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General Discussion » Uniwar Street Team? » Go to message
Of course if that will be just stickers and not a "full-scale" ad, putting them everywhere will be considered littering, and as precedents say, the company that made litter in question is not to be held responsible for actions of litter-ers. Though the line between littering and illegal advertising is quite blurry...
General Discussion » Uniwar Street Team? » Go to message
That doesn't matter. If there's an ad which is illegal by some reason, the advertised party usually gets repercussions, 'cause it's much easier to fine/sue them than finding party which actually put the illegal ad.
New Feature Request » All the map building ideas ! » Go to message
How about pre-publish play-tests? It's really hard to tell if the map is balanced without actually playing some games on it. Now play-test requires using token to publish map first. Correct me please if I am wrong so I can stop wasting tokens (:
Also, some kind of "highlight for evaluation" also would be fine
General Discussion » Sorry guys, the new "feature" to pay for undo is not welcome » Go to message
Hello. I am not angry about paid undo, but I think it can scare some players off. You know, the players who aren't looking into forums and such and just enjoy random games.
At some point, they could mistap and by that make a really bad move.(There IS a button "cancel one move", i know, but there's also a whole lot of moves that can't be cancelled yet can be triggered by mistap)
After this, they're going all "ohcrapididntmeantodothiswherethehellthatcancelbuttongoohaturnundothankgodWHAT?! PAID UNDO? Screw this, I'm out of this game!"
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
  TheDragon wrote:@ Void. as invisiable as mines.

Here, practice

Ah. So this little red six under my Battery means I'm screwed. I was wondering what is this number. They should have mentioned it in tutorials...
General Discussion » Is The Random Factor good or bad? » Go to message
Here's my five cents:
Random factor isn't bad. Accidents do happen, and something must emulate their existence. But it isn't good either. Because accidents do have reasons why they happen. Look here:
The efficiency of attack was frickin' halved! That kind of stuff never happpens without a really good reason. And not without one commander would know about for sure. And since numbers here is tens and single digits, random effects shall be very significant. Even 1 is big number here, something that changes outcome by one has a very big reason which should be acknowledged by high command staff, normally. But we don't see those reasons!
So what I say. No need to eliminate random factor. But, as I understand, the roll is made before the attack, right? If that, I ask for a clue. For something that can help us tell that we just rolled a1. That really would be great, you know.
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
Err... Aren't buried swarmers invisible?
What do you mean by tracking them?
Oh, I need to read descriptions better...
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
Thou shalt keep Eclipse away from Pinzer?
New Feature Request » Map editor autosave » Go to message
I think there is need for a second save file, in which map will be stored each n minutes/m changes just in case. Because I just lost a map on which I spent about half an hour.
Bug Reports » Changing unit type in new map editor moves camera » Go to message
Camera automatically moves to center of the map when you choose type of unit AND you are prompted to choose unit type every time you press the unit brush.
This makes placing units after camera moving impossible, which is really annoying on a big map.
User Generated Maps » Map Editor: Creating Map Vs Mission » Go to message
Missions are only single player or not?
I have an idea of a coop mission, but I need to know if it's possible.
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