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Messages posted by: uw-sandman
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The winners are:

1st verkrankenstein 300uc ticket 3
2nd wookieontheweb 200uc ticket 2
3rd triple tie 0uc

Thanks for playing
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Actually kohtar I sent you pms with notices about your map not fitting the criteria. You never responded. Also.. disqualification doesn't mean a refund. It means a forfeiture of funds.
At least having an entry gave you a chance of winning above zero. Also.. your second map was not submitted in time and that automatically makes it barred. I can post the time stamp msg on here if you want.
Shortly after your original submission I told you it needed to change objective.. Sorry.
In tournaments, having a life also gets you skipped. It just happened to me.

Thanks for participating and join the next one
Open entry.
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
initial bank and per base credit earning has been added..

When you vote, please be sure to have a clear answer for your top pick in your post.
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Please give a warm welcome to your contestant entries!!!

Ticket 1

Map description: No stop signs, speed limit - nobody gonna slow me down!
Initial credits: 0
Per base credits: 150

Ticket 2

Map description: Last one to the coast is the first victim
Initial credits: 0
Per base credits: 50

Ticket 3

Map description: It's a race to rescue an engineer and return him to a base! Captuure the base and destroy the enemy (2p vs. 2p or FFA)
Initial credits: 850
Per base credits 150

Ticket 4

Map description:
Initial credits: 250
Per base credits: 75

Ticket 5

Map description: Wonder what happens if you make two plasma tanks collide at full speed? Let's find out!
Initial credits: 0
Per base credits 75

Thank you to participants for their entries!!

Voting is now open

To vote, just post which ticket you think should win.

User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Yea it's only one day to enter.. it's not difficult to enter. I'll do another one after this. I think the wildcard will make it fun. Btw, it's not a contest to build the perfect or best balanced map to be in the rated pool.. it's just fun between map authors. So buckle up buttercup!
User Generated Maps » Map Contest! » Go to message
Ladies and Gentlemen!! For your entertainment, a new map contest is here! This is sure to be a great spectacle!

Entry ----------------------------

Anyone may participate. If you wish to be a contestant you must send me your gift of 100uc for the ticket cost.

Ticket cost is collected into the "winners fund" from which the placing contestants will win UC in relation to their placement in the contest.

Entry to the contest will close on 11:50 PM PST 26 January.

The prize money is 500uc. Good luck!

Prizes ---------------------------
Winners will receive the below prizes:

1st: 60%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 10%
4th and below: 0%

Gifts are only in 100uc denominations. If the number of contestants does not afford an even splitting of the fund then winnings will be rounded to the nearest 100.

Contest rules -------------------

Maps must satisfy the design criteria and be a NEWLY created map to be accepted.
Maps submitted that are not original design, or do not meet the criteria, will result in the disqualification of that author from the contest.
Entries must be submitted by PM to me with map link and the subject: "contest" to lock in your time stamp. submissions later than 11:50 PM PST January 31 will not be accepted.

Map criteria ---------------------

Number of players: 4
Map objective: destroy enemy units
Design element (wildcard): THEME= death race

Map voting---------------------

Maps will be voted on by the community. Anyone may vote. Votes must be post on this forum thread or they will not be counted.

To protect the identities of the contestants, and ensure a fair outcome, I will download each contestants map into the editor and republish as "Ticket#". I will PM the author with their number and link to their map. They may wish to delete the map at this time.

All submissions will be available for viewing on my profile.

To vote, just post the ticket # of the map you like the most.

The voting period begins on 11:50 PM PST January 31 and ends on 11:50 PM PST February 02.

Winners will be revealed on Friday February 03!

The Contest is now closed to entry.

User Generated Maps » Let's build a map together !! » Go to message
I have a template map already created. The idea behind it is to modify as we wish, but the layout is intended to show tile spacing which helps balance across the races. There are hex patterns, single tile centers, 3 tile centers (where they meet at vertices is center), and normal symmetry. The entire map is not meant to be used but rather erased and retiled to suit the needs of any new map. The map template is called templateLRG, and i have made one map with it as an example named "oddball". Of course we dont have to use it, but I wanted to let the team know that it is there as an option. And since it seems like the start of this is going to be approached from a "wing it" ideology I think using it will help alot.
User Generated Maps » Let's build a map together !! » Go to message
I think the 4 tile contribution per member is going to protract the cycle time frame by a huge margin. My suggestion is a group discussion with everyone participating in a given map to hammer out the general objective and base crtieria before starting. The initial design may look nothing like the final product, but all will be able to watch the evolution of the design and more able to agree with future edits.
Bug Reports » Beta testers - Bug report - Road to release 1.7.0 » Go to message
Version 1.7.3 & 1.7.4 graphical bug


In match listing screen the highlight behind users race graphic is not showing up correctly behind the users. In these instances the blue highlight rectangle draws in between users.

Causes and recreation:
Unknown. There seems to be no commonality or reasoning for the error. It only happens to some matches, but not all.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?
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