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General Discussion » So, will there be an iPad version? » Go to message
It would be very cool to be able to see the entire maps while playing without having to scroll around. And, bigger maps too.
General Discussion » The future of the game? » Go to message
  kralux wrote: llvv, thanks for your support.

We think that we will add the new map editor as an in-app purchase item to try and cover its development cost as much as possible.

Awesome! Another thing to consider is potentially offering map packs as in-app purchases. I bet those of us who play quite a bit would buy them.
New Feature Request » Map editor » Go to message
New Feature Request » Add ratings requirement to new games » Go to message
New Feature Request » Please make an option to restrict global chat » Go to message
There are times in FFA games where opposing players who are losing end up teaming up to take out a winning player. In my opinion this is unfair practice. Since it is pretty much impossible to limit, I think it would be nice if there was a way to turn off global chat as part of the options when creating a game. This would limit people from collaborating when not on a team. I think for the most part, global chat is not all that necessary anyway, so I don't think having the option to turn it off would limit gameplay anyway. But, it would still be there if people want it. Ironically, I think global chat is more useful for team games.

New Feature Request » Add Sounds and Alerts to Push Notifications » Go to message
Great, thanks!
New Feature Request » Add Sounds and Alerts to Push Notifications » Go to message
I really like the push notifications that were added to the latest release. I just wish that Alerts and Sounds were also available options for the push notifications. Is there any reason why that wasn't done?
General Discussion » Log in the Forums with your UniWar Game Username » Go to message
Is there a way to have each poster's score be below their name somewhere? That would be pretty interesting.
General Discussion » Anonymous Not Allowed to Post Anymore » Go to message
Cool... thanks!
User Generated Maps » Barite Rose [4 Players] » Go to message
Looks interesting / fun to play.
User Generated Maps » Bullrun [2 Players] » Go to message
Looks like a fun map!
User Generated Maps » Beaches [2 Players] » Go to message
It looks cool! But, why have units outside of the bases to start? That is usually done if there are multiple moves on the first turn. For example, sometimes there is an advantage to grabbing a base; or sometimes there is an advantage to attack, move towards another base, or block someone else. I don't see any moves other than just grabbing the base you start next to. But, maybe that doesn't really matter. It can make it so you don't have as many credits to start with, etc. Some if it would depend on that.

User Generated Maps » map editor » Go to message
  icecap wrote: how and where would i download the map editor for this game and how would you be able to play these maps on the game for like an i touch?

What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.5 iPhone » Go to message
  Anonymous wrote: I have to agree that push is horribly disappointing. No sound, no message? Push is supposed to notify you. You shouldn't have to check your iPhone to see if the badge has changed, this is really a step backwards from emails. At least with emails the iPhone makes a sound and vibrates when one arrives.

At this point I can't turn off the emails, which is what push should have allowed.

Why can't you turn off email? There is a setting within the app. Or, does it not work?

I agree it would be good to have sound and notifications. I wonder why that was omitted.

You could always have the push set up and have your text message email address as your email address. That would give you push notification with sound and notification. Or, using an email would give you push notification with sound and no notification. Those aren't ideal solutions since you would have to clear out the email/text messages, but it would work. Hopefully they'll implement sound and notifications.
What's New in the Latest Updates » v1.0.5 iPhone » Go to message
Maybe I'll try and delete the game and reinstall.

I was just going to recommend this.
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