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Bug Reports » Mecha cooldown bug » Go to message
- Game version - Not seeing this in game, not under settings or elsewhere (food for thought)
- Device model - iPad (an old one) MC769LL/A
- Device OS - 9.3.5
- Steps to reproduce - see below

This was a TvT game. I had teleported a unit early on and its cool down period had finished. It could teleport again. The unit had one health left.

I was playing against the map maker, so was using my undoes carefully to try to find a decent turn. On several of my test goes I teleported the one health mecha back near a city I held. After five or six tries I accidentally hit the replay button and watched the previous turn. At the end of that, my one health mecha was back in cool down and could not teleport!

I posted as much in the in-game chat, then visited the lobby and rejoined the game. My mecha was then able to teleport again. I was playing my 2v2 partner, OmegaD on one of his maps if a mod wants to check recent games (I got crushed).

It's a tiny bug for my game, but could be huge for Titan players. Watching the turn replay should not affect cool down.
Bug Reports » Can't play, nothing but game error message » Go to message
I'm on an ancient IPad, but play every day (for like six years). Today I can't take a turn, can't do anything. It just says, "Error, General System Error," every time I open the game. Same after updating. Same after rebooting.

My apologies to anyone waiting for me. I can't take my turns.
Bug Reports » Latest version buggy in ios » Go to message
Seriously, not a single reply or request for clarification?

I can't even reply, "Thx" in in-game chat to a "Gg," without a crash this evening, on multiple attempts.
Bug Reports » Latest version buggy in ios » Go to message
I grabbed the newest version the other day to try out the sub units and it's been really buggy.

First, I needed a bot battle to try the subs and thought, well heck, I wonder if they've updated the campaign (it's been years). It let me move my first unit and that was it. I could select other units, but they wouldn't move, attack, etc. I exited out of campaign mode.

Other bugs that have shown up randomly during normal play:

The map will vibrate for a few seconds and then the unit and hex I am on will move to the top left corner of the screen and everything else goes black. Game freezes like that.

The keyboard in in-game and regular chat will lag twenty to thirty seconds behind my typing.

Game will freeze (without going black).

Completely exiting out of Uniwar and coming back in will usually fix, but it's a bit of a pain.

Running old iPad with ios 8.1.1 (I believe).

If it's a memory issue with the new video ads, maybe an option to turn off the ability to run ads for those of us who already bought the new units...?
User Generated Maps » Lords of Uniwar FAQ / User Guide » Go to message
Read it all, but sure to have questions when the time comes. Just hoping my disjointed selections on kingdom creation work out to be something with a bit of balance. And pants, of course.
User Generated Maps » Lord of the Realms » Go to message
Name your Realm:

Pale Green Pants

Choose your Realms one area of focus: military / magic / agriculture / commerce / books


Realm location: south / near the middle / north


Your realm's lands have 50% of their lands devoted to housing of one form or another. Assign the remaining 50% to the following building types (in increments of 5%):

Barracks (for housing soldiers): 5%
Libraries (to learn): 15%
Temples (for faith): 5%
Farms (to produce food): 15%
Markets (for trade): 10%

Special buildings: Choose one:

Military Academy

Favored troop type (choose one): swordsmen / healers / mages / knights / archers


Religion type (choose one): atheist / monotheistic / polytheistic


Name your religion / god (if applicable):

Pants and What Goes In 'Em

Primary characteristic of your god(s): (choose one): fair / all knowing / vengeful / chaotic / redeeming / silly / spiteful


Describe your people (in one word. Any one word which can describe people.):


Describe your leadership style: fair / iron-fisted / diplomatic / charismatic/ militaristic / questionable / inebriated / hands-off / educated


Describe your realm's history (choose one): war torn / religious events / peaceful / scholarly / miserable / flamboyant / very Dragon-y

very Dragon-y

Lastly, choose one starting research project:

