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Messages posted by: dbonfilt
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Bug Reports » Random freezes in iOS 12 » Go to message
Hi Uniwarriors,

The game has been experiencing random freezes when played under iOS 12 (with a iPhone 5s as my case).

It does not happen always, but when happens it is really unplayable until the freeze goes out (tipically when exiting the game and then reload it).

I have the latest UniWar version released in iOS: v1.14.15

This same version worked perfectly with iOS 11.x (like the 11.4.1 I had before updating to 12.0).

Many thanks for your help
Technical Support Questions » Initial zoom setting? » Go to message
Hi Uniwar,

I wonder if the initial zoom factor can be set somewhere?

I usually play on iPhone and the first thing I must do always is pinch in to zoom into a bigger view. I remember that the first versions always started at 100% zoom factor. Which for me was perfect.

I understand the zoom has its uses, but usually I play at 100% and then pan around to see the whole map. When playing in a tablet the "zoom to fit" factor probably is better. Anyway, I think it will be better to set this initial factor somewhere.

Can it be set right now? Or this is a feature request? I am using iOS version, I don't know it the same happens in Android one.

Many thanks
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