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General Discussion » Any games similar to Uniwar? » Go to message
Hi guys, I love Uniwar and think it's an awesome concept. I especially love the multiplayer aspect and I think it's a shame that more other games do similar things.

I've been trying to find other turn-based games that have similar online matchmade multiplayer, but whenever I search for turn-based games I have a pretty hard time finding anything other than single-player ones. Do you guys know of any turn-based multiplayer games similar to Uniwar?

I'm aware of Outwitters, and have played it a decent amount, but the devs haven't updated it in ages and the community isn't anywhere near as big as Uniwar's.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.97 with REWARDED AD to build any unit & full turn undo » Go to message
Any update on this? The issue is happening for me too. I use Wi-Fi and I'm on an iPhone 6, iOS 10.3.1
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
If we're going for noob-friendly rules, one I'd say is "thou shalt not build eclipses unless the enemy has air units, and even then, reconsider whether speeders & Mechas will do the job just as well without being a waste of credits afterwards."
Bug Reports » Can't build new units after watching ad (on iOS) » Go to message
Awesome. I'm excited for it to be fixed so I can use the new units!! For further info, I'm on an iPhone 6 with iOS 10.3.1
Bug Reports » Can't build new units after watching ad (on iOS) » Go to message
Actually it did work for me to build one fuze one time, but the rest of the time, I haven't been able to build the new units after watching the ad. I watch the full ad, click x, and then it goes back to the same screen it was on before and if I click to build the unit, it says I have to watch the ad again. I've even tried watching the ad multiple times and it still won't let me.

Also, when you view the unit info in game ((bottom left corner button), it tells me to watch the ad, even though I'm just viewing the stats, not buying the unit.

Overall though the new units seem awesome, well done on them Xavi and the artists!
Titans » Titans vs. Sapiens (smaller maps) » Go to message
I think that hopefully the new tank-buster units should help diversify this matchup.

However, I think wookieontheweb's proposal is a great one:

  wookieontheweb wrote:
Maybe the solution is to lock some maps to same race only.

There are many maps that could be balanced if you're only in a mirror matchup, but are horrible out of balance for many matchups. For example, in any map that starts with open bases that you have to move towards for more than a single turn, Khrals will always have the advantage over Saps and Titans. Unless there are a LOT of bases up for grabs and the map is absolutely huge, in which case Titans have the advantage. It would be awesome if during the process that a map gets approved for ranked play, it was approved separately for all the different matchups, and then when a ranked random match starts, you'd only get a map that is actually balanced for your race matchup.

Alternatively, every ranked random match could be mirrored, just like tournaments are. This would be the ultimate in fairness but would probably annoy players who only want to play a single race.
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 11/28/16~ » Go to message
Awesome! Love your content. Thanks for all your work!
New Feature Request » 3 new units BLASTER class discussion thread » Go to message
High range is a bigger problem than high attack numbers. Any time you have a range advantage over an enemy, with comparable mobility, you get a bunch of free damage. For example, if there were 10 destroyers facing off with 10 hydronauts, the hydronauts will always win because of their range advantage. The only time a destroyer gets free damage on a hydronaut is when it can get within 1 range of it, which doesn't happen that much and is usually suicide for the destroyer anyway.

Saps' Blaster unit attacking from range 3 (range 4 when sieged!!) is going to easily out-range anything in the early game with its low credit cost of 300. That's a lot of free damage. At least make it so it only has range 2 normally, range 3 when sieged. This would be better for Saps' ideal, which is to semi-turtle whilst sending out little, highly mobile missions to take out important enemy infrastructure (marauders taking out an enemy walker, etc.). That way the Blaster would be better defensively (3 range when sieged) than offensively. 3 range un-sieged just sounds oppressive. A blaster can probably take out a whole walker in one turn, without even walking all the way up to the wall of plasma tanks.

Unrelated question: will the Titans' Guardian change unit types when it's in "barrier" mode? Because even if it's got 10 defense as a GL, that's still much less useful than 10 defense as a GH (most units have higher GL attack than GH). So it would be awesome if it changed unit types from GL to GH when in barrier mode.
General Discussion » ~ENNUIGOBLIN GOBBLY GOBBLES REPORT 11/23/16~ » Go to message
EnnuiGoblin mentioned a big vision nerf upcoming -- any more details on that? He mentioned that Walker vision will probably be less than its range, that is very interesting. Any similar changes for other artillery or other units?
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.63 public release with NEW TILES » Go to message
The game isn't working for me anymore... Offline works for me but not online. Was there perhaps a breaking change in some communication with the server so it no longer works with older versions? I'm on iPhone 6, iOS 10, Uniwar version 1.9.52
Sapiens » Sapiens vs Sapiens need help plz » Go to message
In my opinion, SvS is all about poke and countering.

Poke: Saps have the unique opportunity of having a very fast unit that can move 2x in one turn: the Marauder. This is very useful for picking off weak enemy units and then retreating back to the safety of your own army. On larger, open maps with lots of flat ground, this poke style of marauders kind of wins everything, especially because if the marauders are backed by an engineer, they can repair extremely quickly. The best thing is when you can poke down a marine that is standing in front of a helicopter. If you are positioned right, you can sometimes use 3 or 4 marauders and maybe one marine to poke down and kill a whole helicopter. This is one of the most credit-efficient trades you can make.

Countering: Every unit has a counter. For example, marauders are good against batteries since they can get around the defenses and through zones of control to cause damage to them. Marines on mountain/forest are good against helicopters. Tanks are only semi-good, as a front-line unit, usually against other tanks. Marauders are really good at killing engineers too.

I actually have a lower overall score than you right now in Uniwar, but I main Saps and I like to think I'm decent at SvS. If you have a particular replay you want help with, message me in-game and I'd be happy to give you feedback. If nothing else, I can at least give you a different perspective.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  join wang wrote:I was going through the old tournaments when I saw one that mentioned something about mind snakes. The little bit of text also seem to suggest that they can control sapiens and titans do you guys think this would be a new unit?
Heres the link: http://www.uniwar.com/tournament.page?tournament=sneakysnakes

That's an interesting idea, but I think it'd be more relevant in this thread.
General Discussion » New Units and why IAP can/will be a bad idea!... » Go to message
  Corrin wrote:
The only issue I see with this is if (hypothetically) a Sapien player buys only units for his own faction. Then this player would have an entire three units over his opponent and they wouldn't benefit if they were playing any other race.
A quick fix would be to have the new units purchased in small bundles. (1 unit for each race included in the same item.)

^ This is true. And a good proposed solution, I might add. Especially if each new unit for a given race has pretty similar counterparts in the other races.
New Feature Request » Cooldown counter on units? » Go to message
^ +1 to this idea. Even if the icon only changes when there's 1, 2, or 3 rounds until it's reset would be nice.
General Discussion » Improved Wikia articles » Go to message
Wow, this is great! Thanks so much for the effort you guys are putting into it!!!
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