the map making community. Make access by invitation only with a moderator or group of moderators serving as gatekeepers? I can easily see them being overwhelmed by requests and seeing that moderators work for free, it wouldn't be fair or reasonable to thrust such a duty upon them.

As cumbersome as it is, you will probably have to continue relying on third party applications if you want to regulate and control who can take part in the conversation. That being said, there are numerous options besides Kik. For example, you could use irc (internet relay chat) and create a Uniwar channel. While it won't have the emojis that some players love using, an irc channel is very customizable in terms of controlling who can see the channel, who can access it, and the rules governing what is and is not allowed inside the channel. There are a slew of free apps, and it can be run on a pc or Mac as well (irc predates smartphones by more than a decade, so they're made for computers). You just need to select a server and register a channel.

Just throwing a thought out there. After all, as a player I have a vested interest in seeing the map making community continue growing and thriving.
Bug Reports » Feature Request - Quick replay setting » Go to message
They fixed the double tap issue by making it a feature you can turn on and off via game settings. Not sure if this is available for Apple users yet (I'm an Android user), but if not I would guess that it will be included in the next iOS update.
General Discussion » New Earth Risk 600 UniCoins! » Go to message
I have read the rules and promise to abide by them. I would prefer three day turns (I promise to take my turns more quickly than that, but I'll be collecting papers soon and would appreciate the larger time window just in case). If this becomes a 24 hour per turn event, then I'll just have to adapt.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Game Version: 1.12.9
Device model: Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) & Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V)
Device OS: Tab S (Android 6.0.1). S6 (Android 7.0).

Regardless of win or loss, each player is given the opportunity to vote on the race match up once the game is over. Each player is supposed to get only one vote, but if you switch devices you can actually vote twice. Simply replay the match on a different device and then exit. It will take you to the victory screen and let you vote a second time. It may be possible to vote more than twice if one has access to multiple devices, but I lack the extra device needed to test this out.
General Discussion » Counter-queued almost every game » Go to message
If you create a custom rated game and do not restrict the other player's race selection, then of course it is possible for players to pick the "stronger" race. If you use the random game function (either by selecting a specific race or leaving it random), then the match up is, in fact, random. There is no visible list for random rated. If there were, it wouldn't be considered random. It ultimately comes down to the luck of the draw. Some people constantly get assigned their weakest race whereas others may get their strongest race the majority of the time. Based on your description, you've just been a bit unlucky (assuming that you choose to see it that way).
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
You might want to take a closer look at the actual gang up bonus thread. The initial map is not accurate and if you dig into it, you'll find further revisions. I think the map on Willingham's damage calculator is accurate, so you might want to check it out. http://uniwar.willingham.net
Frequently Asked Questions » How to join beta (Android) when Google Play says it's full » Go to message
Many people want to sign up for the beta, and this is especially true when doing so is the only way to play with the shiny new units before the official release. However, Google Play insists that the beta for Uniwar is already full. So what is an eager player to do? If you downloaded Uniwar via Google Play, the solution is actually quite simple. Using your mobile device, follow these steps to sign up for beta:

1) Go to the main page (www.uniwar.com) and click/tap the FAQ link.

2) Scroll through the questions until you find the one concerning how to sign up for beta. Click/tap it.

3) Click the link that appears and follow the instructions. Doing so will allow you to sign up for the beta despite Google Play's belief that Uniwar's beta program is full.

4) Have fun and report any bugs and issues you happen to run across (using the bug reporting thread in the forum).
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Game Version: 1.12.7
Device model: Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) & Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V)
Device OS: Tab S (Android 6.0.1). S6 (Android 7.0).

The latest version of the beta seems to have negatively affected the game's sound effects. When I create a new unit such as a marine, the normal sound effect is no longer present. The same holds true when attacking. When I attack with a marine, fuze, or mantise, there isn't any sound.

pashaka: bug fixed in 1.12.9 rewarded
New Feature Request » Download Custom Maps for Offline Solo Play » Go to message
I'm usually not one to resurrect a dead thread, but the changes made to the offline game mode has got me thinking about the possibility of downloading custom maps for offline play. For those wondering what the heck I'm talking about, the three four-player built in maps can now be used to play against three other players (or three bots) when playing in offline mode. As many of us already know, this was never an option in the past. Since our new developers appear to be planning to make some major changes to offline play (specifically the campaign), I thought I might ask if they would consider allowing us to download custom maps as well (something Xavi once said would be easy to implement). I know that this would be a big hit with the map making community as well for they are dying for a way to more thoroughly test out their own creations before releasing them to the public.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Game Version: 1.12.3
Device model: Galaxy Tab S (SM-T800) & Galaxy S6 (SM-G920V)
Device OS: Tab S (Android 6.0.1). S6 (Android 7.0).

There appears to be two audio issues. The first concerns the sound similar to that of a balloon popping when a unit is destroyed. I've tested this a bit, and it only seems to occur when player two (either as a bot or human player in offline mode), destroys a unit belonging to player one. This does not happen when player one (in offline mode) destroys a unit belonging to player two. Instead, the normal unit destroyed sound effect can be heard. Furthermore, this glitch cannot be reproduced when watching an archived game. Instead, it appears limited to active games.

Revision: I just recently took a turn in an active online game. Every time I destroyed an enemy unit, the balloon popping sound could be heard. This diverges from my experiences playing offline (documented above).

The second audio issue concerns a hissing noise whenever a sound effect occurs in game (e.g., sound of a unit attacking, being created/spawned at a base, or being destroyed). This hissing noise can be heard during both active games as well as archived games; however, it is not present in the chat when game music is playing. To the best of my knowledge, this hissing noise is not present in the official releases.
Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Uniwar Version: 1.10.5
Device: Samsung S6
OS: Android 7.0

Not sure if this qualifies as a glitch, but there is an issue with the current campaign mode. Under normal circumstances, it's supposed to limit/restrict the units a player can access. That way players learn about each unit as the campaign progresses. However, it is possible to gain access to all of the units at any time. You merely needs to start a campaign and once the game is underway, you need to exit to the main menu. When you tap on the game from the main menu to resume playing it, you will find that you can build any unit for your race (assuming you have the credits for it).

pashaka: bug fixed. player rewarded
User Generated Maps » Lord of the Realms » Go to message
Name your Realm: Leather Bound

Choose your Realms one area of focus: books

Your realm's lands have 50% of their lands devoted to housing of one form or another. Assign the remaining 50% to the following building types (in increments of 5%):

Barracks (for housing soldiers):
Libraries (to learn): 30
Temples (for faith): 5
Farms (to produce food): 5
Markets (for trade): 10

Special buildings: Choose one:
Great Library

Favored troop type: mages

Religion type (choose one): polytheistic

Name your religion / god (if applicable): Largoss - God of Learning and Darkness.

Primary characteristic of your god(s): all knowing

Describe your people (in one word. Any one word which can describe people.): Mousy.

Describe your leadership style: educated.

Describe your realm's history (choose one): scholarly

Lastly, choose one starting research project:
- Magic - summoning
Bug Reports » Galaxy tab 4 » Go to message
Sounds like the game is acting normally. The music turns itself off when you go into an actual game.
General Discussion » Earth Gamble 800 Unicoin Prize! » Go to message
Sounds fun! Hope I make the cut!
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