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Messages posted by: Mantis1989
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Bug Reports » Bltz tournament round time bug » Go to message
Hi. I just started Blitz tournament. Its something strange with IT, because i have only 2 minute per turn for Play, and my oponent getting +1 day time per turn for Play. He write nr he have now 30 days time for playing and me still only 2 minute when my turn starting, with both games.
Bug Reports » Can't start the game since new update today » Go to message
You All need to uninstal Uniwar and then install it from the begining.

I had same problem and then do re instal game and IT working now.
Khraleans » Countering Helicopter » Go to message
Garudas are good vs helikopter but not vs marine Wall before heli
Bug Reports » Uniwar lagging hard by 2 last days Sony Xperia E3 » Go to message
Like in tytule. Connection error is appear Every login to gamę, ending turns, selecting another games, creating or joining games, refresh game list and map list. I Just update game version for new,b1 hour ago. Using Xperia e3. Two days ago all was very good and fast.
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