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New Feature Request » Suicide Unit Suggestion » Go to message
I would suggest anywhere from 200-300. With limited mobility. I would not suggest giving the unit the ability to move like a speeder or Marauder. What I also might suggest is that this type of unit be available to all races. The suicide unit can attack after it moves. Otherwise the unit can't really explode. It would be near impossible for it to happen if it can't. I also think the life on it should be like 10-15. If it can explode and destroy your own units then a lot of life might make some sense.
New Feature Request » Suicide Unit Suggestion » Go to message
There have been many discussions of new unit ideas for each race. But why not give each race the option to buy the same exact unit? Or customize the unit for each race?

I am sure some people remember playing Stacraft and might remember that zerg could buy the infested terran, which would suicide and deal lots of damage. They would walk in and simply commit suicide. Why doesn't each race get one of these types of units?

My idea is having a suicide unit that can deal a total of 5-15 damage. Or another way of putting that is a combined amount of damage of 5-15 between each unit.
Lets say that the number is 10. If it explodes right next to 5 units, regardless of the armor type, each unit would take 2 damage per. If it is 3 units, then it would be 3-4 damage per unit. If it is 2 units, then 5 damage per unit.

Maybe allow the user to select where all the damage goes. For example if it is exploded next to a Walker and a Plasma tank, the user can decide that all 10 damage would go to the walker.

Or it could be decided that the maximum damage that can be done to any unit in the group attacked is 4-5 damage per unit. If it explodes next to a plasma tank, it can deal at most 4-5 damage to that. It can never 1-shot the unit. The same with the walker and many other units.

What if the suicide is right next to a friendly unit? It would have to be decided on whether the suicide damage even hits your own units. What if it is killed with a Walker? Then does it explode, or just die? This would make a huge difference.

Suicide after movement would also be useful. I think to make a unit like this effective it would have to be able to move and then suicide. Otherwise it would not work at all.

These are all just suggestions.
General Discussion » How do I get 20 online games? » Go to message
When was the last time that the version of the app was updated?

I've been on 10 games since I started and I'd like to get to 20 games already. I am 1800+ and am ready for it.
User Generated Maps » Making Maps » Go to message
I have recently edited a map, and changed a lot of things in it. However, I don't understand, how do I get it to be a rated map?

I made the map Desert Bridge. I also edited DarkForest to make Desert Bridge.

Take a look and let me get suggestions!
General Discussion » New Youtube Channel for Uniwar Replay Commentary! » Go to message
Ennui - I am hoping to submit a few of them to you at some point within the next couple of months.
General Discussion » How do I get 20 online games? » Go to message
I've been playing for 3 months now. And I was wondering the same thing actually. I think I read somewhere. But not sure where, that u have to have 1600 rating for a certain length of time. But not sure how accurate that is
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