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use me, use me! I don't mind. Noone uses me ;-(


Swamp is an alternative for a forest tile. For heavy units they aren't much different (-3 defence for trees and -1 at. -2 def. for swamps, so basically it's a littlle more deadly and fragile on the 1st one). But if you want your tile to be hardly crossable for LIGHT infantry too, here is an answer. Slowed down, weakened, the swamp loves no unit except the flying ones. In general you can say it boosts khralean race.
You can both support the defence with the swamp (just place it between the 2 players and watch the world burn!), as well as the offence... a bit. Well, actually you may surround some base with it, making it very hard to defend without aerial/ranged units. Or you may add some at your side of a battlefield to make a mass build-up harder. When 2 players won't attack and will gather bigger and bigger army instead, soon both of them will be forced to place more and more important units on it, artillery included.
So if you like a long-term games, invest in some swamps. It surely makes things more interesting.

Very important: underling is the only one of 3 who can cap the base from behind it. Or jump into the highground.



left - 3 types of swamps: *between 2 closely set bases, *between own bases to make it more difficult to maneouver, *north/south near forests and mountains to make a light infantry rush more complex.
middle - a classy usage o swamps as a defence line of a more central base. Plus for making it reachable from the highground.
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The 'softest' of all obstacles. Like level easy.
To understand better that tile you can imagine it's just a highground (upland). Heavy units can cross it, but much more slowly and are of limited usage while on them. Light infantry works always better on the highground: easier to take aerials down, other infantry... all units really. The higher = the better*. The best - in the mountains.
It can boost all races, depending of how you'll use them.

- it limits the usage of heavy units, but still makes it possible
- for titans (against sapiens) it's a great half-cover, behind which your army is better protected. Just remember that one thing that mecha as the only infantry can't 2x cross the forest. Against khraleans - watch out for them, underlings love to jump out of it dealing major hits to walkers or plasmas or stuffs. A large area of forest is usually occupied by khraleans, not much titans can do about it.
- for sapiens (against khrals) it's an opportunity to set their marines in a position for killing aerial units. It doesn't mean a lot of forests boost sapiens over khrals, it's all about specific configuration. Underlings love it too because of their speed and overall advantage against marine. If swarmers and garudas can deal damage without much suffering later on, it will boost khrals more.

Some exagerrated samples with trees and plains only setting (I'll skip marauder usage in SvK because it'll complicate things):


- top left: S > K, movement advantage of underling doesn't matter there
- top middle: K > S, marines to strike are forced to move through plains uncovered
- top right: T > S, a large area of trees makes it a perfect cover.
- bottom left: S > T, it may seem that forest creates few narrow passages, but in reality it's not a cover at all, singular trees are easily passed through heavy units
- bottom middle: the deeper you walk into the forest, the weaker saps/titans are
- bottom right: who has faster infantry, rules
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/broken/ road tiles - will be back
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yo ho, a pirate life for me


Yup, we're still in section A of movement tiles. But this is where it's going to get more and more crazy.
THIS IS AN ACTUAL UNIWAR BRIDGE TILE. When you think of ports, imagine a beautiful stone bridge, tall enough so ships could pass-by (with a little defence minus, probably it's a hard one for the captain. Or hard-on, not really sure. Oh, and you can CREATE UNITS here. Sometimes it is the most important feature, sometimes not. Light infantry love ports, a very nice attack+defence bonus here. Heavy units love ports too, because this is the most simple way to cross a river here, even if they get a tiny defence minus as well (probably the drivers get the same hard-on as captains when they look at that beauty, not so strange at all).

movement function: It favors infantry, so the side which uses more of it, gains more profit (khraleans over titans, sapiens over khraleans, SvT quite equal in that matter I believe). And so, as usual, if something is good for infantry, it can be really bad for aerial units, because these two hate each other. Mind that tiny minus for both heavies and ships, because it's very important when you make A LOT of ports. And yes, you can do that.

ship creation (soon amphibious too, I think?): It depends really, in most cases it probably favors khraleans especially when there's low credits, but can as well boost saps or titans, depending on the specific setting.