- Magic - summoning
Tournaments » The Grand War - Alpha » Go to message
Up for hire, 100uc. Pick me if you know what's good for you.
New Feature Request » Team Game Credit Donations » Go to message
this is a cool idea. I'd charge a chunk for the transfer if it were me implementing, but otherwise I think this adds to the game.
Bug Reports » Capture the flag broken » Go to message
Just built a campaign style map (Questionable Alliance2) with an elaborate set of rules (see my recent post under user generated maps), and plans for several sequential maps for the same players to travel through. Unfortunately, the very first base captured acted like it was the flag and the game ended before it really began. Is this a known bug on the to-be fixed list, or do I have rebuild my map?
User Generated Maps » Ignore this unless you're playing my campaign » Go to message
Players are only allowed to build units as follows (plus any stolen units):

Player 1 – Bugs

Don’t worry about the bugs. The game monkey runs those.

Player 2 – Heavy

Remnants of Clarke’s Raiders, Terran 6th Exo Mission, 3rd Armored Division
*Can build:
* Can replace single engineer lost through kill or cap

Player 3 – Air and Sea

Remnants of Queens 2nd Expeditionary, Steve’s Distraction
*Can build:
* Can replace single engineer lost through kill or cap

Player 4 – Light

What’s left of Captain Beauchamps’ ill-fated, and ill-planned human swarm in defense of Terran Exo Outpost 2
Can build:

User Generated Maps » Ignore this unless you're playing my campaign » Go to message
Dear players,

You’re in a bit of a pickle. You don’t know each other from Adam, and the folks you did know are good and dead. Each of you served as part of the Terran Exo Missions until your particular missions were all but wiped out.

Now you’re here, on this bug infested hunk of space detritus, with only one hope to survive. If you can make it to the GTO (Ground to Orbit transit station), you just might get off this rock.
Thankfully (?) there are some other Terrans around. You don’t know f*k all about ‘em beyond they bleed red, and look like they’d stomp your face to get a step closer to the GTO.
It sucks you’re down to so few, because as it stands, you probably need these clowns…


This is a campaign. There will be a series of escalating maps towards a single finishing goal, the GTO, but on each map, you gotta’ beat the bugs and survive to continue to the next map.


Bugs will swarm when enemy is sighted. After bug bases are attacked, bugs will slow-build regardless of whether they can see enemy units.
Each player is assigned units they are allowed to build. Barring the one exception of player 2 and 3 being able to replace their single engineer if killed or used in capping, these are the only units you can build.
As this is a campaign, the idea is to extend the map from the end position, so bases and cities owned at the end of this map, the ones at the north end anyway, will carry into the next level.
Working together is sort of a must, but you may choose to play it differently, and for good, self-serving reasons.

Stealing Units:

If a Sap player knocks another Sap player down to one single unit, they “steal” the ability to build the remaining unit type and the single unit player must surrender.
Example: Bob takes out Jill’s last tank, leaving only her battery. Jill surrenders, and Bob can now build the battery.
New Feature Request » Changing unit pricing structure » Go to message
I agree, except for the raising of the price on salamander. Mantisse, sure, but not the no range salamander.
New Feature Request » Choose the best name for the new amphibian unit? » Go to message
Gun Duck, Gun Duck, Gun Duck!!!
New Feature Request » Campaign Mode (not the tutorial campaign) » Go to message
I haven't entirely thought this through, so really just opening it up for some brainstorming.

When I say "campaign mode," I'm thinking of a long map (with some branches) that units would travel through to achieve some goal: get out alive, scout the enemy base and return, clear the city, etc.

There would be no bases for reinforcements, so play would be a balance of moving fast and staying alive. The player/s could maybe have an amount of credits to call in reinforcements, but keeping their troops alive would still be really important if they're going to achieve the goal.

I'm thinking of sort of a linear dungeon crawl, if that makes any sense, sort of like the old Battletech paper and dice RPG. Like I said, just brainstorming. Any thoughts welcome.
New Feature Request » More veterancy please » Go to message
  Duaneski wrote:Clearly, "giving the tentacle" is now a permanent fixture in my vocabulary:p sorry wifey!

Bah ha ha! I don't think my wife will respond well to the "granny" part, either...
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