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New Feature Request » Veteran improvement. » Go to message
In a very recent game I got a fuze with a II level veterancy, I thought I cold use it as a really better unit than the normal one but then I realized that there is no way! Despite the II level veterancy that unit will die as quick as the normal one, exactly in the same way, a II level fuze at 7 healt will be killed in 1 shot by a normal fuze at 10, exactly like a normal fuze at 7... The +1 damage dealed to the attacker doesn't justify that I have to take more care about the veteran unit, even if it is at II level.
Looking in the forum (but probably not too well) I didn't found any suggestion regarding the +1 and +2 improvement of the defense value of a veteran unit, and I'm asking why such a easy way to improve veteran usability was even not suggested, while to me sounds like it should be already commonly implemented in veterancy.
The only exception probably would be the converted units as to gain veterancy they must count as 200 credits units (I cannot think should be easy to obtain a II level converted mecha on the mountains having the same defense value as a plasma...)

Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
Version: 1.12.4
Device LG G2
Android ?

In this last update now I can see the healt of enemy buried underlings that it is supposed must be hidden. That is while I'm playing a tournament 2vs2 game, I dont know if this bug is displayed in every game.
Bug Reports » Borfly can't attack » Go to message
Borfly cannot attack after move, did you read the features of this unit?
General Discussion » Guardian/Titans....To strong?!?! » Go to message
For my point of view is the combination of ranges of the tankbuster that need to be changed:

Borfly range: 1-2-3
It is tho only unit that cannot attack after move, at list it should defend itself when it is attacked.

Bopper range: 3
This seems to be ok, it can attack after move, but cannot defend itself at short range.

Guardian range: 2
Now this unit is too overpowered, can attack after move with apower superior to other unit, higher mobility, and it can also defend itself at short range continuing to deal damage by defending itself. With a range of only 2 it will be more balanced respect to other two units. The fact that cannot repair it is not a big problem, if with this unit i can destroy a 500 credit unit, also if it will die at the next turn, it is worth the credit spent to build it.
General Discussion » Thoughts on the New 2-23 Balance Changes » Go to message
Guardian is still too strong because it is the only tankbuster unit that can inflict damage twice in the worst case. Bopper can move and attack, then if it it is not well defended it will die without cause any other damage, so just one shot. Borefly is the same, but in the worst case it will inflict damage only when it is attacked to be destroyed, also in this case is a one shot unit. Guardian can inflict damage by moving and attack, than it will continue to hurt also when it will be attacked by short range units, so it is at list a two shot unit, and just this make it a units that is almost every time worth more than the credits used to build it.
So I propose to restrict the range of guardian only to 2, like bopper that have range of only 3, while borefly will be the only unit that can attack in short and long range because it cannot attack after move.
General Discussion » A couple of questions from a new player. Thanks » Go to message
1) Just to be more precise, in a 1vs1 game the second player will start with a credit bonus coming from the income of the bases already owned. This is to balance the advantage of the first player move. In a team game this bonus is not present anymore. As an exemple, if player 1 start with 100 credits and the income of a base is 75 credits and there are 2 bases already owned, the second player will start with 100 + 2×75 = 250 credits.
2) The undo turn is part of the game and it is the reason that make this game very interesting. The undo will allow you to test different strategies and attack sequences, so you can choose the one that you think is the best one. You can also scout the field with the undo.
Undo turn is so important that is available to everyone for free, you need to create a second account and every time that you switch account the turns of all games of the other account will be reset. The procedure is cumbersome and looks as a glitch but it is perfectly legal and it is also described in the guide of Uniwar. When you will be tired of waste time to follow this procedure you can buy infinite undo and support the developers.
Have nice games!
Bug Reports » Counting of killed/lost units doubled. » Go to message
A little bug in the last version 1.9.63: ln a team game 2vs2 the final report when the game is finished shows the count of unit killed and lost doubled and consequently also the credit value.
Technical Support Questions » Walker attacking 2 batteries receive different damage. Why? » Go to message
With my old version I could reproduce it in every map and it happened when you click on an enemy walker, so it was a bug in damage preview. I was not able to obtain anything like this when it is the walker turn to move.
I tried the new version of the game and this bug disappeared, so now it is all OK.
Bye, Tom
Technical Support Questions » Walker attacking 2 batteries receive different damage. Why? » Go to message
Why does a walker attacking 2 different batteries on same terrain and same energy receive different damage?
Is it a bug?

General Discussion » Movement preview is not user friendly as dims brightness » Go to message
I agree with Earth, the new green movement preview looks a step behind in grafical appeal, not an improvement. I prefer the old version, or the possibility to turn off the green layer.
Technical Support Questions » AVG antivirus sees Uniwar as a potential unwanted applicatio » Go to message
This is the latest warning I got by AVG antivirus for android, it does a red warning for Uniwar as potential unwanted application and strongly suggest to uninstall it. Obviously we know this is a wanted app, albeit this message from AVG could seriously discourage new players.
General Discussion » Army of defeated teammate - Update » Go to message
  Uniwarpoland wrote:Base is considered as capture after your capturing unit disappears and base is yours.
So when you move your unit to capture and end turn, your opponents have one turn to prevent capture.
After capture if one player has bo bases he is defeated.

That's why I asked again! The opponent turn ended and he couldn't avoid the capture, now bases are mine, it is my turn, marines disappeared and I can build new units on the captured bases, but I didn't received any notification (message) that the player is defeated!
Or may be, that message will arrive when it is again the turn of the defeated player?
General Discussion » Army of defeated teammate - Update » Go to message
Are you sure about this?
The turn ended, I have captured all his bases, it's again my turn and I didn't received in the global chat the notification that the player is defeated, apparently it is like he is still in game....
May be rules are changed and in a team game a player it is not defeated untill the whole team is defeated?
Is it normal that I didn't received any message or notification about the defeated team player?
Any news about this?

General Discussion » Army of defeated teammate - Update » Go to message
thank you for the quick answer, so i will not bother for remaining plasmas and speeders!
General Discussion » Army of defeated teammate - Update » Go to message
I searched in the forum but I get no answer:
I'm playing a 2vs2 team game and i'm going to capture all bases of a enemy team player and he will not have any unit able to reconquest a base.
The question is what will happen to the army of that player that are still present on board (2 plasmatanks and 2 speeders).
In a FFA game I know that he will have 1 turn to avoid the capture of at list 1 base, and if it will not be able to do this than he will be definitively defeated and he cannot make any other move with remaining units.
Is it the same also for a team game 2vs2 or he can continue to use the remaining units until the teammate will also be defeated? By the way, the teammate will non surrend because also my teeammate is in the same situation and the game will become like a 1vs1 game soon.
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