Other important stuffs:
- it can't be teleported on. So if you want to have some central base on your map, in team or solo, it may be a good idea to surround it with port tiles to prevent titans from being too superior.
- it DOES NOT generate income
- if you have bunch of them, it lessens the probability of heavy units clash (tank battles etc.), so make sure the map is ready and fair for infantry/aerial/naval battle for both sides.



left - clever and risky usage of ports instead of plains
middle - long bridge, fastest way but dangerous
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/updated for amphibious meta/

One of the most important tiles, because if placed between enemies, it always becomes the focus point of the battle.
...it regenerates the insane amount of x3 health (meaning if the unit has 2 healing/turn, it will heal 6 on it etc.). In a way it's sorta the opposite of the desert tile 'cause it also can be used to boost both defence and attack sides, depending on where you'll place it (closer to bases -> defensive, closer to middle -> offensive).

General tile description:
- boosts maneuvering units, most importantly marauder, but helicopter and speeder as well
- boosts units that don't usually die in one turn, so tanks/plasmas/pinzers, helicopter in svk
- apart from healing fuction it's the regular plain tile and should be treated like one (with a 'bonus')
- don't make too many of them. Some matchups like khralean vs sapiens depend heavily on damaging units rather than killing them, you don't want to ruin that strategy
- 0 healing bays on your map is absolutely acceptable, but if you don't want to pave any in the middle, think at least of making in the back. Especially if your map has troubles with 'too intense' action.
- don't overthink it. It IS significant whether some specific units heal 6 or 3 there, but more important is and will be what will happen after it stays there. So, for example, you may want to add some mountain near it to allow mecha/marine hit retreated helicopter, or just make it harder to reach for it, placing chasms, mountains, swamps, trees nearby

Same map examples as in desert section, same placing, totally different results (in terms of boosting offensive/defensive gameplay).
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/updated for amphibious meta/

Now here's the tricky one. It has a very significant fighting penalty for light infantry and amphibia. Plus very important penalty in SPEED (besides aerials of course). That makes them quite dangerous, especially in narrow passages when plain/road tile suddenly goes full desert. It can block a whole package of tanky units, make hit'n'run-free areas, not mentioning being a complete nitemare for amphibia. Infantry must wait before it to tresspass, until safe from hit (meaning AGES).

General tile description:
- they can favor both defensive and offensive game.
* Offensive - if they are near bases (units maneuver harder, infantry shield unavailable, counter attacks - limited).
* Defensive - if they are put closer to centre, in a 'no-mans land' or in narrow spaces, so they could slow down sudden strikes, make passage for anti-tanks, infantry and amphibia much tougher
- always remember 2 things about movement on desert:
* plasma usually gets 2x slower than other tanks in area with lots of desert tiles
* underling can cross it and jump to safe zone in 1 move. Mecha cannot, as well as marine (in most cases)
- hit'n'run-free zones around desert may be arguably its most important feature. Make sure you won't overdose it, some match-ups need a bit of this strategy to make it fair.

Defensive and offensive usage shown:

A leaked screenshot from the movie about this tile, dir. Simsverd Xavinsky, approx. 2027 (2 weeks tm).
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/updated for amphibious meta/


The most important and basic tile of uniwar. the easiest to-balance maps happen where more or less 30-50 percent of all tiles is THE PLAIN.
Of course there's no need for having your map half-empty, but it's usually a good start to form some shape made of these (and water areas), then placing bases, and adding more complex tiles at the end.
/you get it, Bob Ross way/

general tile description:
- no penalty makes it perfect for marauder/speeder for hit'n'run tactics
- large open fields should be generally avoided by low defence units, making it tough for khraleans to hold
- treat it like a no-mans land, dangerous to enter, but once on it, your way to strike the enemy is usually open.
- make sure there is a reasonable distance towards hostile bases ESPECIALLY if there isn't any significant obstacle between them. 5 tiles at least usually, sometimes 3-4, never less

Some fine casual maps with a 'bunch of plains and happy little trees and happy little mountains here and there':
User Generated Maps » Mapmaking - basic guide » Go to message

So I wanted to write 'couple' of words in a form of kinda-guide. I'm not claiming to be an expert but made a few and I also like experiments so maybe something I'll write could be a kind of inspiration to someone who reads it Allright let's get it going!

