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Bug Reports » Bug bounty: find a new bug and receive uni-coins » Go to message
- Game version
- Device model
- Device OS
- Steps to reproduce

Uniwar v1.10.5 on Huawei SCL-L04 running EMUI 3.1 (Android 5.1.1)
Can receive campaign mission Unicoin rewards for loosing.
-Begin any campaign mission on an account that has not yet received reward for that mission.
-Purposely loose the mission
-Game credits you with Unicoin reward as if you won.
General Discussion » Spookyhouse devs Q and A » Go to message
Are there any plans moving forward you can share with the playerbase?

Will the current suggestion and bug reporting system (the spreadsheet) continue to be used?

Will the beta update stream continue?

Is Spooky House committed to Uniwar for the long term, 5+ years? This is the only mobile game where you can find players who registered 7 years ago and have been active players throughout that entire time period.

Xavi committed to 18 new units. http://forum.uniwar.com/posts/list/2659.page
We have 6 and 3 more are hopefully coming soon. Will Spooky House continue development and release of the other 9 upcoming units?
General Discussion » Khralafia 2.0 - Rules, Roles, Sign up and post game Thread! » Go to message
I'm interested, sign me up.
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
I would be interested in how the three new announced units would balance if their GL attack was removed and AQ and AR attack reduced to no more than 5 for any of them.
What's New in the Latest Updates » 1.9.63 public release with NEW TILES » Go to message
Messing around in the map editor with the new tiles, I find that if you are zoomed in so that the whole map is not visible and you select a new tile type, anything except plain (so anything that opens the secondary picker) it recenters the map. Then you can't place the tile where you intended, and you can't move the screen unless you re-select the 4 arrows button. If you move the view where you want, you still need to tap the terrain again and of course it re-centers the map again. This makes it nearly impossible to place any terrain tiles away from the center on large map designs.
Android phone.
Guides & Tips » Teams » Go to message
  Porphyr wrote:A thought on team rating: If a new team is founded, it starts with a rating of 1500 - independent of the team member's rating.

The consequence: Our teams are frequently matched with 1500 rated teams, consisting of 2.5k+ players. They are so strong, that there is little to no chance of winning, so we instantly lose many points.
This is made worse by the fact that teams are pretty volatile: if a member leaves, the whole team is dissolved and has to be founded anew. Since most teams don't last long, there are lots of teams around 1.5k, not reflecting the actual team strength.

My proposal: Set the initial rating of a team to the average of the member's rating. This would much better relate to their strength. What do you think?

I am most active in the 4v4 multiplayer ladder, so I will focus on it. Currently there are no teams with a 1700+ score. Setting the team score to the average of player scores would make it trivial to create a team with 2500 score. If they ever lost, they could recreate their team at 2500 points again. This entirely defeats the attempt to make ratings reflect ability. It makes much more sense the way it is, with teams starting fresh all at the same score. The fact that some teams are composed of very good players is expected, and a 1500 score should ideally be just a bit below average. Therefore, a new team who looses should not be upset about their 1400s score, since it does not compare with a 1400s individual score. If you play many games, eventually your rating will become an approximate reflection of your ability (no rating is more than an approximation).
Finally, team gameplay is very different from individual gameplay, so a team with 4 high rated players is not necessarily any better or worse than a team with 4 1500s rated players. My team is an example of this, currently #8 on the ladder, we have beaten multiple teams with an average rating more than 500 points higher than ours - the difference between 1900 and 2400.
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