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New Feature Request » Suggested new stuff » Go to message
I think hill would be too strong with +2/+2. Plasmas are hard enough to kill as it is, an extra 2 attack and defence would make them way overpowered. +1/+1 might be OK, but I'd lean towards maybe just one or the other, not both attack and defence.

I like the idea of a negative water hex. I also think there should be a positive one, especially since amphibious and other aquatics will be arriving in the near future. Some kind of hex other than a harbor that both land and aquatic units can use would be nice for bridge spaces too.

I'm not really sure what you mean by heavy fog. Do you mean reducing vision for all units?

There is a campaign/mission editor coming, so I think the fortress assault might become a thing.
New Feature Request » Select color for race » Go to message
Xavi, would it be possible to make it so that conflicts in color are resolved by who joins first in multiplayer games? So that the first players to join get preference for color choice.
Bug Reports » Team Chat going global » Go to message
Some new info. It seems that each chat has it's own safe mode, but only one can be active at a time. So if I make a safety post in team chat, then all uses of the respond button (including those in global chat) are sent to team chat. If I then make a safety post in global chat, all uses of the respond button (including those in team chat) are sent to global chat. Basically, all posts made with the response button go to the last chat you made a normal (not response) post. When someone ends their turn, it sets the chat so that all respond posts initially go to global.

To sum up this info for anyone who happens to read this, DO NOT USE RESPOND BUTTON IN TEAM GAMES UNTIL THIS IS FIXED!

@Xavi: I hope this is enough to help you fix the bug.
Bug Reports » Team Chat going global » Go to message
It seems safety mode is always deactivated whenever the server automatically refreshes. I don't know how often that is, but a manual local refresh does not deactivate safety mode.

Edit: should note that an automatic refresh seems to be the only thing that deactivates safety mode. Another player interrupting in between messages does not for example.
Bug Reports » Team Chat going global » Go to message
I am in the same test group and would like to add that the same is true with global chat messages, which get sent to the team chat. This happens even if the player you used the respond feature for is on the other team, but it sends it to your own team chat, so the player you sent the message to can't actually see it. The same methods dragon mentioned work in preventing this.
Bug Reports » Buried underling vision bug » Go to message
In version 1.8.64, buried underlings keep their vision of 3 rather than have it reduced to 2 like in previous versions.
New Feature Request » FFA choice of positioning » Go to message
Can there be a feature so that host does not always need to be blue in a FFA game. Some maps are designed where different positions call for different strategies, and it would be nice to be able to pick one you think suits you best. Also, would it be possible to allow invited players to select their position as well, and not have host assign one.
Bug Reports » few things that would allow to win easier » Go to message
Amidama, your logic falls apart. There are two possible scenarios for the game against the 2300 you played, either you both used redo or only you did. If both of you used redo (and it is highly likely that they also knew about it), then it wasn't a significant factor in deciding the winner, and you simply played better. If they did not know about redo, it stands against your claim that redo is necessary to become a top player, because they reached 2300 without it.
General Discussion » How do I get 20 online games? » Go to message
There was a price drop for the game, and max games for new accounts was lowered as a result. Like sims said, iap soon.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
I vote for 1.1, 2.2, 3.2, and 4.1.
Tournaments » TEAM Tournament: RAID & RESCUE » Go to message
Are you on ios? 1.7.12 isn't available for it yet.
New Feature Request » Team base capture » Go to message
Why not make it optional then? Choose whether you want it on at the start of the game.
New Feature Request » Team base capture » Go to message
I would first like to thank the developers for all the work they put into this game; the recent updates have been awesome.
My idea is to be able to capture an allied base in team games. Sometimes one team member has the opportunity to take a base that would really be more advantageous to the other, but can't leave it for them because they would not be able to take it on the next turn. However, if it were possible to capture an allied base, the team could take the base without worrying about putting one of its members at a disadvantage.
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