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Bug Reports » Bug report - undo friendly unit conversion and kill stats » Go to message
In a team game, when you convert a friendly unit then undo your turn, it incorrectly deducts it from the total "friendly units lost" stats, when the friendly conversion (rightly) does not count as a kill in the first place. You can even do this repeatedly to create negative values.

Reloading game corrects the stats, so it does not affect the game or the final stats, just annoying when you use frequent undoes and often refer to the kill stats to compare complex moves.
Bug Reports » Damage indicators » Go to message
I think they may be buggy with units that can't attack airborne units. I selected my opponents tank, it could only damage my pinzer (showing up as green) but also showed as doing damage to a garuda. I think...the new damage indicators have got me a little bemused.
New Feature Request » Tag Team games - fast, no droppers! » Go to message
  TheDragon wrote:But also remember that most of us join a game to PLAY the game, not return when done with work to watch it.

Spectating a game is fun too which is my I have my Stadium mode suggestion.

Yes to both, but when you do return, you are basically guaranteed action, with roughly half your tag team games ready for you. That's the payoff.
New Feature Request » Tag Team games - fast, no droppers! » Go to message
Thanks for feedback.

Re 2 players playing a rapid exchange of all turns for an hour or so, that's actually an intended plus. Or one player taking on multiple opponents for a while. You probably would find that doesn't happen too often, but some players like quick play, and if you do have several opponents on line at once you can get some rapid action.

Compare that to one turn every 2 days in some 4v4 matches, can be a bit of a grind.

Think of it this way: whenever you login, roughly half of your tag team games will have that little blue triangle of joy waiting for you

Constant action might actually increase the banter, hard to know.

Also you can let teammates know you are going camping etc, or that you will be back on soon if you are feeling control-freakish about a delicate position.

No one can start to play your turn if you are logged in, but beyond that, all forces are "shared". Two or more can be playing the same units, first to complete gets priority. Could be a fun rivalry between teammates. As to what happens if you log in while somebody is taking your turn, Id say the same applies. If you can see a good move then you just make a comment to that effect. Maybe send a screenshot and ask "can you beat that?"

Or you could go full tag team and own/share all the colours equally. Hmmmmm... dunno. I think some notion of my" units" is good.
New Feature Request » Tag Team games - fast, no droppers! » Go to message
I floated this idea in the chatroom and got some positive response, so was encouraged to float it here. Most would agree that:

1. Team games are fun, a good way to make friends, and a great learning environment. But...
2. Team games are very slowwww, since players rarely share time zones. You sometimes get fast play in 1v1 but rarely in multiplayer/teams, since rarely are you all simultaneously logged in.
3. Many team games are ruined when one player is skipped or kicked. Quality games are generally all but over if a player is skipped, especially early or on small maps.

Solution: optional "tag team" games where any player can play their teammates turn when they are offline. That actually makes for FASTER games than 1v1 because the larger your team, the more chance someone is logged in and can kick the game along.

It is important to realise this is a new gaming experience, an option, not a suggested improvement to all team games. Downsides might be loss of strategic continuity, i.e. somebody gets drunk and charges with your carefully positioned walkers, but the upsides are plenty, especially if you like joining open games with broad range of players, and like me, hate playing out a game that is clearly lost because of a dropper. And if you have regular teams you play with, then it would probably teach you lots to "adopt" your teammate's style by being forced to study their configuration and deployments a little more closely. Or you can just screw it up to prove they are doing it wrong
Bug Reports » "End Turn" button missing in some games » Go to message
I think the button disappears sometimes when your last action is a "stay".
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