"Hey Angkor, how to make a perfectly balanced map?"
"Well, frankly, I have no idea. But I tell you what...?"

/edit/ Explaining couple of things:
- I'll treat borfly as an aerial unit, not anti-tank (mapmaking standpoint), unless written otherwise
- hit n' run tactics - what does it mean? It happens when you strike your enemy and retreat safely, taking some nice damage. I will focus more with the current meta on this because it became significantly more important than before
- DO NOT READ POSTS WITHOUT /new meta/ editing, it's probably bullocks and lies now
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I don't want to scare anyone but EVR is a super-pro player who just pretends to be not so superior to others although I may underestimate willingham. Or others, possibly. Will be very interesting, that for sure!
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  join wang wrote:
I like this Idea but some of it doesn't make sense to me. For example why is it that during spring air units lose attack, and why would forest add defense at this time as the plants would be recovering from the winter if anything it would make more sense in the summer were the forest would be at its prime. I like the summer time mountain effect but I don't understand how a marsh can just dry up, and by the way GH can't be on mountains anyway. Fall I have no complaints except what is that -1 for air units defense or attack. In the winter I suggest water tiles slowing down the ships as the ice would slow them down while increasing defense as the ice would give cover to units.

Details man, details. I won't fight for them, it's just a sketch.

Yay, thanks everyone, 10 votes already, all for it ;-)
Can some developer say something about possibility for these kind of changes? May be? Perhaps? Too much work?
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Mój ruch:

Stawiam pierwszy czołg i ruszam powoli moją armię na dużą równinę na południowym-wschodzie. Baza najbardziej na zachód nie jest zbytnio zagrożona. Nie może zostać na razie zablokowana, a przychód środków pozwala mi w razie zagrożenia po prostu postawić tam zaporowo czołg. Linia drzew sprawi, że dla tytana będzie bardzo trudno mnie od tamtąd podejść.
Zabiłem też kolejnego mecha, co czyni mnie szczęśliwym posiadaczem 200 kredytów więcej niż supras, ale szczerze mówiąc miałem nadzieję na większą przewagę. Teraz zdąży się na pewno obwarować i czeka nas długa walka z zasiekami.

Też powiem, że nie bardzo mam pomysł na atak, jesli supras się obwaruje. Mi pasmo gór i drzew również nie lada przeszkadza, helikoptery są zbyt kosztowne żeby próbować nimi torpedować przeciwnika zadając małe obrażenia. Chyba postawię na produkcję battery + kilka czołgów z obu stron dla osłony.
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  xavi wrote:UniWarriors and UniLadies,
There is a lot of controversy about selling units or not. We know that many players are worried about balance and the risk of having the game become "Pay To Win".
Here is the official answer:
* Since 2009, we have maintained UniWar as a balanced and competitive game and we intend to keep it that way.
Players who didn't buy the units will still be able to use them in all RANKED & TOURNAMENT games in exchange of watching a video ad before building that unit. We have or will remove all marketing references saying "no pay to win" as we believe that everyone should make their own judgment.

Man I love you for that and I know I'm not the only one!
Do not remove the 'no pay to win' ads, it is the one of the game's biggest :thumbup, and as for now, when the units will be as just as possible, I think no one should complain about that issue anymore!

Viva la vida loca de Xavi the Emperor!
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Count me in if I'm worthy, O' wise moose!
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  LkASr wrote:[/img]
*Me when seeing these things happen*

I have no idea what emotions does that cartoon girl express

Much thanks for Ennuigoblin for spreading the news over Times Square!
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Welcome aboard, join wang sir!

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