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General Discussion » Titan need their plasma tank improved. » Go to message
  Pento wrote:Titan tank needs speed +1 and GH attack +1. It takes ages to bring it to the front.
Sapien tank needs urgently air attack. Sapien is playing vs Khral with one possible unit less. There is absolutely no reason to build a tank vs Khral. Since Borfly appeared it's not even good enough for blocking.
Pinzer seems fine to me but perhaps GH +1 in case Sapien tank gets air attack because then Khral might need more pinzer and those should be effective vs sapien tank.
Cu pento

Those are exactly my thoughts
New Feature Request » Rename archived games » Go to message
How to make the uniwar.com website better » Sticky: Guide to game’s mechanisms ... » Go to message
thanks! I'm glad you like it
Guides & Tips » Guia para os mecanismos do jogo e outras informações úteis » Go to message

-Elas são construidas submergidas, então você pode usar o mesmo porto para construir outra unidade sobre elas;

-Unidades submergidas podem ser vistas apenas por unidades que estão adjacentes a elas ou sobre elas ou se estiverem dentro da área de visão de uma unidade submergida inimiga;

-Unidades possuem diferentes penalidades de ataque contra unidades submergidas. Veja essas penalidades na descrição das unidades no website;

-Kraken possui +3 de bônus de ataque ao emergir;

-Veja a mobilidade em baixo da água de cada unidade no tópico anterior "mobilidades especiais";

-Unidades submergidas não podem atravessar recifes;

-Unidades submergidas podem atacar unidades terrestres e anfíbias que estejam em terreno aquático (água, oceano, porto, ponte e recife);

-Unidades subaquáticas podem atacar outras unidades que estejam no mesmo hexágono;

-Use a calculadora online mostrada acima no tópico "calculadora de dano". Ela está atualizada com as unidades subaquáticas.
Guides & Tips » Guide to game’s mechanisms and other useful information » Go to message

-They are built submerged so you can use the same harbor to build another unit over them;

-Submerged units can be spotted only by units who are over it or adjacent to it or if they are within the vision range of an enemy submerged unit;

-Units have different attack penalties vs submerged units. See these penalties in the units description in the website;

-Kraken have +3 resurface attack bonus;

-See the underwater mobility of each unit in the previous topic "special mobilities";

-Submerged units can't cross reefs;

-Submerged units can attack ground and amphibious units who are on aquatic terrains (water, ocean, harbor, bridge and reef);

-Submersible units can attack other units who are in the same hex;

-Use the web calculator showed above in the topic "damage calculator". It is updated with the submersibles.
New Feature Request » Scenario building wish list » Go to message
I love the ideas to set different values (including zero) to bases and cities and the game master mode. Other ideas are nice too.
Technical Support Questions » Damage calculator » Go to message
I'm calculating marine 10hp on plains with +1 gangup attacking mecha on base...
Technical Support Questions » Damage calculator » Go to message
  unk wrote:Anyway, according to this there is 0% he cloud kill my marine.

No, the chance for marine to hit 6 in those conditions is 1,4% (yeah, you were very unlucky). Maybe you forgot to add the +1 gang up.

There aren't any official calculator, but this one very reliable.
Technical Support Questions » Damage calculator » Go to message
This calculator is more precise: https://unicalc.github.io/web/
Tournaments » Spring 2017 Pro Tournament » Go to message
  Needle wrote:Hi all, how are you guys doing Any update on your games? Any result so far? Greetings

My games with SnakeHK are long finished.
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message
  karmiga wrote:Ok, so perhaps I'm not the only one confused because it seems there is conflicting info our there. Let me explain again.

In my picture, I'm red and attacking blue. The top three pictures we'll call 1-1, 1-2, 1-3. These are one possible attack, we will call this attack #1.
The bottom three pictures we'll call 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, and this series will be called attack #2.
In this example, I am attacking with the same units, and hitting the same blue Speeder in both attack #1 and attack #2.
In picture 1-1 and 1-2 it is the same 10-hp speeder hitting, in 1-2 and 2-2, it is the same 6-hp speeder, in 1-3 and 2-3 it is the same mecha. Each of these are hitting the same blue speeder.
The link provided to explain Gangup bonus shows that hits from the same place are +1 (yellow), so why do people say that they are +2 (orange)? Can someone prove this?
Gangup Bonus Explained: http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/1250.page...

You ask for proof that hitting from same spot gives +2 and not +1... well, what better proof than what is indeed happening in the game? If you get more damage attacking from same spot than attcking from an adjacent spot (+1 gangup), then this is proof enough that same spot gives more than +1. Now do several tests hitting from same spot and hitting from any other +2 spot (using the same units in same order) and see if the damage will change or not. Also, in the link you use to sustain your argument of +1 gang up from same spot, there is a later information when they conclude that attacking from same spot gives +2 gangup.

About your question of why an attack with +3 gang up caused the same damage of an attack with a lower bonus, greater gangup bonus doesn’t mean greater damage, it will just increase your CHANCE to cause more damage.
General Discussion » Gang Up Bonus explanation needed. » Go to message

There is nothing wrong in the pictures.

Attacking from same spot doesn’t give+1, it gives +2.

As Angkor pointed, gang up is determined only by positioning of previous attacker (not the first one) relative to the current attacker. That may be the cause of your confusion.

In your example, in the second row the speeder with +3 hit the same of a speeder with +2, that's just a matter of luck. In the third row, the mechs from second line has +2 gang up and causes more damage than the Mecha from first line that has only +1 gangup, again a matter of luck.
New Feature Request » disable auto zoom on double tap » Go to message
I agree, I don't like this new feature and I would gladly disable it.

Another thing, not directly related to this topic, though, that I'm finding really annoying is the new functionality of the back button. It always was used to deselect a unit or to close the chat in a match, but now every time I hit it it returns me to the main screen

pashaka: thanks for reporting. will check that
New Feature Request » Please improve descriptions of the new units » Go to message
  LkASr wrote:just look at the stats, the description is just mainly to
flavor the unit. why rely on description when you can look at the stats instead

Stats don't give the whole info about the unit. You can't know, by looking at the stats or at the description, any of the salamander's characteristics pointed out by porphyr, nor you can know that the battery has mobility 7 after attack, for example.

I agree that more info about the units would be nice.
General Discussion » Thoughts on the New 2-23 Balance Changes » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote:...Guardian now reasonably strong against ground-heavy.
But I think it's still too strong against aerials.
It's cost 350. Has aerial attack of 7.
Compare to bopper, cost 300. With aerial attack of 1.

I'm not saying that guardian isn't powerful, but you can't forget that bopper has greater range and 35% armor pierce against aerial.

  simsverd wrote:Thx for input.

The balance patch 23/2 definately improved things.
We are considering some possible changes for next month:
(might be others also)
- swarmer buff GL and/or Def
- borfly nerf GH
- Guardian nerf air and possibly GH/Aqua

I didn't test extensively yet the last changes, but so far they seem to help balance.

I think that maybe the guardian can gain repair 1 if it receive more attack nerf.
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