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99 400 appox
The Barons have expanded well beyond their original starting point, and now their second empire encompasses a quarter of the Milky Way. So far, they have not encountered any other sentient presence, not even from their probes.
99 200 appox
The Wanderers decide to let the remaining United continue their research on breaking through the anomaly, while the rest of the Barons continue expanding their empire and studying the samples they have acquired.
99 150 approx
A lone Baron convoy departs from the first Baron galaxy. It consists of several military and civilian transport ships and a few guards, equipped with the vest the old Barons have to offer.
The new Barons finally encounter another sentient, and space faring race. They have a fledgling hold on a couple solar systems and they are capable of sub light speed travel. The Barons opt to observe and secretly guide these new Firstborn.
99 148 approx
The old Baron convoy utilises experimental warp technology to jump past the anomaly by linking their ships together to overcharge a lightspeed jump. They underestimate the size of the anomaly and most of the convoy goes down, the last three ships out of twelve only just escaping by momentum and a lucky junior crewman on board the last military ship engaging its engines, pulling the other two ships out.
Now out of fuel, they must wait out the drift towards new Baron territory. The United spot the ships, but an untimely power outage on their facility deactivates all communication to the Wanderer leaders. The station was equipped only with a few fighter ships for pleasure and a few peacekeeping duties. None are capable od lightspeed to contact ajy other Barons.
99 148 approx, approx 2 weeks later
The facility power is restored after the disused backup generators are running. They manage to contact the rest of the Barons, and help is dispatched to both the new Baron ships and the United station. However, a lone asteroid is launched out of orbit of its belt and is sent hurtling at the remains of the convoy at an alarking rate.
99 148 approx, approx 2 days later
The attempts to jettison escape pods at the approaching asteroid to buy time for the detected rescue team. All but two miss, slowing it down a bit. Meanwhile, the Firstborn finally build lightspeed capable engines.
99 148 approx, approx 13 hours later
The asteroid looms precariously close, as the rescue attempts to make contact with the old Barons and dock with the now unfamiliar ships. The rescue ships are not equipped with weapons, so they cannot desteoy the asteroid.
99 148 approx, approx 15 minutes later
One recue ship manages to sucessfully dock on a stroke of luck, and the old Barons evacuate the ships. They make it out as the asteroid snashes the two civilian ships and heavily cripples the military transport. The asteroid goes on to pass through the anomaly, and come out to the old galaxy years later. The rescue team salvages what they can from the military ship and head back.

The Barons
Barons also have tenfold the average human lifespan. Their race has many technologies that would greatly benefit modern day humans, and more.
The Firstborn
The Firstborn are similar to humans, but are more different than the Barons. They have 1.5 lifespan than us, and have tough carapaces on their limbs and bodies. They can talk, but find it easier most of the time to lace it with a unique sign language, as they have more digits on their hands than us.
UniWar: Origins » Tentative foray into reshaping UniWar backstory » Go to message
Thank you Apercent, I saw the alternate storyline, but I have nonidea what is going on with phasers and foboians and whatnot. Ill just keep tyoing then....
UniWar: Origins » Tentative foray into reshaping UniWar backstory » Go to message
100 000 B.C approx
Humans band together in small groups. Communication and speech prospers a bit.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, a highly advanced technological race secures a planet. A steady stream of ships are able to cross back and forth between galaxies. This now duo-galaxy race translated rougly into English, call themselves Barons.
99 980 approx
A strange anomaly between the current space route cuts off the two galaxies. By now, the Barons have gained a foothold on several solar systems. They set to work on exploring the Milky Way.
99 900 approx
The Barons have split into two groups. The United, who want to reconnect with the rest of their brethren, and the Wanderers, those who wish to go on a separate path than their comrades and expand on their own. At first, United supoort is strong, and there are few who support the Wanderers.
99 700 approx
200 years later, the Wanderers finally start to thrive, after oppression and firm hand on what they do. The United have been seing that the anomaly is not weakening, it is getting stronger. Realizing they may have no choice, many United jump at a chance to join the Wanderers.
99 600 approx
The Wanderers now have superiority in numbers, and even though the United still maintain dominance over them, Wanderers are gaining power at an enormous rate.
99 550 approx
Few United remain, and the Wanderers are already redirecting their efforts from figuring out a way to get past the anomaly, to expanding their territory.

The Barons
The Barons are similar to humans, just with severely increased intellect and much more time too. Technology has a sleek, streamlined design, and peace is a focus. However, with a civil cold war on their hands, appearances are strained, and turmoil and civil unrest always lurk at the edges... would give more info, but dont know what to say.
UniWar: Origins » Tentative foray into reshaping UniWar backstory » Go to message
So, I was sprinting through the UniWar backstory, and I was a little unhappy with what people had done with it, so I decided, hey why not, Ill just build up my own timeline stuff. A few posts if I can figure out the system, and if Im met with positivity, hooray. Moar.
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Can I somehow write (if I can) a more logical/realistic version of backstory and help on dis 1?
~anxious n00b player who signed in the forum 30 seconds before making dis post. Legit
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