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I will be posting here my interviews with some of the very best uniwar players around. The goal is to learn as much as possible from them and offer you as many points of view as possible. Take the best from the best and step up your game.

The questions are long and complex so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has agreed to answer them, giving everyone the insight that took them months, YEARS, to acquire all in exchange for absolutely nothing.

RULES: please do not post in this thread. It will make navigation much cleaner and much easier for everyone. Thank you.
General Discussion » Battle of Minas Tirith » Go to message
Whit his troops safe on the other side of the river, the commander of the White Hand, the brave, smart and handsome Mentalist looked up north. He noticed that his allies have mostly opted for boats, and wondered how they planned on invading a city atop a mountain with...boats.

He removed them from his thoughts, he had other priorities at the moment. His troops had crossed the river, true, but as he looked ahead, he realized that that had been the easy part.

Two lines of enemy soldiers with their glimmering green armors, a bit hi-tech armors, stood between his loyal Nazguls and the enemy artillery. He recognized those deadly cannons, designed to hit far and hard, they could easily decimate his swarm. He smiled sheepishly. No time for second thoughts.

As the battle roared all along the upper side of the river, Mentalist counted his forces, and decided they were more than enough for the task. The...ring... must be brought back to Lord Xauron, and Frodoneski was on borrowed time....stolen, to be precise.

With one last look at the most beautiful thing in the world, himself, and one more battle cry, Mentalist launched his army towards the green pieces of metal, hoping he would reach the artillery before it annihilated him.

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General Discussion » Top ten: what to do while waiting for your turn » Go to message
2. Browse 9gag
General Discussion » Marauder and Underling » Go to message
  Jade Hawk wrote:If the Marauder's Mobility and damage was changed to work like that, then it would render Khralean's and Titan's Ground Light units to be less affective, which would force more Ground Heavy gameplay.

Yeah Thats the point of the change. I dont think increasing marauders GL by 1 or 2 would be such a dramatic change. The mobility change is actually a debuff.
Underling's taking damage everytime they bury themself's would make the ability less useful, given that players can see buried Underling's that are next to their units. I would suggest that they can't heal underground as long as a Ground Heavy unit is on top of them.

Yeah Thats the point of the change.
General Discussion » Marauder and Underling » Go to message
Its time for me to talk out of my a** again

I always thought that Marauders and underlings (and the infector) were a little op.
First the marauder. I dont like the fact that you can scout wih it. Granted, the undo makes every unit a scout, but i woukd like it if we could buff its stats just a little vs GL and change the way it moves. Instead of having it move twice its mobility, I think it would be interesting if its mobility were increased and players could choose how to spend it. As an example lets say its mobility is 15 and the map is all plain, the player would be able to choose to move it 3 hexes forward and then 2 hexes back. Or whichever combo they need. It would of course only move twice so if you dont use up all the mobility that's it, cant move a third time.

As for the underling (and infector) i hate that while the marine has no abilities, and the mecha has a cooldown, the underling just moves a little slower (which is still as good as a mecha)
I would suggest that we put a cooldown or that it loses 1-2 Hp every time the coward buries itself

What do you people think?
General Discussion » DuaList Needs a third (and fourth!) » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:And cause we think it'll be fun

Thats only. 76,2% of the reason we are doing this!!
General Discussion » DuaList Needs a third (and fourth!) » Go to message
Ok so far:

LkASr: discarded cause we are looking for players to form a tournament team and he explicitly said he won't play those.
TheCero: Signed up for the try out match
HawkScar: Signed up for the try out match
Corrin: Signed up for the try out match
Cope Crozier: signed up for the try out match

We will wait a little longer and see if we get 2 more viable applicants so we can do the 3v3.

Remember guys, Duaneski and I have our own method of selecting the 2 players that we will form the team with. Score is certainly one of the qualities we are looking for BUT its only one of them. So it is very possible that we may choose someone with a lower score who meets more of the qualities we are looking for. That is why we are setting up this match.
New Feature Request » Stadium Mode » Go to message
I am not trying to be negative, but just like I do at work, my job is to find every possible downside as to give everyone an idea of the bigger picture, maybe foresee problems that may arise and find solutions. Here are my thoughts on this: how exactly would that work? Do the spectators need to have bases at all? If they do i can see thousands of problems with that, for example, do all the spectators need to be in the game before it can start? Can they leave and join as they please? What if I make an alt account on a different device and watch my opponents moves? Who would want to watch a uniwar match in real time? They would miss most of the moves anyway and need to watch the replay. What is the limit to the number of spectators? Isn't it better to just have a Youtube cast like EnnuiGoblins? I have more, these are just the questions I could think of off the top of my head.
User Generated Maps » Let's build a map together !! » Go to message
I'm interested. Am I allowed to participate?
General Discussion » Force Updates » Go to message
Before we even discuss further updates and restrictions and whatnot, we should make it so that only the latest versions can play online. As of right now some people still have vision after teleport. I find it disturbing and unfair. Thoughts?
General Discussion » Undo vs FOW » Go to message
Can't we just get rid of the fog instead? On smaller maps is useless anyway.And the fact that people can download previous versions of the game makes any restrictions pointless and harmless. Those who update wont be able to scout while those who dont will gain a huge advantage. Can updates be forced?
New Feature Request » Infectors at 200, 2x repair rate » Go to message
I 100% agree with Apercent. The infector is OP as it is and reducing the price and heal rate would make it even more OP. A cooldown and price reduction seem more fair.
General Discussion » The art of bidding » Go to message
I like the idea
New Feature Request » End Game additions » Go to message
I haven't read all the answers so maybe I'm repeating something that has already been said. But being a poker player, this made me think of how Blinds and Antes increase either by number of hands played or time. Maybe something similar can be done in UniWar, like either increasing the cost of the units or decreasing credits/base. But I don't know how would this affect the game, or if it will affect it at all. I haven't thought about it much.
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