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Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Map "The Passage" - first player in advantage » Go to message
Map is balanced, move along.
General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 signup sheet » Go to message
Me in.

So, just to give two nice role suggestion I would like to see in:

1. Infector

Khralean sided and shares the meeting with any of the other members.
During night, can choose to commit suicide.
If committed suicide, he picks a non-Khralean player to sneakily convert into an Underling (or whatever you call the lowest ranked mafia member).
That person is notified of his new teammates, and will be able to pick who to kill the following nights just like all the other members.

2. Idk, call it whatever you want, I'l call it Rory

Rory isn't sided with anyone, he works alone. Every night he can choose to kill or not to kill. This is where the fun comes:
To kill, Rory must pick a person and GUESS it's role.
If Rory was correct, that person dies and Rory is immune for 1 day. Immune means he can't be killed by Khraleans the same night he kills AND can't be lynched on that day.
If Rory fails, his role will be revealed during the narration, which pretty much he's going to get lynched. Yup.
Rory kills bypass every protection, and if wins if in the last 2 survivors of the game. Rory and mafia can joint to both win.

Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
In short:

-Yes and no.
-Yes (if it's ranked) and yes.
General Discussion » PROBLEM SOLVED IGNORE THIS » Go to message
I just contacted them.
About you, try to reinstall the app, the developer said that the new version was causing some crashes.
New Feature Request » New unit translation. » Go to message
Amphibian translations:


Barato, rápido e bem munido, é a unidade perfeita para controlar a terra e o mar. Embora seja barato, tem equipamento de classe militar. Não o tente reparar com peças de corta-relva.


Extremamente móvel, é um excelente compromisso entre um ataque esmagador e uma boa defesa. Uma adição incalculável para qualquer batalhão, devido à sua habilidade de navegar na terra e no mar.


Agressivo, versátil e venenoso. Em planetas áqueos, é a perfeita defesa contra unidades aquáticas. É tão perigosa, tanto no mar como na terra, que a Federação Intergaláctica oferece uma recompensa por cada espécime exterminado.

I would suggest changing the portuguese veterancy “VETERÂNCIA” for “VETERANIA”
New Feature Request » New unit translation. » Go to message
Here you go:


Utilizado pela primeira vez durante a batalha no exoplaneta Sharon VI, esta unidade reclamou uma vitória decisiva. A partir desse dia, provoca medo aos seus inimigos no campo de batalha. É ágil, e a sua habilidade de perfurar a mais dura das defesas não tem comparação para o seu custo. Os seus ataques de longo alcance dão-lhe uma versatilidade única.


Embora pareça inofensiva, os veteranos conhecem os perigos do seu ácido molecular, apelidando-o de beijo da morte. É uma unidade frágil e lenta, mas capaz de perfurar todas as armaduras com os seus ataques de ácido. Extremamente útil contra unidades pesadas como o tank.


Esta unidade é um destruidor de tanques. Consegue rebentar com tanques a partir de longa distância. A sua pobre defesa fá-la uma unidade frágil quando sozinha. Indispensável em todos os esquadrões de infantaria.

Cidades (cities)

As cidades dão-te créditos se tiveres uma unidade a ocupá-la no início do teu turno. Cidades dão metade dos créditos de uma base. Tem cuidado ao colocares as tuas unidades em cidades, elas tornam-se mais fracas em batalha.
General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 - Rules, Roles, Sign up and post game Thread! » Go to message
I think you already knew I was in, but signing in here just in case.
General Discussion » Angkor V Duaneski - battle for naming rights - map selection » Go to message
XenoSpore of course, master Angkor made that map in my honour.
General Discussion » Uniwar Mafia/Werewolf rules and roles! » Go to message
I volunteer the Portuguese chat for this game, just don't let Sims know.
Tournaments » Tournament rules » Go to message
Those two rules only affect SINGLE games, not both games. It went this way:

Game 1: You won in 22 rounds.
Game 2: The time run out at the 19th round. Let's use the rules:

1. Captured the highest number of bases

Your opponent had five bases and you had three. That means he won game 2, killed units have nothing to do with this.

Then, if each player wins one game, the one who won in less round win. You won game 1 and he won game 2:
You won in 22 rounds
Your opponent won in 19 rounds.
That means you're out.

This trick is called time manipulation. To avoid this kind of things, try to keep both games at the same number of rounds.
New Feature Request » Quick Translation » Go to message
Just some quick Portuguese translation:

Support our developers -> Apoie os nossos programadores
Animate your flag -> Anime a sua bandeira
Zodiac flags -> Bandeiras do Zodíaco
Various Flags -> Bandeiras Variadas
Heraldic Flags -> Bandeiras Heráldicas
US Flags -> Bandeiras dos EUA

Also, don't know if you've noticed, but the American Samoa flag is under the Europeans flags.
General Discussion » Fog Of War exploit » Go to message
One example I can give is this TvT tourney map "Cruddy Situation" : having an old version is the difference between being massacred by walkers or to teleport mechas behind them and win the game.
Although i haven't done this on tourney, I've done it on practise matches, and it is a game changer.
General Discussion » Fog Of War exploit » Go to message
I've already tried to communicate this exploit to Xavi, but all my attempts failed, so I'l try it here on the forum.

Everybody knows teleported Titans now don't have any vision, right? Well, if you get an older version of the game (1.9.3 or later) you're able to get the 4 vision back and exploit your opponents.
The worst is that those players can't be banned, as they did nothing wrong, they're just playing with an harmless older version.
This whole situation is just waiting for someone to use it in the final rounds of a tourney and cause one player to unfairly lose and a big discussion.

So, what are your thoughts on this exploit?
I would suggest to make older clients unplayable, but I want to hear your suggestions, and possibly Xavi too.
New Feature Request » Mirror Round-Robin » Go to message
Update: Destroyed against Khraleans, map is too small to be able to counter wyrms.
New Feature Request » Mirror Round-Robin » Go to message
Hello, just writing this hoping future round-robin tournaments have mirrored matches. Why? Poor matchups can ruin your chances of going anywhere.

It may look like i'm whining but here what happened to me:
Before the 4th round of awakening of a warrior started, I tested lots of matchups, and these were the conclusions i got for that map:
- 2nd player has some advantage.
- Unless the Sapiens player is a total newbie, Sapiens always beat Titans.
- Khraleans have a big advantage over Sapiens, but if the Sapiens player is good and the Khraleans one is not, he may still have a chance.
All of this conclusions were gotten after playing with 1850+ players (including a 2000 and a 2300 one)

What did i get for tourney:
Titans (me) vs Sapiens
Khraleans vs Sapiens (me)

And what did i knew even before starting the games? I would be destroyed by Sapiens and probably lose against Khraleans.

So this means that thanks to poor matchups some players must be removed from the tournaments?
And these are my arguments to make round-robin mirrored, that way, even if I got an unfair matchup, my opponent would get one too, making everything unfair.

P.S. About the games: Lost miserably against sapiens. Tried to rush as i knew I was going to lose if I build-up, and things went wrong. The game agains Khraleans haven't finished yet, probably because my opponent isn't that good. Anyway, he has a wyrm protected by a infector, so there's nothing I can do there.
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