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Khraleans » When does Plague do damage, and spread » Go to message
What about if there are 2 kral players and their infections have met on sapian units? Are they infected with the first infection, or the next?

Also, to cure plague, does a unit only need to be adjacent to an engineer? or do they need to heal with one?
Khraleans » When does Plague do damage, and spread » Go to message
Hello all,

I am confused as to exactly when the plague spreads from sapian to sapian.

Does the plague spread at the end of every player's turn? Or a specific player's turn.

My confusion arises because I read that a common tactic is to plague an infected marine and move it to your opponent to infect their units. This would either indicate that the plague spreads at the end of the turn with the plague, or at the beginning of a turn for the sapian player. But in a match casted by ennuigoblin on youtube, simsverd plagued a copter, and on that very turn the copter infected a sapian player. So does the plague spread at the start of a sapian player's turn? How about in 4-8 player games?

Also, when is the damage done?

Thanks for your help.
General Discussion » Impossibly low damage in tournament? » Go to message
  Abie wrote:
  simsverd wrote:this isnt a bug.. but it would be ok to discuss the level of impact the random factor has

(moved it to general discussion)

How is this not a bug? I've noticed this myself as well in tournaments.

In the ongoing TvT tournament in the round I lost I had a speeder of mine attacked in my base by his speeder. It lost 4 life and his speeder just 3.

In the mirrored game, I tried the EXACT SAME MOVE. But I only took away 3 hp. So I was pisses off because it meant I couldn't kill his speeder. I then proceeded to try a different move. I was steamed at how he got mine and I couldn't get his.

Furthermore, I have noticed this in a lot of tournament games I've played. Especially in the early rounds.

Both games in a mirrored tournament are seeded with the same random numbers. Something in your two games happened differently, and therefore when you tried the 'same move' you were using different rolls to calculate damage. Uniwar is based on a formula where each one of your units has a chance to hit the other unit. So your damage will be somewhere between 0 and the hp of your unit. You just didn't roll as high as they did, but the random numbers generated for your two games were the same. You just distributed them differently.
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