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General Discussion » Cartographer's Challenge » Go to message
Challenge: Design a KvK map that discourages the use of swarmer. (I.e. the map should be great for other Khral units, but bad for swarmer.)

Bounty: 15 gems, 10 map tests, 4 training sessions, or 1 custom map of your choice.

To Enter: PM your entry to me. Reference "Swarmer Challenge."
New Feature Request » Submarines units for Khral and Titans » Go to message
I don't think of kraken as anti-sub units. Salamander (+ leviathan) seem like a more cost-effective option to me.

Imo kraken are badass as they are; they're impossible to kill (unless you spend a fortune on skimmers) and their un-submerge attack is ruthless.

Another thing to consider is that almost all of the khral units can get involved in water battles, whereas almost none of the titan units can.
New Feature Request » Co-op battles » Go to message
I have 29 games going atm, yet, when I log in to play, it's not my turn on any of them. On other days, I have limited time to play but have 20 games waiting for me to make my moves. But what can be done? Is this just the sad reality of tbs? Must we be bored one day and get skipped the next?

Well, I have a solution! It's called... (drum roll, please) ...co-op battles!

"Co-op battles," you say, "but isn't that what multiplayer games are?" Silence! I am not proposing a multiplayer game where each teammate has their own army; I am proposing a co-op game where all teammates share the SAME army!

How it would work:
1. You set up a game like normal on any even map (2p, 4p, 6p, 8p) and select "co-op."
2. A roster appears, allowing up to 10 players on each side to join. Add some names to each side, and start the game. (Ideally, the game could be started before everyone accepts.)
3. UniWar melds multiplayer armies (on 4p, 6p, 8p maps) into a single army (like a 2p map). Now there are only 2 armies, with multiple players assigned to each.
4. Any team member can make the next move for their team. (Either all starting positions on a team could move simultaneously, or, even better, each could move in sequence like in a normal multiplayer game. The important point is that any team member could make the move; players would not be tied to a particular starting position but to a team.)

The advantage is that team members who have more time can make more moves, and team members who have less time don't have to worry about being skipped. The games would go quicker, would be more dynamic, and would encourage more social interaction.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
lol nicely done 'Ski.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
  The Impaler wrote:*Walks in with 2 bouncers*
"Where's ma money, b$tch?"


Could we get a listing of the entries or top contenders or something to hold us over until you finish your evaluation?
New Feature Request » Rename archived games » Go to message
I'd like to be able to rename archived games.

(Right now all my shared replays are just named generic stuff like Random3784357, so nobody knows if they want to check one out.)
General Discussion » Is SpookyHouse aware of the forum? » Go to message
Two questions:

1. Are our new overlords aware of the forum?

2. Do they plan to continue using the forum as a channel for getting feedback on & suggestions for improving the game?

Or, in other words, when I post a new feature request, is anyone seriously listening?
New Feature Request » Replace surrendering players with bots » Go to message
In team and FFA games, when one player surrenders it ruins the game for everyone else by (a) permanently throwing the game off balance and (b, in the case of team games) covering bases with units that allies can't kill.

One simple solution to this is to replace the surrendering player with a bot. This could either be a standard feature for all games, or a toggle at the game creation screen, or something more advanced where P1 (FFA) or ally #1 (team games) has the option of filling the "empty" player slot with a bot.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:2 weeks is a quick turnaround ... you must be new here :p

UniWar: Origins » Mystery » Go to message
LOL. Nice.
New Feature Request » Mapmaker's chatroom » Go to message
Please make a separate chatroom for mapmakers.

I don't want to have to install a separate teenage messaging service (kik) to have my maps reviewed by competent people.
New Feature Request » Game cap?! » Go to message
What I want: We used to be able to play more games than our cap if we watched an ad periodically. Now it's impossible to join (or even browse) new games if you're over your limit. I want to go back to the old way.

Why it was changed: I suspect Spooky House felt they could earn a few extra bucks by forcing players to purchase the extra game slots instead of using the ad-based workaround.

Why the old way is better for business: This game needs more players to survive long-term, plain and simple. Our player base is tiny compared to what it could be. Milking the few people who are currently playing the game for even more money than they've already spent would be far less profitable than attracting new players.
As new players come in, they're going to get frustrated and leave if all their games are against 1500-rated noobs who rarely finish a game. They'll stick around if they are welcomed by the community, trained by the vets, and invited to games filled with people who know what they're doing.
Regardless of rating, the vets won't be able to play any games with these new players because everyone is already at max capacity with no room left for casual training games and little motivation to buy more slots just to train noobs.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
  Jeffph79 wrote:Would anyone be intrested in a ctf tournament?

Yep. If the turns were 24h.
General Discussion » New Earth Risk 600 UniCoins! » Go to message
I'm in.

...I have read the rules and pledge my allegiance to the rule book and its Master.
General Discussion » CTF map making challenge » Go to message
I'm in.
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