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New Feature Request » Choose your colour depending on your race » Go to message
This is not the most active forum unfortunately. I think it's a cool idea but I doubt they will get to it any time soon, they have a lot in their pipeline.
New Feature Request » It's time we give Uniwar veterans the respect they are due!! » Go to message
I thought you were talking about the OG's like GOUT, vet's of the game. Might wanna clarify that title
General Discussion » Counter-queued almost every game » Go to message
^ he's right

Also keep in mind this is a very balanced game, you do not lose simply through rock paper scissors. No one race counters the other perfectly.

General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message
ran out of space - i realize i didnt post omegaD's first map submission in the previous list... deep apologies for that...

Winning maps here:

OmegaD: [link://1,55040,Slurry 2,1,2]
WookieOnTheWeb: [link://1,55457,Metropolis conquest,4,2]
Duaneski: [link://1,56036,Winterfell v5,1,2]
General Discussion » 800UC - Asymmetric Map Challenge » Go to message

Let me first impress upon you how stressful it is to have so many of my personal friends enter maps in this contest, because it's both hard to be impartial and hard to be critical, but I did my best, and I hope you can forgive me if we are friends and your map did not win

There were a LOT of good maps. even the ones that were 90% symmetrical (and a few 100%) they were really good maps. So the scoring was very close. I will only publish the winners scores here, but you may request to know your score in private or have it posted on here (if you want people to know how close you were )

I'm very happy with how this challenge went. A few maps made it into ranked and a few into tournamnets, and I know some people had a lot of fun giving it a go, and those were my real goals - to show its possible. But YOUR real goal is to get PAIIIID. Again, this was a very difficult choice, so I really hope there are no hard feeling with the decision - it is subjective and i am no expert, i just love the game.

OmegaD - 500UC prize
balance: 32/40
enjoyability: 17/20
playtesting 10/10
asymmetry: 26/30

wookieontheweb - 200UC prize
balance: 26/40
enjoyability: 18/20
playtesting: 9/10
asymmetry: 30/30

duaneski: - 100UC prize
balance: 27/40
enjoyability: 14/20
playtesting: 10/10
asymmetry: 28/30

wookieonthewebs metropolis conquest, in my opinion the coolest "theme" that came out of the contest, I highly reccomend you check out his map, and all the other winners. Furthermore he managed to achieve the most assymetric dynamics: map asymmetry, bases vs cities, large area vs small area, different starting credits (advantage in the start for the middle decreasing over time, but permanently restricted to only 2 bases). Therefore he was the only one to acheive a perfect 30/30 for asymmetry.

special thanks to frostbyte, the close 4th place. Him, along with MasterNewman and Jeffph were the owners of the highest map balance scores, 37/40 for all 3.

special thanks to the other contestests with the best themes:

frostbyte with his 2 is for 2 weeks map
Duaneski with his "surrounded" style winterfell map
angkor and bakes for thier "ass" symmetric maps, very funny you two >_>
bakes with his "radially asymmetric" map, very cool concept

special shoutout to jeffph for getting his map into the Summer TvT 17, and LexTalionis for getting his map into the sept 17 championship!
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
  Cpt Hawaiian wrote:Main problem with borfly is that all split base map types (where bases are somewhat scattered and there are multiple fronts), titan stand no chance against krhal and it is only a matter of time to be defeated. Borflys are ridiculously cheap and on top of that aerial and can get middle positioning no matter what the terrain, so they can be massed and then they can seige titan bases with no repercussion so titans can't even spawn effective counters. I think the value of all units needs to be considered for the cost. For example, aerial capability is a huge advantage in and of itself. And then ranged attack is HUGE. Giving damage before being able to receive damage is exactly how to overpower your opponent and get their number of fielded units down to less than yours. Borflys are way overpowered for their cheap cost. It would be nice if they were nerfed so that the Khral theme of weak units but overwhelming numbers can work better.

borfly and salamander are overpowered compared to their titan and sapien counterparts, but i beleive the marauder and speeder are overpowered compared to the swarmer. consider the entire race matchup not just one unit. if your opponent amasses weak defense borfly, what are you doing while he does that? sitting back and watching? you must be agressive. khral used to be the worst race and every top player still beleives that on average sapiens are the best race, in my opinion due to the marauder. i think the marauder is far more overpowere than the borfly, and think they both need a nerf along with speeder
New Feature Request » Ability (feature) to swap unit's places » Go to message
in theory the idea is good... but i dont really think it would change much. this would be a big buff to titan and wont really help khral at all. the worst part about this in my opinion is it give you so many more attack options that at the top level of play it would mean even more attack trials to manipulate rolls.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
good call on the cap T_T im in!
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Bug Reports » Keep getting queued for new games » Go to message
no prob
New Feature Request » Unit Count » Go to message
im gunna say no it would give you too many units to work with
General Discussion » Skipping players in tournaments » Go to message
  killermax636 wrote:I agree with most of you.
When nothing is heard, if one doesn't skip, that is an action of kindness; if he skips, it is nothing to blame, just an action made by observing the rule.
Everyone has his choice and the vision of how they would like the game to be. Don't make your comments on this matter moral abduction.

You are correct on the former, but I disagree on the latter. Morals ARE the only thing that can help you make a decision here. if your only goal is to win, yes, skip. if you are a moral person and put others happiness in line with your own, then you wont skip. looking at it like a robot would isn't wrong (there is no right and wrong) but its not the way humans should look at it in my opinion.
Bad maps - to be voted out of the rated pool! » Map "The Passage" - first player in advantage » Go to message
Many people complain about my maps. they are not easy for new players. i always offer to play them to show them the matchup is not impossible, and i always win. i am no longer doing this because even after i win, no one ever changes their mind. this map will be used in a tournament, and when i played soli on it in ranked, SvK, he said he liked it, and that it was fair.
Bug Reports » Keep getting queued for new games » Go to message
go to your profile settings and set "available to random games" equal to zero
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
ouuuuu merc life gets interesting. TBH I love being fifth business, watching the main characters go at it and subtly influencing the outcomes.
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