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General Discussion » Idea to balance unit to make all unit attractive » Go to message

I think since tank buster and amphibian update, the game lost some variety. All tank unit can t be usefull for the cost and some match up are terribly boring to play because there is only one way to play it correctly in a classical map (80 % of tournament map)

titan vs titan : it is only speeder and some meccha. Other units are quite bad idea or only if the map is designed for. Eclipse plasma and so guardian are never build by top player. And walker and fuze are quite always punish by speeder easily and so not really played too....

titan vs sapiens : speeder meccha vs marauder marine booper ingenor . Other unit are quite rare. Once again, plasma and eclipse are never buy.

titan vs krak : principaly : speeder meccha vs underling swarmer . Eclipse are possible but it is hard to make it really effective.

Globaly, i think titan is the race that need the most to be change to avoid that we build speeder in quite every situation !!

Particulary Plasme need to be boost -> cost 450 ( the lake of mobility is a real pain again tank buster) Or increase mouvement ( but keep all race really different is a good idea)

Eclipse need help to being play against titan and sapiens but should stay quite same vs krak -> upgrade damage vs Groud heavy to 6

for the other race.
borfly is too strong against heavy -> should reduce damage to 4 or 3 . It will stay overpowered against GH for 200. Today the map control given by borfly is too big. You just can never let one speeder in his range or it is gg ...

Battery is quite never usefull for its cost -> 600 cost or even 550

I think krak are a little bit too strong in late game because of salamander vs sapiens and underling burrow vs titan. I think reduce by 1 the attack bonus given by resurface could be a good idea.

All this is only my personnal view. but i think i understand verywell this game

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when did round 3 start ?
General Discussion » Tank Buster Unit Assessment Request » Go to message
Borfly is terribly hard to play against a good player. he did too much damage against heavy, but that quite never happen .
I think today the only too strong tank buster is the booper. 3 range + mouvement make it too easy to protect. I think he should not being able to hit after a mouvement of 2 case
Tournaments » Tournament rules » Go to message
I just get out with time manipulation of quarter final in titan by titan.

I win in 17 round (finish game) the other didn t finish (round 14 ) but was still close . He win it because 6 base against 5 . So he win . I didn t realize that i will lose, or i will ask more time to end those match ....

I think that totally stupid way of counting the one who will go in next turn. This is a strategie games, why dont make best player win ??

I feel
Rules that could avoid this :

If One of two games is not finish . just compare both game on the last commun turn of the 2 matches.

The win condition that give the winnner by looking number of turn of win games should be used only in one case: if the 2 game have ended without time condition.

I wish something like taht will be implemented fastly, because those rules are just no sense for me
New Feature Request » UPDATE - New units ! » Go to message
Hi ,

First of all, sorry for my bad English !

I play uniwar since 6 month and i think i start to be a very good player ( ending 4th august championship still alive in the 2 September championship). I really think i understand a lot this game, certainly more than common player.

I fear a lot that this patch will destroy the fun in this game and just become a pay to win game . I have make 3 of my friend to play this game because it wasn t a pay to win game, and only tactics will make you win ! I am quite sure that go in this way will decrease significantly the number of player in long-term

I think those unit will change the balance for the bad . For me tank/pinzer/plasma will be totally useless because could be defeat so easily by those new unit that cost too cheap. The same for artillery/walker/wyrm, too much expensive when a so much cheaper unit can do quite the same ...
When i see 14 dmg on ground heavy for 300, with range 3 and move, i seriously doubt that someone try to balance this unit. Basic unit + tank buster will be the only strategy maybe with some speed unit ...

Bopper is totally over power. marauder and speeder that are normally use to kill long range unit with speed will be destroy if they hit him in a trade 250 vs 300 . the counter can t even make a good trade . globally as power as a wyrm for 300 .( i personally consider that today the wyrm is one of best unit of the game )

Now compare swarmer with borfly, why the hell will you buy a swarmer .... Just totally ridiculous, more range, more damage by far, and less cost . only 6 mobility but seriously , who care ? With 2 of those ( 400 cost) , you can kill tank/pinzer/plasma in 1 turn or put them to 1-2 hp ....

The guardian is for me, the only one that is quite balance , the range of 1-2 is such less painfull that 3 range of other and it cost the most. An eclispse in better by far, but eclipse was such a bad unit ( my view of the game )

For me and for the moment, those 3 unit are intentionally not balance to force people to buy unicoins. So sad to see a such good game change rules on this way and i really wish , this update won t be commit without major change.

I think there is better way to convince player to buy unicoins without destroying the game. Enter in a championship could cost unicoins for example.

I give some idea if finally you decide balance more those unit and give them real counter ...

- can t move when shooting and reduce damage to 11 vs heavy.
- OR 1 -2 range and reduce damage to 11 vs heavy.
- OR no damage vs ground light and can only move by 1 tile whatever the tile expect water and reduce damage to 11 vs heavy.

- can t move when shooting and reduce damage to 9 vs heavy.
- OR 2 -2 range and reduce damage to 9 vs heavy.
- OR no damage vs ground light and mobility 5 and reduce damage to 9 vs heavy.

- ground damage and aquatic 11
- no aerial damage
- only 2-2 range and cost 300

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