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What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.35 Submitted to All AppStores » Go to message
Awesome Awesome Awesome !!! Once Again great great great Job. This will push the community even more ) Formal Invites. Private Disscussions and maybe the first date with ur future wife are now possible

Thank you !
Tournaments » In-game tourney feature » Go to message
Just about tourneys... i think with a more detailed tourney menu and page it would increase interest. Like if a tourney goes to r32 we dont want to see groups. Group phase is over. Show the table of players like it is in every other game and in sports. And it should be easier to find the replays.
Right know you have to look for the names on the page and then find the right round and player in the app to find a replay. It would be a lot more fun if we see this tourney tables were players are listed 1vs1 and when one player wins he gets promoted to next stage with the red line and if u can just click on it to see the replays it would be a lot easier esp for new players.
Dunno if i make it clear what i mean. Think of soccer first they have the group phase and then it comes to single elimination with this table i mean u can see who is facing who and which player got to next round and so on.

In round of 528 we could have groups with 4 players and only top 2 gets promoted. I bet this was the original idea but cuz of time with the development and bugfixes and othr priorities this went to be forgotten or in the back.
I just want to point it out so it can be remembered

With new tourneys which can be open from players new tourneys should cost coins. So there wont be to much tourneys and only more important and interesting tourneys also as it is right now i think we have enough tourneys going every month. With the parting of <1700 and >1700 players we have a good balance of tourneys for lower and higer players.

I think it right now the game is fine just little balance issues maybe or map issues sometimes but we can learn from it. Right now i think focus should be on everything around the game. Like a better and cooler tourney system. A better chat menu like and inbox for private messages and little changes on the smooth flow of the menus and handling of some stuff like they did on the recent patch.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.29 Submitted to all AppStores » Go to message
Awesome awesome this revenge feature will be great ! I promise.
I think u guys do an amazingly good job and i understand that keeping the project and the game running costs money and also time ! So i was totally ok with the ads. I bought some coins recently and i was fine with the 4 games i had but once i read about the 30 free games with just some ads on the end of the turn. I thought ill just play more so you guys earn some money with the ads ! So i dont know i think ads was ok. I had like 20 games open and only received like every 5 games 1 ad and i thought "there could be more" however still good. And i hope people will support you more. Because its an amazing game with good people on it.
However i dont like it that the game count on the startscreen in onlinemode is so big and red now when ur over ur free games ive 30/10 games open and its big and red and it kinda annoys me i feel like i did something wrong while instead the old one with the dark red glow on the 30 count was just saying "hey man u got to the limit".

I will post more of my thoughts and try to help were i can.
Thank you for your time and love in the game

And again the revenge option will be so great i hope people will use it and not fear about it. It will be very interesting
Cool idea never saw this before in any games because as it is with us humans we very often refuse something and complain about it so mostly developers dont have the nuts to do suchh things *gg* i guess very interesting match ups will occur

Thanks for the good work.
New Feature Request » Community Google Spreadsheet available » Go to message
I think sticky will be enough.
Because the spreadsheet could easily overflowed.
New Feature Request » Optional Mirrored Game for Custom Games » Go to message
Hi there.

First of all i love the game glad you guys made it for free in the store. Really enjoying the game and i hope playerbase will rise more.

Now i have a little concern.
Please, add a box in the Create Custom Game Menu which will open the game mirrored.
First game as it is choosen in the menu and second game with just mirrored race and position.
Same rules as in tournaments.

That would be nice.

Thank you.
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