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General Discussion » flag gallery? » Go to message
  wumbodin wrote:Why not just see all the flag on change my flag in your account settings

Because I haven't bought any yet The preview before purchase doesn't show the entire set.

Update: oh, I see what you mean now. If you go to edit your account and change flag all of them are shown, even the locked ones. I didn't know that. I was only looking on the shopping page before.

Thank you!
General Discussion » flag gallery? » Go to message
  mistercreepy wrote:Any luck? I bought them all, I could screenshot them and upload a gallery. Maybe they are in the public assets folder?

Not in the assets linked from http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2092.page first post. I may have missed something relevant deeper in (hard to search when using mobile like I am now).

Screen caps would be great! The new Uniwar section on wikia might be a good target in addition to this thread (more discoverable), though I'm not sure what @Xavi's stance on that is.
General Discussion » flag gallery? » Go to message
Is there a gallery of all the flags available in each set? I'm not sure which set might have one I'd be interested in and the previews just show the first 20 or so.
General Discussion » Getting more out of the Veterancy mechanic » Go to message
I don't think veterancy has ever changed strategy or turned a game for me. There are moments of "oh cool!" and I enjoy seeing the badge, but that's about it. So yes it would be good to actually leverage it somehow.

I don't know about increasing its frequency, but the immediate +1 health idea on achieving it might have merit.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  xavi wrote:We would love to learn more about what you find non intuitive. Over the past months, we significantly simplify the UI (its far from being perfect) and it had positive effects on the new players. It is still a rough start and a complicated learning curve...

I remember confusion, attention being pulled away from my goal of the moment in order to attend to mechanics of saying yes-no-other to menus and dialog boxes. Unfortunately the details of which interactions caused frustration are hazy now. I've accumulated callouses and don't feel them anymore.

One fragment is clear though: there was something that made one move all the way to bottom left or right corners in order to yes/no, when the action was somewhere near the middle of screen. A lot of travel for a small thing, especially on a tablet.
New Feature Request » Cooldown counter on units? » Go to message
Yes please! I've also wanted to know the cool down number when engaged in sequential teleport storm. E.g been teleporting units in for 3 or 4 turns and have lost track of the order they're going.to wake up in.

Agree that having them display all the time would be distracting. The idea of only when unit is held is good. Perhaps also from a pull out controls drawer or something if want to see whole field at once.
General Discussion » purchase unit color: once for all or each time? » Go to message
Great, thanks Duaneski
General Discussion » purchase unit color: once for all or each time? » Go to message
I'm interested in the new ability to purchase alternate colour theme for my units. I don't know which set I will actually prefer over the long haul. Does the purchase allow me to pick from any of the sets at anytime in future or would I have to pay every time?
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  mistercreepy wrote:
Easy to criticize, hard to propose a solution. So here is my proposed solution: clean up the UI and tutorials. Hire a UI/UX designer to come in with fresh eyes - definitely not someone from within the community - and pay attention to their advice. I've had such a hard time getting new players, almost all of whom are gamers, to stick with the game and I think it's because of the nonintuitive interface and long tutorial.

This is an important point. When I first started I had to work against the interface to get into the game long enough to find my personal enjoyment point. It was only the strength of a glowing review I read somewhere that had me persevere.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  Apercent wrote:Let people use the units when both players have the units, so that everything always balanced.

This appeals to me, it's fair. Is the pool of active players large enough? What about when I want to play with my new IAP units but no one in my rank range is available to play against?
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  StarryBlink wrote:You will able to buy it after your score are above 1700. And you have to buy it only once.
But if your score drop below 1700, the extra unit pack will become disabled.
After you come back above 1700, it become enabled again. You don't have to buy it a second time.

I've been playing almost everyday for 9 months, up to 14 games at a time, and I've only broken 1700 for 2 weeks.

I like the game a great deal, but am not very good relative to the rest of the field. This particular method for splitting would disenfranchise me and those like me.
General Discussion » Board Game: Professional Version » Go to message
Oh wow, these look awesome. Thanks for sharing print files. I wonder how thick of card stock my little printer can handle...

I can't wait to try it out. I concur with needing to make it simple for newbies or those of middling interest, but there's no reason one can't have alternate rule sets.

The tiles look great and I like the idea of having the terrain modifiers printed right on them. The stands and upright cards look goofy, though my imagination has so far failed to conjure up a possible viable alternative. Maybe just not having a white background would help.
New Feature Request » Quickmatch » Go to message
  TheDragon wrote:This should only be a 'live' game vs our regular 'semi live' games we have now.

Was this meant to say "there should be only ONE live game"?

If so I agree, though could be persuaded 2 is alright.

All other points were good too.

General Discussion » Poll: How should undo work, once 'free undo' is disabled? » Go to message
I voted to make undo an option like FoW, but it doesn't fully capture what I'd like to see.

There's a difference between "oh crap I pinch zoomed and moved a guy by accident" and "hmm, that combination really doesn't work to we'll. Let's back up 6 moves and try again".

I really like Fog of War, so the last option of allowing undo to point of revealing an enemy unit is appealing. There might be multiple such events in one turn, almost like the "save game" milestone points in arcade style games. Except here they'd be "point of no return".

I'm happy to pay for the game, I have already. I want my games to be fair though, with my opponent having same tools as me. The contest being my brain against their's.
Bug Reports » Accidental move when zooming » Go to message
This happens to me regularly. Thanks for writing it up. Consider this a vote for +1 please fix. I have undo, but it's a pain to redo the whole turn for a mistaken pinch move, and a couple of times I didn't notice though wrong move until after I'd ended my turn.
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