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General Discussion » Idea to balance unit to make all unit attractive » Go to message
Kikoho, I agree with most of your propositions except the reduction of the unburrow bonus: if it was reduced burrowing would become much less interesting which would decrease the gameplay variety IMHO.
General Discussion » Idea to balance unit to make all unit attractive » Go to message
(duplicate sorry)
New Feature Request » New category of tournament » Go to message
A possibility to solve this would be swiss-style tourmaments, like the one run with top players right now. This way everyone plays the same number of rounds.
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
I think that for now we should be careful not to overchange things: especially there is a possibilty that newer units screw the balance again. For example, imagine bew units with splash damage. This would increase the tank usefulness (they would be virtually immune to it) while making the anti-tanks more vulnerable. But right now I feel that tanks are actually not that far from being balanced (except plasma I think). Actually I see more tanks than artillery recently. It's been ages since I last saw a battery.
New Feature Request » "View Chat" option on completed games » Go to message
Totally agree.
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
I agree on +1 heal for tanks, especially for plasma: this might make plasma playable again. I'm not sure about eclipse, I think it's playable right now. If it needs to be improved I'd rather improve its movement range to allow it to follow air units and to reach borflies in close combat.

Why is wyrm the only long-range unit considered for improvement? They have all been weakened by the anti-tanks. Move after attack would be a fun ability for wyrms, but batteries and walkers need some love too (I can sometimes spot walkers but I don't see batteries anymore). Maybe some brute-force increase of their offensive power would do the trick.
General Discussion » Fuze » Go to message
Fuze is actually pretty good in SvS whenever there are chokepoints or favourable terrain. I lost two tourney games due to not using enough fuze. Yes, it is weak, but it killd infantry with no counterdamage. If you can protect it well enough it can easily be worth its price.
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
Especially in tourneys skipping is wrong. 12h is a very short time, and sometimes RL takes over and you just can't connect for 12h. Taking advantage of this is despisable, and I certainly don't approve of any unwritten rules who would state that you must connect to uniwar no matter what happens IRL. Uniwzr is a game, no less, no more, and skipping just ruins the fun.

Of course if someone is stalling on purpose (especially people who deliberately play a game and not the other) then yes, it's fair game to skip.
General Discussion » The UniCommandments » Go to message
Thou shalt not skip.
General Discussion » upcoming balance changes April » Go to message
There's no need to buff tanks, at least the sapiens and khralen version. The plasma tank suffers from his lack of regeneration though: while the other tanks will heal easily after a blaster attack, things are harder for the plasma. And, with AP, it takes almost as much damage as the other classes from blasters. So, if you have to change the tanks, give the plasma a better regen (and maybe a 50 increase in price)
General Discussion » Blaster's Impact on the Meta and how to make GH viable again » Go to message
Blasters are no longer overpowered I think. If you try to mass produce them you lose. And new amphibious units are pretty good blaster killers. Maybe the future new set of units will help balancing further. For example, imagine what will happen if the new units have splash damage: the tanks will shine against this kind of units, while blasters will suffer a lot.
General Discussion » Blaster's Impact on the Meta and how to make GH viable again » Go to message
I think we need more experience before concluding. I already wasn't a heavy tank user before the new units, and my first reaction was to avoid tanks altogether. Now I'm starting to reintroduce tanks in my mix. Pinzers were already the best tanks, and they are now even more: they heal pretty well, which means they can sustain one blaster shot and stay alive, and they are the counter to speeder/marauder that khral desperately need. On the top of that, swarmers are excellent counters to boppers, and decent against Guardians. Another tactic against Guardians may be to back them with a borfly, which can counterattack on any guardian attack.

Sapiens tanks can still be useful against titans more or less the same way as before, but they are no longer OP, which is rather good for the game (titans had no way to counter a tank/engineer rush on a small map).

Plasma tanks have lost the most IMHO. I already thought they were the worst tanks due to their high price and their low healing; their low healing has become even more problematic now. On the other hand the guardian is the best antitank unit, so I think that titans are the race which has changed the most with the new units: they no longer need to turtle and have turned into a very aggressive race, with a lot of speeders supported by a few Guardians. Plasma may still be playable on a map where there is a healing spot on a strategic point.
General Discussion » Fuze is the new op unit » Go to message
I can tell that the SvS tourney quarter-final sees a lot of Fuzes... So they clearly find a spot in the sapiens strategy.
General Discussion » Thoughts on the New 2-23 Balance Changes » Go to message
After playing a while with new units I feel that khrals are still behind, especially against sapiens. The reason is not the khrals new units, which are now fine. The reason is that the only khral unit able to defend properly against the marauder is the pinzer (which was the best tank in the game) and the pinzer is now way harder to use because of the bopper. Being the only race without a harassment unit they badly need a good defensive unit. Neither borfly nor salamander fits the bill.
General Discussion » Guardian/Titans....To strong?!?! » Go to message
I did build a tank on a TvT match to control a strategic point with a healing spot. Very situational I admit. But the titan tank was already the worst tank in the game due to limited repair.
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